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  1. Man your profile pic is annoying
  2. Timothyvaas

    No Anonymous Signals !

    When did you last play? Every time someone on your team pings on the map it says they did it in chat. That along with voice commands.
  3. Timothyvaas

    Implementing Replay System.

    You can activate replays already as someone linked to a thread already, but they should make it easier to do. Like on World of Tanks
  4. Timothyvaas

    Highest amount of citadels you've got in a match

    10 in a Cleveland
  5. Timothyvaas

    plz remove two brothers map

    I kind of dislike it but at the same time like it, the problem with it i feel is that it gets picked too often and i play most of my games on it, i haven't gotten more than 2 battles on the ocean map since OBT started for instance, one time i played ice map since OBT. They should add more maps, definately and hopefully they'll reduce the amount of times the MM chooses two brothers map.
  6. LOL Maybe they were out of range and shouldve moved up more?
  7. Timothyvaas

    Aiming Assist Forced?

    You can press X to change target
  8. Why play for a lose? Well, it doesnt have to be a lose, plus you can still achieve SOMETHING. I agree with the abilities part, and destroyer spawns
  9. Timothyvaas

    Ships that are Keepers

    Cleveland, Kongo/Fuso, St. Louis, Omaha
  10. Timothyvaas

    Cleveland nerf

    I play cleveland alot, and its a ton of fun, but i feel that im very superior on the battlefield with the ROF and AA so i wouldnt really mind a nerf, just not to my AA
  11. Timothyvaas


    Did that with my battleship to a random guy, he wasnt very happy, on the other hand i've stayed with our carrier the whole game while driving my cleveland, 40+ aircraft shot down.
  12. Timothyvaas


    LOL, i rammed a carrier yesterday in my cleveland, i went up mid on two brothers, we were going to lose so i said [edited]it and lost like half of my health so i just rammed him. Got more XP than i shouldve that way
  13. Timothyvaas

    Two Brothers.

    Yeah i get Two Brothers all the time in my cleveland
  14. Timothyvaas

    Cant repair torpedo tubes

    Were they red/ had a cross over it on your ship icon in the bottom left corner? If so then they were fully destroyed beyond repair
  15. Timothyvaas

    Destroyers become very weak after T5

    You should try turning off AA and secondary batteries (press P to toggle AA/secondary) if the problem is that you get spotted because your AA guns are firing at the planes then try turning it off and see if there's a difference