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  1. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    High tier game chat is radioactive

    Playerbase has become extremely toxic. I got tired of few toxic clan mates and playerbase in general (main account on one of the EU top clans) left them and took a long, 6 month break. Saw some interesting changes and decided to reinstall the game, played one tier 10 game and unistalled right after. It's just as toxic as I remember and the reason why I'm not gonna invest any money ever again in this game. The gameplay itself was pretty entertaining, until the point when the whole team collapsed after a good start (no surprise there) and some toxic kiddies from "good clans" started spamming reports and accusing just about everyone, except themselves sitting somewhere around middle of the scoreboard with 700 exp.
  2. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    Minotaur sinkings in smoke

    maybe you should go back to lower tier cruisers and learn the basic fundamentals of smoke camping
  3. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    Game unplayable please help

    uninstalling hacks helps
  4. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    Addicted to WoW stats

    If you play solo and you're addicted to stat padding, if anything pad your average damage. 50k is imo very low for anything above tier 4. 60-65% is respectable winrate for solo player, 75-80% winrate is obtainable by divisioning. Superunicum WTR is easily obtained by playing ships people generally can't play well. I don't care about winrate that much, what is interesting is your personal performance, depenting of what ship you play. Don't bother focusing padding that winrate over that 60%, focus on dealing damage and survival as staying alive longer makes you influence the battle outcome more and win more games in a long run. Your survival % is low. Try to play as a team even thought pretty much everyone else in your team refuses to. Do useful stuff and stay alive. This is a reroll account, it started as a troll account where I can let off some steam and play like a retard but in the end I find it more fun to do well rather than "just play for fun". I also won a prem ship from SC and then few more in those Christmas presents, which eventually led to the point I had my first tier 10 at around 200 battles, playing mainly solo. I feel sorry for your addiction tho.
  5. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    T8+ Matches Feedback

    Tier 8-10 gameplay is utterly crap compared to tiers 5-7. I'd play more 5-6 but the MM is so horrible so I'm sticking with 7 as tier 7 ships are strong enough to be fun even when being a low tier, which is quite rare thought. People put no effort in winning at higher tiers, I've seen people being satisfied even in the complete steamroll defeats, saying GG and all. They're not even trying. It's funny how big the gap is between complete tier 10 potatoes and good players. At lower tiers people tend to be newbies which is understandable, but not necessarily bad, but at tier 10 there are no newbies, just super bad players with low IQ
  6. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Not 1 game but 3 from yesterday when I decided these scrubs are not only refusing to win, they are refusing to get carried. I just quit for the day. Other DD's avoiding cap zones like their life depents on it, BB's dashing out of my smoke because "it's in the way" on they running away tactic, CA's getting absolutely rekt leaving me alone in my DD against 10 players, then getting reported and smack talked by the enemy because I was the only one actually giving some effort. Such is the life of solo player.
  7. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    Plea to Wargaming; high tier camping must go.

    Easy, make CV's more fun and appealing to play and boof! No more camping or you're asking for an airstrike
  8. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    tiny immersion nitpick

    Same problem with the game engine on WOT, the tanks look like toys.
  9. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    High School Fleet collab = premiums

    Without reading the thread or news, I assume we are getting ARP kind of ships that are obtained via real currency?
  10. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    Why do teams melt down so fast?

    Why the other team melts down? Because the playerbase is CRAP and the outcome of the battle is decided by the few good players dealing more damage and sinking more ships than everyone else combined. Everyone else are just cannonfodder and their influence for battle is insignificant. /THREAD
  11. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    No Cahones !

    You need to contain that fury for that decisive moment and you're golden
  12. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    No Cahones !

    I don't understand the reason to do this neither. People have no need to care for repair costs or credits in PT, but still they join the battle only to run away or go backwards when there are enemy spotted at 25km away. Is playerbase really this cowardly in this game? I would guess everyone wants to yolo without consequences, but instead they're afraid of getting shot at just like in the live server, especially BB players
  13. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL


    Torp alpha damage is irrelevant, you're looking for to force the BB's use their repairs on floodings and then pepper them with HE and fires. Easy damage.
  14. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL


    1. Go in a cap 2. Possible gun fight with the enemy DD 3. Send your sneaky seamines in the enemy smoke 4. ??? 5. Profit And this is how you should play the Sims and win games.
  15. Catz_Are_Awesom_Siema_PL

    0.6.3 Zuiho First game

    Hehe, seems like the carrier clubbers are infesting the tier 5-7 bracket now, had to respec my Texas for full AA because of the 2 CV's per team matchmaking, with Saipans and tier 6 carriers. Had to sacrifice some 2,5km of my hyper buffed main battery range for that 80 AA rating. Completely protected now from tier 6 CV's, Saipan is able to do a strike but loses 1 squadron before making a drop and rest of them when bugging out... Looking forward to full AA+manual for König too. Tier 4 is a BB sealclub heaven right now with no fear of airstrikes. Not sure if I like the change... I expect to see more carriers at higher tiers too, which is an welcome change for the heavy camping meta.