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  1. 67 premiowych okretów???? szaleństwo cena też
  2. I am concerned about the fate of the CV the gameplay seems to be so dumbed down that you can't anymore do fighter duels, scouting, and even good old hammer+anvil torpedo tactics and the massive flood of free xp for those whoe will elect refund will bring many players to "i have all the t10s i want and nothing more i want to grind" situation
  3. po prostu okręt-kozak :P
  4. o ironio w przypadku lotniskowca HMS Courageous i zatopionego w Scapa Flow HMS Royal Oak torpedy zadziałały "as advertised" btw Amerykanie w pierwszych latach wojny na Pacyfiku mieli o wiele większe problemy z torpedami, pogłębione upartym stanowiskiem dowództwa że wszystko jest OK pomimo rozlicznych raportów dowódców okretów podwodnych
  5. atak pancernikiem w ciasnym fiordzie? prawie jak rush mid na two brothers ale zadziałało
  6. bitwy o Narvik to jeden z ciekawszych epizodów WW2 w pierwszej RN miała duzo szcześcia zważywszy na dysproporcję sił w drugiej nieortodoksyjne użycie pancernika HMS Warspite (w ciasnym fiordzie przeciwko niszczycielom - prawie jak rush mid 2 brothers) zakonczyło się rozgromieniem sił DKM ostatecznie utrata połowy nisczycieli DKM w tych bitwach okazała sie smiertelnym ciosem dla operacji Seelowe - nie byloby jej komu eskortować...
  7. ewokgoeth

    Kinowa rozgrzewka

    zasponsorujcie spektakl "Bitwy o Midway" z trailerami WOWS jako jedynymi reklamami klasyka wciąż dobra...
  8. worked for me too, thanks! case closed, admins?
  9. can't access voiceovers for Akeno, ARP girls, even burly man Seagal, all gone...
  10. ewokgoeth

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got a nice, cooperating team communicating in chat and following sort of plan. Guys used my radar to focus fire enemy Belfast. Smoke sharing was common and capping was fast and effcient. What sorcery was that?
  11. Thank you all, nice proposals mostly, IJN for now is set with Yamamoto but if we ever get another go for the, maybe Tanaka (Tassafaronga...) for DD specialist, even more than Hara. For USN DD specialist, how about "30 knots" Arleigh Burke? RN is set with Vian.
  12. ewokgoeth

    Hardest ship to play?

    Atlanta, the glass machinegun. You have massive dpm but no armor whatsoever , bad concealment, low HP and no smoke or otrher escape means. Also your ballistics go sky high, though this has advantage of being able to do indirect fire often. You need to master the indirect fire over islands, prey on isolated and distracted enemies and borrow any friendly or enemy smokescreens. On the other hand woe to enemy dd caught immobile in her smoke by Atlanta with her radar. the DPM means even short radar active window is enough to devastate almost any DD likely to be encountered.
  13. ok, so who should be heroic commander for each navy by your reckoning? my proposals: USN Nimitz, Halsey, Spruance, Mitscher VMF Gorshkov, Makarov DKM Tirpitz, Scheer, Hipper , Raeder (it would be cool to see commander commanding its namesake ship...) RN Jellicoe, Cunningham, Vian PMW Unrug :P not sure about French and/or Italian candidates
  14. ewokgoeth

    Gamescom Q&A thread

    tentative schedule for lines beyond RN BB? ?RN DD/French BB/French DD/Russo-soviet BB? ?RN CV (other nations just dont have enough ships for a line) ?Italian line - any line? ?Polish DD - are they even viable as a line? ( I believe they are at least until tier 8 with project of Improved Grom class, terminated by war)
  15. ewokgoeth

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    campbeltown marathon finished now i need to wait for the RN cruisers to get released before i choose the perks for the captain