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  1. It's the second time I noticed this behaviour: when you have a mission that counts main battery hits, the post-battle screen seems to include secondary hits in the counter but the mission does not. If the secondary hits are enough to tilt it over the required amount of hits, it will report the mission completed when it is in fact NOT completed. Example: The current Fleet of Fog mission 4 of 4 requires 3000 main battery hits. I scored 32 main hits and 24 secondary hits. My mission balance was at 2979/3000 after the battle, yet the post battle screen unmistakenly reports it as COMPLETED. Edit: I played another mission, still not enough hits to complete the mission, but once again post-battle reported it completed. This time though, only 2 secondary hits, but 30 plane kills. So I guess it's not secondary, but some other mystical calculation? The wageslaves at WG HQ can sort that out Oh, and notice the spelling error on "misson"... all the mission descriptions get it wrong.
  2. Ranked is the only place you can get Clear Skies now, but even then it's pretty rare. WG should just increase it to 75% and remove the floatplanes from the equation.
  3. Seedling

    Strafing is back!

    The fighter strafe was a nice example of timing, because it's all too easy to miss an entire cluster of planes if the other cv is paying attention. The torp run was a great example of why people need to pay attention to the mini map... Not that much skill involved in hitting such a easy mark, but a kill's a kill The dive bomber run was shamefull... 1/6 hits on a BB sailing in a straight line... should have gone manual on that guy My record is 10 hits from 12 bombs on such an easy mark with 2 US bombers. Sadly, RNG isn't always that rewarding... (The damage was less then the single torp that hit it soon after.. not to mention the flooding that killed it because he put out the fires from all those bombs first.)
  4. Seedling

    Odd gun emplacements (and stuff)

    Torpedos in the game work 100% of the time with 100% accuracy and are 100% immune to detonations right next to them. In reality, they were far from that. During WWII, the US were forced to use a torpedo that only had a 10% hit ratio for two years due to bureaucratic incompetence... Torpedos would travel too low, too high, deviated from their course, exploded prematurely or didn't explode at all because the trigger mechanism couldn't handle the massive forces of a straight impact...
  5. Seedling

    3 Daily missions at the same time today?

    Nah, not a bug... just coincidence. The 3 dailies have different timers, but it is possible to complete them in such a manner that their next refresh falls within your offline hours
  6. Seedling

    Other Shipyards for ARP ships

    There's probably a mod for just that.
  7. Seedling

    Arp Ships and Camo

    They aren't premium ships. Or "premium" ships, if you prefer. These are perfectly normal elited ships falling under the Arpeggio category. (Compare a premium ship with an ARP ship on the modules page, and you will see.)
  8. Seedling

    WG's newest trick, killing you when you're not actually dead.

    I don't know what you are developing, but being a software engineer myself suggests that your developing skills got nothing to do with coding... What you describe is NOT what a UAC is for... If the server tells you your ship is dead, it's dead. The server does all the calculations after all. If what the user sees would be the final verdict, they could simply install a cheat that prevents them from every getting below 1... It's definitely confusing, but it's not a game breaking bug and it occurs very rarely... hence it's a low priority issue.
  9. Seedling

    Why are there so many cheaters in this game

    I think the only cheating in the game would be aimbots, and even that is superceded by raw skill (and lots of luck). There are ofcourse the metric ton of bots, or players so bad at the game that they are indistinguishable from a bot, but those are only a problem if there are more on your team then theirs Clear indication of a bot : is screaming at you in chat to cap, while he's actively avoiding sailing INTO the cap just 500m away. Gets very funny when you got multiple bots doing it to each other while sailing parallel or in convoy... also, very sad and frustrating to watch...
  10. Seedling

    Arpeggio missions stolen, big fail imho

    Don't worry, there will be other ARP missions for you to run out of time on. And these will come back next year or so. The ships themselves are nothing more then duplicates of the ingame elited versions with a fancy skin. And be glad.. have you SEEN the ARP Myoko? It's teamkiller pink, for crying out loud... this is why you don't let women choose the paint for ships... they pick something to match their shoes...
  11. Technically it's an Arpeggio ship belonging to the Fleet of Fog nation. It's NOT a premium ship. Arpeggio ships have some benefits, but nothing like premium ships. Ingame they are listed with "Arpeggio ship benefits" while premiums have "Premium ship benefits". They are nothing more then elited versions of their regular counterparts with cosmetic changes.
  12. Seedling

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    They already admitted they added the Soviet line because they are a Russian company with a considerable Russian player base... (and Putin plays the game when he's not invading other countries, so he wants soviet ships. ) But they already announced several new lines.. there's hope for RN just yet Eh, yeah, that's been a true statement since WoT 0.1. Why would you think otherwise?
  13. Seedling

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    You need to read the skill descriptions before spouting such nonsense... the 139mm restriction only applies to MAIN battery guns. Secondary guns will all work with the changed skills, regardless of size. It explicitely says so.
  14. Seedling

    0.5.3 Commander Skills - Behind The Scenes

    I think a few modifications have to be made to the skills: Last Stand (tier 2) : should also work on a carrier whose flight deck is on fire. Increase plane handling by 5 seconds per fire, or 10 seconds overall. Torpedo Acceleration (tier 3) : also have it affect bombs, such as a 10% tighter aiming circle. Reduced range is only an issue for DDs, it doesn't affect CVs. Dogfighting Expert (tier 3) : Have it give a bonus when fighting higher tier planes, but also when engaged by multiple fighter wings. It's usefull for low and mid tiers, but tier 8+ cvs are rare enough that you only see lower tiers in multi-cv matches. (Mostly 6/8 and 7/8.) And it's wasted on tier 10 unless you are flying stock planes. (Which will only happen for a short time.) One more thing: Super Intendent doesn't have a use on CVs, because they don't have limited-use consumables. Perhaps give CVs a limited amount of a second Damage Control Party to deal with fires if Last Stand won't be adjusted for cvs?
  15. Seedling

    0.5.3 Balance Changes: AA and Carriers Feedback

    Good point of DBs: they aren´t affected by suppression fire with regards to auto aim accuracy, and manual aim only grows to the size of auto aim (so pointless to manual aim most of the time.) Bad point of DBs : hit ratio is irrelevant to number of planes, because it seems to calculate it on a first miss basis. (If 1st bomb misses, all bombs miss. If second bomb misses, all next bombs miss. Chance of 3 or more hits is insignificant, 4 is on par with winning the lottery) even if they hit a DD, there's a good chance of dealing no damage. I hit a stranded DD with 2/6 bombs with auto-aim (he got driven to ground by previous bomb runs), and it did no damage whatsoever. Aiming circle hides the target... how do you correct aim when you can't see the damn thing in the first place.