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  1. audigex

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    For the love of god, don't make this change. The current "bugged" state is way more intuitive, and allows for much better gameplay and differentiation of skilled/unskilled players. Reverting it would be a massive step back: and is clearly entirely unsupported by the community, with 95% of votes here against reverting the "bug". We prefer it this way: it's more fun, and it's better for gameplay
  2. audigex

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    I couldn't agree more with the above. Earlier, in my Prinz Eugen I got absolutely out-played by an Akatsuki. He was better than me, he annihilated me, and it was entirely down to him being a better, more skillful player than I am. With this skill, he wouldn't have beaten me, because he couldn't have outplayed me and I'd have always been able to be approximately angled to his torps - when I can maintain my angle at 20-30 degrees to the DD, it's basically impossible for him to land torps. This is awful. Please, please, take it away: it removes almost the entire skill of being a good DD/CL/CA player: do we *want* the entire game to be "Who can angle and focus fire the best?"
  3. audigex

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    The first time this kind of thing happened it was returned with constructive criticism The second time, slightly less constructive criticism. The third time, constructive criticism with some insults We're up to about the 80th time, now, that we've felt like a second-class community within the game, and we appear to have run out of "constructive". Are you entirely unsurprised that people are becoming frustrated and no longer feel like there's any real benefit to trying to be constructive? I mean seriously, just look at Tuccy's oft-quoted response to the issue and tell me you think people are likely to remain civil
  4. audigex

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    That comment from Tuccy was literally "We mess up regularly, but only bother fixing it sometimes"
  5. audigex

    Keep milking us....

    With a premium ship (like, say, the Graf Spee...) those missions can be completed in <20 battles. Not "A lot of time", really. A Missouri could do it in an evening
  6. audigex

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.
  7. audigex

    Got 3 perma camos for free

    WG can remove mine if they want, but it's not going to make them any more money - I won't be buying any of these camos anyway.
  8. audigex

    Takao mission - Q&A

    So the NA missions have been released. To get all ships, 10 point commanders for all ships (not just 10pt for Takao), you need: 110k base exp. That's it. 110k base exp, in T6 ships. Whereas just for the Takao, we needed 50 games (which would usually be over 100k base XP) in T8 ships. And that's before you even try to do the other missions For god's sake, WG, at least lower the "20 Russian ships" requirement to 10. It's taking me more time to get just the Nachi than it's going to take Americans to get ALL the ARP ships.
  9. audigex

    North Carolina vs Yamato 1 on 1

    Not really. You got lucky when you showed him your broadside halfway through. Then when you both went broadside you got lucky again and then your reload was slightly faster. A bit of RNG was the difference there, not skill.
  10. audigex

    Bad Cruiser Drivers are the Worst!(?)

    I'd kind of agree with this CA is easiest to be reasonable at, very hard to master though. BB is a little harder to get decent at, but then once you're at that stage you can hold your own and there's not that much more to get better at. Cruiser gets pretty tough after T7, as you can get absolutely deleted if you have to turn... and at some stage, you do just have to turn. DD is harder than either to both learn and master. CV... let's not even talk about it.
  11. I play with a few guys but they're only around some of the time, so I'm looking for some others to play with. I have up to T8, but am happy to play low tier games with clanmates if someone's on with a lower max or just wants to play low tier. I like to win the game, but having fun is more important - so no super-serious competitive clans thanks. More the kind of group that hangs out on Teamspeak and plays for a laugh. Preferably adults only or mature (ie I don't want to have to worry about swearing or people throwing shitfits). I'm 26, young IT professional nerdy type and generally just a relaxed guy. audigex in game, hit me up
  12. IGN: audigex This was my most fun game ever: hilarity from start to finish. Also my best ever Karlsruhe game, and since it's a 3 kill Karlsruhe game, probably one of my biggest in-game achievements :p So the obvious point to start with: the Karlsruhe is one of the most hated ships in game since every other T4 ship is better than it in some way and it just doesn't do anything well. I like a challenge, though, so I take it out sometimes anyway. In this game I got into a T6 game... and if the Karlsruhe is bad against Pheonix's and Omaha's, damn does it suck against the Cleveland and Fuso. So I started off by accidentally driving into an island. An inauspicious start for the Mighty Karlsruhe, especially when an enemy DD rounded the corner and charged at me. He hit me with two torpedoes and left me on about 3k health, a few minutes into the game. I'd practically written the game off already, but managed to kill the DD by incapacitating his engine and steering after he just repaired a fire. Yay Karlsruhe! So I kind of figure it's going to be dull hanging back with no health, no speed, and no range, so why not try to cap before I get killed? Straight into the cap circle when I realise I'm spotted. Meep. So I'm now in a 3k HP Karlsruhe, attracting far too much attention. I'm just congratulating myself for dodging a Fuso's salvo and setting him on fire when a Cleveland rounds the corner about 4km from me. Nicht Gut, Kapitan! One panic-salvo of Torpedoes later, though, and he's down to 2k HP too. At this point my mad Karlsruhe skillz(!) come into their own and I blast two salvoes of AP (including a Citadel) into the Cleveland who dies. Two-Kill Karlsruhe, whoop whoop! I retreat behind an island to lose some of the heat, and by the time I emerge I'm in a 2v2 with two enemy BB's, myself, and an allied CL (Omaha, I think) who isn't on much more health than me. Rambo-style, we charge the BB's, dodging like crazy and setting fires, getting tons of hits (because the Karlsruhe does no damage). My ally sets fire to one and died: I kill the other, and am about to torpedo the first (you can see my torp aim in the background of the scorecard) when my ally's fire takes him out. I think my torpedoes would have killed him, BUT I'm not totally sure if his secondaries would've got me first, so I'm happy enough without the 4th kill So this game had it all - kills against 3 classes of ship, Torpedoes, dodging fire from half a dozen enemies at once, ambitious rambo-style attacks, torpedoes scraping the paint, hilarious teamwork... and all of it done in Glorious Karlsruhe, god of cruisers. I've had games I've scored more highly, I've had games I've made more kills... but this was by far the most fun I've had in WoWS so far. And I did 90% of it on <3k HP