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  1. Are they just a waste of time? You not only need to be good but you really need to be very lucky to move up the ranks in season 7
  2. Amminus

    Ammunition limits

    The pointless use of stats that prove sod all
  3. Amminus

    Ammunition limits

    it wouldn’t change it much
  4. Amminus

    Ammunition limits

    Yes I do play Destroyers most of the time and they are fun but they are the least realistic of ships going and are closer to light tanks on WOTs. I just think it would make the game more challenging if you had to think about how to use a destroyer to get the best results. At the moment even blind firing a wave of torpedoes is usual enough to get a hit and sink some unlucky ship
  5. Amminus

    Ammunition limits

    Would it make better games to have limited ammunition on all ships, currently only carriers are limited with their planes but there is nothing stopping a destroyer launching what seems like endless torpedoes. While it is an extreme example a shimakaze in this game could launch over 150 torpedoes in just one game. If torpedoes were limited would that make destroyers more interesting to play as more skill would be needed that the usual fire an forget torpedoes game we currently have
  6. Amminus

    RN lines?

    It has to be carriers as game has currently gone battleship crazy, then destroyers with battleships last of all
  7. Amminus

    Is the Missouri worth the XP

    Every time I think of saving up the XP for the Missouri I waste it on something else, am I missing out on a great ship or not
  8. Amminus

    Strafing of ships

    thats another good idea, that i like
  9. Amminus

    Strafing of ships

    thats would be fun seeing it happen
  10. Amminus

    How often do you check your stats?

    I don’t care about the stats as I only play for fun
  11. Amminus

    Strafing of ships

    I like the idea that it could be good at disabling AA on bigger ships it would give CV captains something else to do and give bigger ship plenty of planes to shoot down as well
  12. Amminus

    Strafing of ships

    Should fighter planes at higher tiers be able to strafe a destroyer? By the time you get to tier 9 and 10 the fighter planes would be cannon armed and more than a match for the armour of a destroyer Would this be a step to far or just a good way of taming destroyers
  13. Amminus

    Win rate abuse

    Strangely they don’t all have a better win rate on inspection, which makes it all a bit weird
  14. Amminus

    Win rate abuse

    Hardly ever used to come across abuse in this game while it is rife on world of tanks
  15. Amminus

    Win rate abuse

    No just pointing out a trend of abusive comments I have noticed appearing in games in recent weeks