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  1. theonlymaverick

    HMS Dreadnought and HMS Vanguard: The First and the Last.

    Not to mention USN cruisers
  2. theonlymaverick

    Bug Reports

    Second this one, my Gneisenau glitched after I sank; I then returned to this exact screen.
  3. theonlymaverick

    The Hipper is an unmitigated disaster and needs huge buffs

    I agree a very small ROF buff may improve it slightly, but not to the numbers people are talking about; it would give it too many advantages over its stable mates. Don't forget Admiral Hipper/Prinz are the only tier 8 cruisers to be able to bounce 16 inch shells off its citadel armour at closer ranges (30mm turtle-back couple with a slight ship angle).
  4. theonlymaverick

    So half of NA get a 7-day ban right now, will this be a thing on EU too?

    My apologies if I didn't explain myself too well; I thought it was a 3rd party application triggering the anti cheat detection. I guess it depends on the application, and whether WG class it as legal or not; does anyone know what the official policy is? False positives are definetly a bit of an issue, if that is the case. Not a terrible idea to be honest, because it still encourage people to mod, but within a framework set out by WG .
  5. theonlymaverick

    So half of NA get a 7-day ban right now, will this be a thing on EU too?

    I guess much of this depends on whether these people are actually innocent, or are they using mods that give them an unfair advantage in game. Riot games has a decent system, they have an API that developers can use, and ultimately they have a form of control over what is acceptable. Maybe WG needs to adopt a similar approach to keep mod development open for the community, but allow them to keep tabs on anything that gives the player that unfair advantage?
  6. theonlymaverick

    Giulio Cesare's dispersion nerf

    I can see your point about having something unique and interesting, but we need to come up with better ideas to make a ship unique and interesting, I mean the points I made above surely give the Giulio Cesare enough tools to do well? Having that interior hull armour is a huge advantage in its match making spread (assuming they haven't removed it). Having cruiser like dispersion would have just caused huge balance issues in the game (even at 180-190m). More importantly you would severely damage cruiser game-play, at a time when it is already hanging by a thread. I mean how fair would it be on new players at tier 4, when they come along in their Danae and get instantly one shot by a battleship with cruiser dispersion? If it puts off that new player from continuing, then it causes issues further down the line because the player base slowly declines.
  7. theonlymaverick

    Giulio Cesare's dispersion nerf

    I find it perplexing that people are slating something that: A) Hasn't even been released yet. and B) Isn't overpowered (surely a good thing). Giulio Cesare looks like it will offer a very different play style to the battleships we have currently tier 5. She is one of the fastest at 27 knots; has ten guns with solid alpha; is armoured well enough with a unique gimmick to help partially prevent bow citadel pens; and can point 5 guns forward which is also unique at tier 5. Where is the issue? Yes, the dispersion is a concern, but lets at-least allow WG to resolve it first.
  8. theonlymaverick

    New Ship Requests!

    Fine if they are working on the US cruiser line, great I must have missed it; thanks for the update. The idea here was to promote discussion within the community, saying it is pointless doesn't contribute anything to this. People are concerned about the upcoming Alabama clone coming into the game; threads like this one, and the one Skyllon mentioned help steer WG to the ships we all want to see in the game. Now if there is a pinned thread that allows the community to feedback what ships they would like to see in the game, then fair enough point it out
  9. theonlymaverick

    New Ship Requests!

    Oh haha it was started September 2016, and isn't pinned To be fair I would love to see WG take the lead on this, maybe having a specific section for new ship types etc
  10. theonlymaverick

    New Ship Requests!

    Hi all, I have noticed that there are lots of threads with people posting ideas for ships that they would like to see in the game; I thought it would be a good idea to create a specific thread, so people can express there ideas here. To start with, I would love to see the US cruiser line split into heavy and light; reading up about the different classes used, there were ample light and heavy cruisers to choose from. Something like the Fargo and Worcester class light cruisers would be interesting to see; heavy cruiser wise, well there are tonnes to go on. Northampton, Portland (non premium Indianapolis maybe), Wichita, Oregon City etc. Maybe split at tier 6, with the Cleveland and the Pepsicola there with the light cruiser line going to tier 8, and the heavy to tier 10? All ideas welcome! But please keep it on topic!
  11. theonlymaverick

    Citadelling a Mutsu with a superstructure shot in the Duca D'Aosta

    Look at the screenshot that is attached; doing 14k damage in 16 shells? Unlikely without a citadel, as it only shows shells fired and doesn't account for bounces, non pens etc. I mean remember that these shells have pathetic alpha values. The general consensus appears to be random citadels happen and I need screenshots and/or a replay, I can understand that. I'll take people's advice to set-up replays (though I will need a new HDD, my 2tb drive is pretty full already ) I guess my concern about the Mutsu is based on the fact I own the ship, and if there is a flaw in the superstructure that allows citadel penetrations, I have a vested interest to get it fixed
  12. theonlymaverick

    Citadelling a Mutsu with a superstructure shot in the Duca D'Aosta

    No worries. The issue I have here is that I have managed to citadel a premium battleship with AP from 3km out, by shooting through the superstructure*. I read somewhere that the Warspite had a similar issue with its armour model
  13. theonlymaverick

    Citadelling a Mutsu with a superstructure shot in the Duca D'Aosta

    Looks like a no then...
  14. theonlymaverick

    Citadelling a Mutsu with a superstructure shot in the Duca D'Aosta

    Treat me as a complete noob when it comes to replays, I don't think I have it enabled but then I wouldn't know how to enable it either; never really had the inclination to record myself