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  1. Alex_Krycek

    Balance changes

    Guys, I am horrified by the way stealth fire is being countered in this patch. It makes active and fun playstyle with a DD impossible for the US and IJN lines. Both of which I am very fond of. I play BB a lot too but am almost never faced with invisifire DDs due to positioning and tactics I guess. Now the bloom on the DD's, especially with AFT (which you'd better drop after this patch since its an indirect nerf now) is horrendous. You're Always visible, in the ship type without HP. If you play the game and use those guns. This patch promotes torp only or fire from smoke only tactics...is that what we want? I got spotted from behind islands because there was a DD 14 km away spotting me for the BB/CLs 8km away beind an Island I was fireing over. So I get slammed in return. AFT sucks with this patch, we need refunds if this stays in the game. I really hope this change doesnt make it to live server. Hoping against odds...
  2. Alex_Krycek

    Epicenter maps

    Played the mode a phew times now. Didn't understand and dont understand how it works really. It seems you can cap outlying zones with enemies in the centre one, I though that would be impossible... So, unclear to me. It's also utter mayhem in testserver on these maps, so I failed to notice specific point gain. Extremely heavy BB participation makes testing this option difficult. I think this mode is probably more suited for low tier brawling games. Like tiers 1-4. Its too simplistic / onedimensional for the serious tiers IMO.
  3. Alex_Krycek

    Cap circle border visual changes (3D and minimap)

    Came here specifically to note that the loss of the buoys is hindering visibility dramatically IMO. Please leave them, at the very least as a (default) option. Visibility is way too important and its not working this way. The minimap is fine though.
  4. Alex_Krycek

    Downloading Game Patch Time

    So the same problem here. nice of them to make an event for double credits each win but I dunno how many players may use that. I certainly cannot at this DL speed the game wont be in till monday...
  5. Alex_Krycek

    unpacking takes forever

    Same issue here. Same result. Created a ticket, for what it's worth. I'll just assume no WOWs this weekend and a steeper power bill for letting the pc on 24/7 till this snail finished the 10 miles.
  6. Alex_Krycek

    New Signals

    Same for me. There should be a way to see the award linked to the flags as there is on the regular server, or (and that would be welcome) even better. Because on the normal server you only see the award coupled with the flag, not what the award is given for. So you need to fist see what award you need, then in a seperate view check on what you must do for said award and thus those flags. Cannot help but feel that can be smoother. Fine new flags! Cannot wait to collect some of those.
  7. almost forgot that the long range torps are not only useless because of their idiotically low speed, they're also much weaker in damage. If you happen to hit something too stupid not to turn at all (which is much more rare on these tiers) it's not going to make the same difference as the shorter, faster torps that have much better chances of doing anything in the first place.
  8. I realise this is an old post, but with the recent changes in 5.1 to the other destroyers of USA, it's worth discussing the sims again IMHO. I am appalled by the long range torps of the sims. They are much too slow, at close range you should use those fast high damage torps - at long range everything afloat can dodge these torps due to their extremely slow speed. The Farragut now seems a better ship then the sims at tier 6 (lol). It has better torps now thanks to 0.5.1 (6.4km fast torps!). The firepower was increased on sims compared to farragut and the tier 6 is a bit less manueverable... but hey, you're a full tier lower. Because Sims has no serious torp options you're barred from doing serious damage; you cannot hope to really damage BB's without torps apart from some fire. The sims doesn't even have half the mean damage of my tier 5 nicholas. Even with high rate of fire you won't do damage to large ships because your guns are tiny. And duking it out with cruisers on this level is suicide, if they half know what they're doing. Your only chance of being useful to your team is to engage enemy DD's, hoping you can outgun them and use your agility to not die yourself while being detected by them. Which due to the low shell velocity is a real challenge. I've played many games in US DD's and find them all much better at their tiers then the Sims. Which is a pain cause I paid for this thing. Not having good torps never was an issue with the good guns of the closed beta. If they add the 6.4km torps of the Farragut this ship may be at par again with its tier 7 peers. Till then I'll only play it when I don't mind maiming my team and winrate for some credits.
  9. Alex_Krycek

    MM should enforce equal number of CVs on both teams

    Yes I've found it very hard to cope with tier 7 CV on the enemy team even while in my Atlanta. Simply cannot protect my BB's of tier 4 or 5 against such power. So I imagine they make good XP - clever to go for CV so fast this weekend. I recon it will smooth out with time. As will seeing 3 to 5 sims on the enemy team in tier 6-7-8 battles :p.
  10. Alex_Krycek

    The [edited] is spotting me?

    Being easier to see while on fire makes complete sense IMHO. Maybe you should be able to lay a smoke screen of your being on fire - might be good compensation for DD captains j/k