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  1. Jareel_Skaj

    Which one is your favourite ship class?

    IJN battleships. Kongo, Fuse, Yamato... some beautiful ships out there. Though it's really hard to tell which class I'll like most. It'll give a try to everything and see how it goes. In Navy Field I had ton of fun trolling other players with destroyers, but never was much into the carriers - here though... we'll see. Game mechanics really affect a lot in terms of what's most fun and what isn't fun at all.
  2. Shinano worked as a support ship for carrier group - it never was suppose to operate as an attack carrier. No. 111 on the other hand was suppose to go through far deeper modifications allowing it to operate as a true Fleet Carrier.
  3. Jareel_Skaj

    Ships of Crimean Crisis 2014

    Topic is rather interesting, especially because what we're witnessing right now is one of the biggest loss of warships since World War 2 (Ukraine lost 51 vessels since beginning of last month), so I'd like you to get a little bit more familiar with Black Sea navy of both: Russia and Ukraine. I'll highlight only the most important ships, skipping all of the auxiliaries - will also add profiles for each listed ship. Topic will be updated when I'll have more free time to spare. Format in Armament sections: {Number of launchers}x ( {Number of tubes/barrels}x) name or - for guns - caliber. Shortcuts: SAM: Surface-Air Missile; ASM - Anti-Ship Missile; ASW - Anti-Submarine Warfare; CIWS - Close-In Weapon System (anti-missile); Hope you'll enjoy! Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet Slava-class cruiser Moskva 186.4m long Displacement: 11 490 t Crew: 480 Armament: 1x (2x) 130mm L70 6x 30mm CIWS 16x Bazalt ASM cruise missile launcher 10x (2x) 533mm torpedo tubes 2x RBU 6000 ASW rocket launcher 2x (20x) OSA SAM launcher (40 missiles) Kara-class cruiser Kerch 173.4m long Displacement: 8 900 t Crew: 425 Armament: 2x (2x) 76mm 4x 30mm CIWS 2x (4x) Silex ASW launcher 2x (2x) Goblet SAM launcher 2x (5x) 533mm torpedo tubes 2x RBU 6000 ASW rocket launcher 2x RBU 1000 ASW rocket launcher 1x Gecko SAM launcher (20 missiles) Other ships: 1 missile destroyer, 2 missile frigates, 4 missile corvettes, 5 ASW corvettes, 7 large landing ships, 1 submarine, 6 minesweepers, 6 missile boats, 2 Coastal defense ASW Corvettes. All of listed ships are post-soviet origin. Newest ship in a fleet is B-871 Kilo-class submarine. See full list of ships in Black Sea Fleet. Ukrainian Naval Forces Currently operational ships: Krivak-class frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy 123m long Displacement: 3 100 t (full load: 3 566) Crew: 180 Armament: 2x 100mm 2x (6x) 30mm 2x (4x) torpedo tubes 2x RBU 6000 ASW rocket launcher 1x (2x) OSA SAM launcher (20 missiles) Other ships: 1 patrol boat, 1 landing craft, 1 transport barge, 1 research vessel, 2 diving vessels. Ships captured by Russian Federation: Foxtrot-class submarine Zaporizhzhia 89,9m long Displacement: 1 983 t Crew: 78 Armament: 10 torpedo tubes with 22 torpedoes Ropucha-class landing ship Kostiantyn Olshansky 112,5 m long Displacement: 2 200 t (full load: 4 080) Crew: 98 Armament: 2x (2x) 57mm 2x (30x) 122mm Grad-M rocket launcher 1x (4x) Strela 2 SAM launcher Polnocny-class landing ship Kirovohrad 73m long Displacement: full load: 834 Crew: 41 Armament: 1x (2x) 30mm 2x (18x) Ogon rocket launcher 1x (4x) Strela 2 SAM launcher Pauk-class corvette Khmelnytskyi 57m long Displacement: 508 t (full load: 589 t) Crew: 40 Armament: 1x 76mm 1x 30mm 1x (4x) Strela 2 SAM launcher 2x RBU 1200 ASW rocket launcher 4x 406mm torpedo launcher Grisha-class corvettes Lutsk (V) Ternopil (V) Vinnitsya (II) 71.6m long Displacement: 950 t (full load: 1 200 t) Crew: 60 Armament: 2x 50mm L70 (in version V replaced by single 76mm cannon) 2x Gecko SAM (20 missiles) 2x RBU 6000 ASW rocket launcher 2x (2x) 533mm torpedo launcher 2x deep charge racks (12 charges) or 18 mines And numerous other ships including missile corvette, missile boat, torpedo boats, tugs, transporters, tankers, tow boats, floating crane, etc. All of listed ships are post-soviet origin. Only newly bought ships were small boats, and I can't find any specific information on which these were. See full list of current ships in Ukrainian Naval Forces and full list of seized ships
  4. Jareel_Skaj

    DDH-183 Izumo Helicopter Carrier [JMSDF]

    For those interested: Izumo-class helicopter destroyer on Wikipedia. Shortcut from that. It can be converted to use supersonic jets, however under current law they're forbidden to have an offensive navy - and aircraft carriers carrying supersonic jets are strictly offensive warships. Japanese prefer to be safe than sorry. Well-thought plan I must say - they do whatever they can to stay within boundaries on their law, while at the same time they're very aware of raising threat on the other side of East China Sea.
  5. Jareel_Skaj

    Loss of the British Battle Cruisers

    I seen one documentary saying that problem wasn't in armour or propellant - it was inappropriate handling of ammunition. Basically crew left hatches open all the way between turret and ammunition compartment - if shell exploded inside of the turret explosion went uninterrupted all the way down to ammunition compartment igniting every shell on it's way leading to catastrophic explosion. Crew was pushed by officers to achieve highest possible rate of fire what in the end lead to disregarding safety measures and loss of an entire warships.
  6. Jareel_Skaj

    Yamato vs Montana Everything You Need to Know

    Nice, very cool list :) Would be cool if you could format it slightly differently making it easier to read. For example: HE Shells Yamato: 460 mm type 0, explosive warhead 61,70 kg Montana: 406 mm mk 7, explosive warhead 69,67 kg, slightly stronger It'll be much easier to draw conclusions and comparison. Cause right now I barely can understand anything from a part about AP shells, other than a fact that Yamato had an advantage there.
  7. Jareel_Skaj

    Pre-RADAR Ships Camouflage

    In general I'm curious how spotting will look like in WoWs. Especially when supposedly they plan to completely rework camouflage system in WoT at some point during this, or next year.
  8. Why I'm not surprised? Seriously? Wow... now that's a news of a day! It's going to be a scale model, or 1:1 with all the guns?
  9. Jareel_Skaj

    WWII Fleets Profiles

    And even shoot back! ;) :P Seriously though - IMHO Operation Peking was one of the most brilliant moves of Polish military command during Invasion of Poland. Oh, and @OP: Love the fleet profiles. Great work bringing them all in one place, thank you!
  10. Jareel_Skaj

    [UK Royal Navy] River Class patrol vessel.

    UK build a ships to protect fisherman? Protect them from what? Sharks? lol
  11. Jareel_Skaj

    Many 1/400 models

    Wow, awesome! Well done. I love the detail on water. You really got a talent there!
  12. Jareel_Skaj

    Interesting picture on the RU-Server

    As far as I remember during battle of Jutland germans sent their destroyers back towards brits which scared them off (torps!) and forced them to abandon pursuit. Yea.... each time I tried that I ended up with no ammo just to be killed by some random scout that approached from a flank right in the moment when I shot my last bullet ~_~
  13. Jareel_Skaj

    "ORP Warszawa "

    Yes, it is. Or actually: Was. Warszawa was retired in 2003. Here's some more info about her: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Warszawa_%281968%29
  14. No, I'm not from UK and I know next to nothing about UK politics. I guess that's a major reason why I don't get the whole opposition against picking F-35 for the carrier. I'm just trying to point out that from purely militaristic point of view - it wasn't a bad decision. I would love to see naval Eurofighter - but I feel like criticism is little bit over the board for F-35.
  15. Of course. Never the less both are capable of fulfilling pretty much every type of mission you might want carrier-based fighter to do - where F-35 got different additional advantages than Eurofighter does. But it's more about additional perks than anything that would eliminate any fighter from being worthy of taking place on HMS Queen Elizabeth. F-35 is perfectly capable of performing air-to-air operations, though it's strength is more in long-to-medium range engagements, while Eurofighter excels in short-to-medium-range engagements and handling multiple targets at the same time instead of relaying on stealth and surprise (even if it's semi-stealth fighter on it's own) And if they'd pick any other variant - you think that similar or different issues wouldn't arise? I doubt. Nearly exact same story happened during original Eurofighter development (where they couldn't decide on parts used) also causing escalation of costs. Politicians shouldn't mess with such decisions. In some countries there are laws made to prevent that - shame that UK for some reasons don't have them.