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  1. Murro_the_One

    CV rework is great

    installed the game after long tim just to see what they did in last patch put all AA upgrades and skills on my neptune first game, 3 planes killed second game, 0 planes killed now i know my Hard drive will be happy with different content on it :) great mechanics WG...lol
  2. Murro_the_One

    Noobs will kill this game!

    just played 3 games in one, the team "ROTATED" over whole map...understand, they went to one god damned cap even they were on the opposite side in second they did the same + only DD in the the team went to the cap on other side of map in third i just yoloed but only because i saw our 2 DDs going to the same cap where they cant cap but will get stuck there for whole match ignoring all requests to use their brains Not sure if you can recover partial cost of the prem ships by selling acc. there are some for WoWs but also WoT, let me know if you know please
  3. Murro_the_One

    Noobs will kill this game!

    did you read what i typed? there is big difference between WoT where the classes are similar and you can use your tank and force it isnto position where it is not optimal but it can work, and WoWs, where the classes are so different that one weak chain causes the whole team to fail because of that im not special player, nobody is. noob is just another name for incompetent player, much shorter and easier to use, no need to get offended because of that everywhere in the world there is some kind of hierarchy based on the contribution. Even in work, if you have top performer and slacker, the word of the best will have higher value than what the least performing member say. thats the same in game. in wows it is supressed but in WoT if unicum says some tactics and what he plans to do, you can count on it, not like when noob starts giving orders in the end, we are all human beings and should respect each other but you will never level this kind of differences, so to say
  4. Murro_the_One

    Noobs will kill this game!

    i didnt say i hate the noobs, you are right, everyone should have fun in the game. i just said i think this will be the primary reason why this game will end. thing is im also learning and in my WoT times i used to think that it cant get any worse than the roflstomps in WoT. then i came to this game and suddenly the thing which was most appealing to me, the class differences, i see as main problem because in WoT you can compensate for te lack of skill of other classes because they classes are not very different in nature. In WoWs if you are in CV or BB and your DD refuses to cap the point, you are done for100% maybe discussions like this could give WG some hints, even i doubt it, that some aspects of their game design are bad. and im not saying about premium p2w. i understand that they need to generate revenue. but for example number of people in match. in WoT it is 15vs15 ithink and this one is 12vs12. it is too much and easily creates inbalance in numbers on the flanks. the less tanks the less chance to create critical mass which rolls over competition just due to sheer numbers and not skill and many more. but they dont listen folowing the crede: "never touch a working system"
  5. Murro_the_One

    Noobs will kill this game!

    this. like nobody likes losing but i remember losing but still having the good feeling that i did what i could, my team did also well, but we just got beaten. but then there are games where people lemming to one side and leave other flank open just because there is "only" 4 ships... or you see DD not even bothering to go and check the cap because he see that more people are on the other flank. nobody is willing to do something hard or risky, everyone want an easymode, not to risk ship and get carried to victory
  6. Murro_the_One

    Noobs will kill this game!

    its not moaning, its just stating how i see it. i dont know what i said about WoT community/playerbase, its terrible but people learn. in WoT, noobs are one of the negative things which pisses you off but do not destroy the actual gameplay. In this game however, if you read the OP, i said because the ship classes are so different, it is more apparent when the skills come play. regarding the skill in matchmaking, i gave up on this. WG showed incompetent to separate the players based on their skill in both of their games, not blaming them, either they dont want to or the game design is favoring p2w so no hard feelings
  7. Murro_the_One

    Noobs will kill this game!

    its not about stats, its about enjoying the game (i have almost 57% and i dont feel much skilled, i just yolo half of the games and that says something about overall community) unfortunately im trying to stay far away from socializing in games like this one due to family reasons. used to play mmorpg in hardcore mode and there is either that or nothing, and family is more important ;)
  8. Murro_the_One

    Noobs will kill this game!

    I mean it seriously. Not p2w or ship/class balance... I used to play WoT and that game had its visible issues for years but i never thought that the overall number of noobs was the most visible one. it is mainly because of the other feature of that game and that there is little differences in the tank classes and you can play tank destroyer as heavy tank, snipe with medium or camp with heavy tank. if you have noob in spotter tank, it doesnt mean you automatically lose because the classes are not so much different in the nature than it is in WoWs. In this game i initially loved the fact that the ship classes are so different(whether it comes from camo, damage dealing potantial, etc.) but it comes with the price. if you have noob vs. competent player in CV, everyone knows how it will end and nobody can do anything about it. Similar but not as clear it is in DD space, where team with noob DDs must play more reckless around caps and more likely is to lose the game. Im by no means best player but i can clearly say that im losing my interest in this game when i see the noobs on key spots in my team throwing the game because they are incompetent. i understand that not everyone will get 56% winrate which suggest that the basics of this game are mastered and also these people want to have fun, but i think this will kill this game. Im not only one who points to this and we can see 2 topics per day on this forum about the "incredible skill" of the playerbase. i dont know how the trend of players in WoWs looks like but if only speaking for myself, i cant play more than 1-2 games per day. not because i dont want. i didnt reach tier10 yet and wanted to try many lines so i had lot of plans with this game but spending countless games playing not around objectives but around people who have little clue how to play and trying to carry the game is not much fun
  9. Murro_the_One

    rant ( when *edited* make a devision ) CV topic

    tears of joy? :) for this i enjoy the Neptune, you hide like a pussy all game but the one in 5 you meet CV.. ;)
  10. Murro_the_One

    rant ( when *edited* make a devision ) CV topic

    had a shitty day but coming here and seeing all the CV tears just made my day
  11. Murro_the_One

    Any news about upcomming french battleships?

    Notser's Gascogne review (WIP) crap
  12. Murro_the_One

    Jack Dunkirk on Minotaur

    just a couple of thoughts: vigilance is cool but it wont save you if you are badly positioned/caught off-guard By playing intelligently and anticipating, you can save those 3 points. AA on Neptune and Minotaur is strongest but you cant buff it with DefAA. That said, you can either pump it or leave it and accept that you will shoot planes but you will not be able to shred them. That's why i would either go AFT+BFT + modules or just ignore them. Adrenaline rush is also cool. you might play against noobs and farm damage and not be spoted whole game and then you don't need it as you will stomp them anyway. OR you play against competent players who will fire into smoke and leave you with 1/2 or less HP. in that case the Adrenaline rush comes very handy. Bigger smoke... i can see it useful when you come around corner smoking so you can get to decent position but don't count on maneuvering in smoke while firing and that it will help you avoid incoming fire...it wont. Skilled player can see that you are moving as the trails you are producing are moving and he can anticipate where you will be in the time of impact Superintendent and concealment expert are no-brainers of course all in all, i had my reward captain assigned to tier5 BB before i sold it (couldn't handle the intellect requirements) but i don't see a reason to use it on Cruisers as the bonuses are really small. What i wanted to say is don't try to artificially use "special" skills of jack. it might look cool but there are better picks then those special ones
  13. Murro_the_One

    Jack Dunkirk on Minotaur

    again, you wont find better example of using manual AA than it is Hindenburg. it is 4.5km vs 5 while manual AA usin 4 captain points doubles 132DPS. Of course we are talking about AFT and "AA mod2" to get decent range. ManualAA is only thing which puts AA speced Hindenburg next to DesMoines or Minotaur (as they would waste manualAA on their relatively weaker longrange guns) so that was whole argument, if you will not use ManualAA on hindi, you should not use it on any other cruiser. (if you plan to have only one of them it makes sense to chose any of those 2 as they are both strong)
  14. Murro_the_One

    Jack Dunkirk on Minotaur

    you got it wrong Hindenburg is example ship of how to take manual AA and benefit (it hast most powerful large caliber DPS from cruisers)
  15. Murro_the_One

    tired of abysmal players and MM

    yesterday i was at the brink of tears... not really...the amount of stupidity and incompetence is just stunning i try to tell when i see a noob what they should do if they doing some stupid shitt but that's not the way and i see that players are completely clueless of how to play their class. People complained in WoT because you could use any tank in any situation and there were little differences in the playstyle in WoWs, you have completely different classes and what you got? BBs being afraid to take hit so they hide behind island or snipe at 20km. DDs farming dmg and ignoring objectives... etc etc. other factor is that there is too many players on the battlefield. If you chose wrong flank, you are screwed because you might go 3-4 ships against 7-8. what happened as result? you see lemmingtrains more often because even if you see your team is lemming to one side, you don't have choice just to follow them, because if you run into primary enemy flank, you are dead. just to mention, this stupid player behavior is poisoning y game and i play less and less with classes which are more prone to such stupid behavior. I'm currently at rank 12 where i got easy by winning like 2/3 of games and at rank11 there is some gold. but i wont play ranked anymore because the amount of noobs is driving me insane so i don't want to destroy the remaining passion i have for this game and i play randoms...