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  1. BsAGreen

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    the last update of today the game freezes up when one ship is in battle i cant select any other ship when returning to port even in battle cant see the list witch ships are participating
  2. BsAGreen

    We want old Patch back

    wel i do want the old patch back whats the use of having advanced firing skills if its only to 139mm hello thats tier 2 thats getting that 20% increass of range and basic firing also remove the skills or change them back to 155mm so that they are usefull
  3. BsAGreen

    Vigilance captain skill, underestimated?

    at least there was a great skill advanced firing training my cleveland shot up two 17.5km range but it is no more they down graded the main guns in that skill it was 155mm and now it is 139mm so iam screwd
  4. BsAGreen

    ARP Kongo

    ah ok i got my ship thx guys
  5. BsAGreen

    ARP Kongo

    hi guys i got a problem i finished the ARP Kongo challenge but did not get the kongo how can i fix this greets
  6. BsAGreen

    losing credits

    jep the cleveland have done it i stopt bleeding credits so i need to doe more dmg
  7. BsAGreen

    losing credits

    I cant is not in premium any more in eu and its to costly for that money i have call of duty Black-ops III and there are more then enoff of them
  8. BsAGreen

    losing credits

    ah but i cant buy Tirpitz no more in eu and 70€ was asking a lot for a ship and in Russia you can still buy it in 2 lots one with all the fancy and one only the ship that was not possibel in eu but now iam gonna watch some jingles and sail the cleveland again thanks guys
  9. BsAGreen

    losing credits

    i have premium but no premium ships I wait for Bismarck to buy premium ship :p but just the ship not with all the things with it
  10. BsAGreen

    losing credits

    ok thanks for the info i will go lower tiers thanks guys
  11. BsAGreen

    losing credits

    i'm at tier 8 with the new orleans
  12. BsAGreen

    losing credits

    Hi guys I need some help seems that lose credits every match i go to. startted at 220000 credits i recive 90000 and i dont gane them i have no upgrades no camo and still i dont recive any thing any help with this would nice thanks grts BSAGreen