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  1. _BubiHartmann_

    HMS Gallant

    Kudos sir... no really I mean it. I am happy that it works for you, and that you found your angle to get the best out of her. Still... personally I already wrote it off... for all the aforementioned reasons, it is simply not for me. Maybe it is exactly this sum of all parts that make it so challenging to play properly and so impossible for me to favor. I simply do not have the patience to wrap my head around her whilst constantly thinking about how basically similar she feels compared to the ships I (think I) know ...yet still worse, which of course merely underlines my personal opinion about the ship. With the Atago for example, I had the feeling from very early on that, regardless of the god awkward citadels I ate over and over at the beginning, the ship itself was not the problem but my way of playing it so I kept on going and now I'd say I don't make an [edited]out of myself anymore. I tried to iron out my errors in playing her as best as I could and for me...she works.....today. But with the Gallant it feels quite like the opposite. I am given an uncomfortably new concept that seems familiar, yet pales to what I (think to) know about DDs and how to play them and have to violently force myself to completely and painfully change my, let's call it "approach" to DDs, so far to make it work for me. By comparison the change of playstyle from US to Russian DDs... which I expected to be a lot worse, due to the disadvantages in concealment you have to adapt to for example, were not nearly feeling so tedious and strangely inconsistent and irritating as the change to the Gallant. I wish it were one of these "you have to empty the cup thing in order to fill it with new stuff"-things, but I can't help of constantly comparing every aspect of her to the ones her corresponding counterparts..... and I guess that is my fundamental flaw in the way I see her. But of course needless to say this is absolutely subjective. Nonetheless... I hope you will enjoy her for a very long time!
  2. _BubiHartmann_

    HMS Gallant

    Ok... I can already see that I will be pretty alone with my opinion here, and dismissing this as a disappointment motivated, non - constructive whining aria will be easy. I am the last person that is agressively immune to being corrected, enlightened or critisized for my two cents, but please spare me the accusations of trying to sell my perspective as given facts, because I don't. The following reflects my opinion... not more not less and in especially this particular thread I am bound to being disagreed with. I welcome it, as long as it is done in a grown up civilized manner. (and to be honest it still saddens me a bit that I still can't feel comfortable with posting here without in some way feeling the need to clarify the "obvious" by pointing out the above). To me, the Gallant ingame is, mildly put, an undeniably insignificant ship borderlining a bad joke The following spoiler is my attempt to express "where this is coming from" and to explain my point of view in relation to my place in the foodchain. If you only consider statements of "pro WoWs 65%+ players" spare yourself the time, this is not worthy of your expectations. Skip to cut to the chase..... To put it simply: There are far more punishing, more difficult to play ships that nonetheless entertained me heaps more than the Gallant. Ok here goes... The Gallant is outright useless in my opinion. And not even trying to explain what specific buffs it would need, as it is so prominently done here with almost every other ship, really doesn't help to mask the train wreck I think this ship is. It's guns ....simply put... suck. Yes they have a solid fire starting chance. Yes reload and traverse speed are ok too. But after many MANY DD games and experience in all nations DD lines my verdict is... gun wise, I feel overly polite calling them absolutely underwhelming. They are barely convincing on paper and they are even worse in action. A Gallant in a classic DD knife fight for the cap zone is an uphill fight... 8.999 out of 10 times. It's almost a shame wasting time to even mention its AA, but allow me to say that I think completely releasing it without any AA at all would have less felt like a kick in the balls with regards. Seriously? This? At Tier 6? However I have to admit that AA never really was a criteria to measure DDs for me. The torps. Ok... I will in no way try to deny that the possibility to single launch and its arcs may be a revelation to torp pros and fetishists. But it will take a very thorough argumentation to convince me that the "average joe" will have a noticable out of the box advantage that he will notice undeniably in favor of the classic narrow spread the competition has. It takes practice. Realistically more than less to get reliably adept at it. In my case.... absolutely way more than I am willing to invest into a T6 in relation to the advantage I am getting out of it. Does it give the ship an edge? Undeniably. Does this edge make it a serious competitor and raise it to be considered on par with its counterparts.... sorry but no... In my case I was very much looking forward to see the feature on a DD, and again (!) I am far from denying the given potential even now but all the hopes for this "felt flexibility" quickly disappeared for me, unexpectedly, because I simply think that the launch succession intervals of single launches are to long... by a solid third of its actual state, which makes any further comparison in terms of speed, reload and damage unnecessary for me. Curiously this never bothered me with the RN Cruisers but DD wise, I can't ignore it. I fully agree that she is remarkably nimble... but, especially at T6, that is really nothing to write home about and certainly not a game changer. When it comes to torp dancing you either accumulate the experience regardless of nation to manage and successfully dodge torps in DDs if you preferably play those (and learn to predict standard situations to your favor to avoid hectic dodges entirely) or you don't. And I am fully convinced that after gaining the basics of DDing and experiencing the crappy situations they can find themselves in, there is practically no dodge dance exclusive to the Gallant that you won't be able to manage in a Mahan or Fubuki too without mad skills. And on the offense... well speed has always proven to be a better "tank" than maneuverability. My "proof" for this is ultimately called Khabarovsk (which I don't have yet - T8 close to nine - but the sheer difference in playstyle of Russian DDs makes that hard to deny... I enjoy my Leningrad, and the Kiev is a blast) . So no.... the maneuverability did not impress me as well.... On top of that......its speed is ...... average, nothing special, sufficient, barely sufficient...call it whatever you like. Bottom line it's nowhere near good. Same goes for the smoke... feels like somewhere inbetween KM and US DDs....whatever...nothing noticably special. I try not to rely too much on it anyway. So to put it in a nutshell: From my perspective it has not one single (or by combination) solid, indisputable, not even subtle real advantage or innovative angle compared to its competition. None. I would never even dream about preferring her over the Anshan or the Shinonome (which I never really got warm with btw.) when the decision has to be made amongst her tiers premium DDs. The Anshan will tear her to shreds in a gunfight (been there, done that... both sides), and the Shinonome will provide a satisfyingly comparable torp pattern in half the time and with less effort than the Gallant. A hundred meters concealment advantage and her rather better smoke by bare comparison bear no real significance to 95% of the player base. Please don't get me wrong, I don't expect / demand premium ships to have a clearly distinguishable advantage to consider them attractive, absolutely not! I simply like (more or less) subtle unique features and collecting. I have bought premium camo for every standard ship I couldn't part with, so the the status premium by is not what I am after or concerned with in the first place. My problem is that I am nothing less than shocked by the absolutely unignorable dimension of difference when compared to the principal design angles taken on the bulk of other, present premiums so far. Yes comparing the potential of a Belfast to a Prinz Eugen, to give the most extreme example that comes to mind, of course justifies wondering why the first is a pure weapon of mass destruction, loathed by many and having gained a fascinating level of infamy almost solely by the outcry it caused after its release, while the other one merely is widely considered to be an almost insignificant cosmetically differing "version" of its standard tech tree counterpart. I absolutely agree, but the thing is.... the Eugen, even though having nothing special about her, can be put to good use and decently perform if you play her for what she is. And also...YES, I am aware that there are way better choices for a T8 cruiser... premium or not (Atago... plain and simple) which does not add to improving Eugens reputation of being the closest thing to a "neutral" premium ship without anything specifically worth mentioning that sets it apart distinctively from its competition. The point I am trying to make is, that even looking at all of Eugens infamous standardness I never have the feeling of having to prepare myself to most likely getting my [edited]handed to me shortly in advance. And that practically always, even with the most standard situation coming my way. And that after having contested god knows how many cap points in all kinds of DDs, successfully and not. And that is what the Gallant is pretty much to me. Inferior .... by the very definition of the word. In our beloved capping one vs. one situations (considering both players know what they do and the amount of successfully places shells as well as the hit sections is comparably equal.... the typical "you or me" knife fight so to speak... it breaks down to me as: You face a US DD..... bad luck, because even you you hit it at an equally successful rate as he hits you, the bigger US caliber will win the bulk of encounters You face an IJN DD.... bad luck... even if you manage to hit it, let's say one/two salvos more with your guns than it did hit you..... the ever same smoke tango starts at some point... whether you smoke up too or not... it defnitely will be able to put it's fishes into the water quicker than you should you rely and favor single launch. That, in my opinion is a disadvantage... Of course you can refrain to grouped launches... you still have less torps, period. (Yes, you can go yahoo, and charge at the smoke if you feel you can take him and of course succeed but in my world I see or do this Wild Bill stuff rather seldomly) You face a Russian DD (or the Anshan...). Disagree with me all you like, in 90% of the case you are as good as dead if you choose to fight it out with your 10mm less caliber guns. Basically it's like bringing a slingshot to a gunfight. ..... ah, did I mention you are basically reduced to a half rabid/half suicidal monkey when your opponent is a CV? I'll put it like this: If the CV captain is equally skillful with his manual drops as you are with your dodges, even if he is the only opponent you have to worry about and you are not under additional fire by ships speeding to save the CV from being DD ninja raped ... my money is on the CV, without a grain of doubt. Given the usual distances a sneaky DD has to cover to get to the enemy CV and even assuming he spots you after you already made it halfway undetected... he will have ages to realign his drops over and over until content whilst not even wasting a trace of a thought that your ship has something gunpowder related pointed at the sky he should be aware of, or god forbid worrying about. You have no chance whatsoever to even hope reducing his squadrons. If you indeed manage to shoot something down... screenshot it and put it to the other fond memories. You really managed to close the distance and got yourself into gun range at least?!... plan in a healthy amount of additional time needed to gun him down if that is the only option you have, it will take you longer... maybe not dramatically much but definitely noticeable, smaller guns and all. The fact that there is no solid prospect of a RN DD line in sight is no valid argument against the Gallant (or any other ship) for me personally, yet worth noticing. Same goes for the rumours and drama around nerfs that may or may not come in the future that may affect the ship its class etc. etc..... not relevant to me. And once again... yes... I have no doubts that the Gallant can be a tool of frighteningly surgical and deadly precision, effortlessly handling every situation it faces... *yawn* yes..... to all skill gurus and natural talents.... all WoWs junkies and elitists... all right I get it. So is every goddamn other boat for you no-lifers (not meant personally, rather comically). Still I would be heavily suprised if let's say a "Flamu" would deliberately choose a Gallant over all other possible choices, premium or not when he wants to make it count and make sure he made the best choice to ensure victory. So by all means.... like the Gallant as much as you like. Disagree with all of this. But for me (the anonymous cannon fodder in the mass of the average casual player base)... I see absolutely no objective game related reason to buy this ship. Nostalgia, yes... I want to farm Dunkirk crates, yes.... I am a collector, yes.... so am I... But my dear noobs, bobs, idiots, potatoes.... and whatever the "elite" loves to call us here to underline their importance in this world... the chances of simply enjoying the ship for what it is .....I rather don't see. Frustration and questioning the concept itself... more likely. More than with every other Premium ship I accquired before...which is pretty much everything from T6 on upwards. That's it.... thx for reading.... And now go ahead and start crucifying me for the crap I wrote up here.... if you feel like it
  3. Naja... das hat auch "niemanden" aufgehalten eine Ranked Season (VII)im "Schatten der Belfast" abzuhalten, was meiner Meinung nach einfach nur ....naja... war. Also ich (unabhängig davon dass ich echt schlecht bin) würde auch in der jetzigen Meta Kreuzer favorisieren. Zao (sorry.... bin Fanboy) und auch bei der Mino frage ich mich gerade warum eigentlich nicht? Bei IX käme für mich allerdings was CAs betrifft maximal die Neptune in Frage (sorry Ibuki, aber sie ist und bleibt für mich einfach nur ein Intensivvorbereitungstool für die Zao...). Dann doch lieber FDG.
  4. _BubiHartmann_

    XP problem

    Hello seaman, welcome to the fray :) The "problem" you face, is that your Diana is a Premium ship. XP accquired on Premium ships (distinguishable by their golden class icon and name) can only be used to be converted to "free XP" (XP that can be used for everything XP related, hence "free" for doublons using the conversion option). Progressing through the ship class trees can only be done by using non premium ship XP of the corresponding predecessor ship within the same nation and class OR free XP. As for your example: You want to unlock the Chester, which is a Tier 2 US Cruiser. To do so, you either need to accumulate the needed 350 XP on its predecessor, in this case the Erie, or use free XP. Bear in mind that in most cases later into the game, you will need to unlock certain modules of the ship at hand first before being able to start accumulating XP for the research of the next higher tier ship.
  5. _BubiHartmann_

    What happend to Ashitaka?

    The same way they "assess" everything else Ev1n.... projection of subjective impressions, thereby declaring them valid. Everybody not involved directly with no access to significant data is an expert these days, haven't you heard?
  6. _BubiHartmann_

    Which ship is ur "MONEYMAKER"

    1. Mighty Mo (obviously bleh...) 2. OPFast 3. (tie) Minotaur (Prem Camo) & Zao (Prem Camo) 4. Atago 5. Sims Shima, Gearing and Fletcher work nicely too with prem camoflage, but they kinda are not my thing in the current meta.
  7. _BubiHartmann_

    Without Gallant, only one collection box a day??

    ....from the update notes. Could someone clarify "chain of event missions"? Because, in my world, a single mission that requires me to collect 2500 base XP to get one container per day is not a chain of event missions...... am I missing something here?
  8. _BubiHartmann_

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    It fully depends on how you approach it. I played it a few times today and, as always, soloists that have a little too much self confidence will ruin the whole thing. I agree, that more Anthonys than Cyclones are needed. From what I noticed there are a few simple things to keep in mind which make the whole thing easier..a lot. Stay together, and I mean close.....no brainer, yet cannot be stressed enough (no, the hero that rushes ahead to take out three Schnellbote solo does not get any points of sympathy...none) Manually target airgroups (CTRL-LMB)... another no brainer. By now ppl should know that even if you don't have the Manual AA Targeting skill it does increase your AA power. Cover the head AND rear of the convoy ... (this exceeds the capabilities of understanding of so many unfortunately). There are more or less three reasons to be equally spread within the convoy: better AA coverage (2.6 km is "coincidentally" not enough to keep an air group constantly under fire while it does its approach, accquires the target, drops the payload and departs Cyclones (at the head of the convoy) have the ideal position there to lay down a path of smoke for the whole convoy (which is helpful especially in the narrow section Should you lose civil ships, the "rear guard" can pick up the survivors in the water on their way instead of someone having to turn around to pick up peeps in the water......not mentioning that certain attack waves approach the convoy from the rear. Equip the November Echo Settleseven flag.... another no brainer tbh. (I had 37 planes shot down last game...the next Anthony had 24...it does make a difference) Mount the AA Guns Modification in the second upgrade slot ... (absolutely obvious, but nooo people still whine and complain about the costs, and refunds after the event ended and whatnot??!?!?) 1/2 - 3/4 speed is fully sufficient for the whole op... I don't really have to add anything to that. Use premium consumables.... and aaaanother no brainer.... The trickiest part is the last third. I would recommend that all Anthonys save up (the majority of) their Defensive AAs to simultaneously pop them as soon as the scripted and, unfortunately doomed, friendly fighters come by to assist. This is the point where it is decided whether you get the star for taking down the enemy fighter squadrons or not. I noticed, that in 4 out of 5 games the fleet is a little bit too much to the "left/west" of the air battle, which makes it hard to support the friendly fighters and course corrections necessary. Bearing a little to the "right/east" after the narrow mine free corridor ends, helps a bit in reaching the air battle in time (but do NOT STRAY TOO FAR!). Also bear in mind that this will immediately be followed by multiple torp plane squadrons and waves of Schnellboote. When it comes to captain skills, WG already has chosen the most useful ones by default. Bear in mind, sad as it is, the Manual AA Targeting skill won't work here, since neither of the ships has AA batteries that have or exceed the needed caliber. However, it kinda annoys me writing this down. It is a challenging mission, not hard... certainly not unfair. Still you see so many people just blatantly doing it wrong, jeopardizing the op for everyone. Smoking up away from the fleet...going solo on torp boats... forgetting the minefield... the list goes on and on. It is doable... but it requires an ounce of reason of focus, I admit that. Compliments to WG for the scenario, it catches the atmosphere of the event pretty well for a game methinks
  9. _BubiHartmann_

    where is gallant?

    The acquisition of containers without Gallant has definitely not been communicated thoroughly enough....
  10. _BubiHartmann_

    where is gallant?

    Forgive me my lack of knowledge and / or understanding: You get a container for.....(except Gallant missions and Premium Shop)? ...finishing the Operation once?
  11. _BubiHartmann_

    where is gallant?

    Is it just me, or has the collection and the containers that come with the Dunkirk campaign not been implemented yet?
  12. From what I experienced and read: IFE provides you with actually 2 Functions, which are very valuable, and it's passive: It tells you that shells from a ship, that actively targeted you before taking the shot, are incoming on your position, however at a minimum distance of 6 seconds flight time away. Within normal dispersion ranges you WILL definitely be hit "somehow" if you stay your course and speed (which makes sense because the IFE alert itself is triggered by enemy shots the moment they were fired, hence the logical assupmtion that the IFE is based on the projectiles original flight path and your course/speed at the time the shot was fired at you ergo... you know when you need to correct your course and/or speed in order dodge incoming shells.. It ALSO tells you when you have outmanouvered those incoming shells. As soon as the warning disappears your maneuvering efforts were enough to outmaneuver all shells that were directed at you when the warning popped up. So instead of nervously continuing to WASD Hack yourself out of the shellstorm you have: an indicator that precisely shows you when no shells are inbound on you ... ergo..... you can adapt and shift between defensive and aggressive tactics much more efficient instead of guessing when you're out of trouble to consider reengagement. But needless to say, as the description says truthfully: Only if the shells were fired from at lease 6 secs flight time away. No real usability for knife fighting scenarios.
  13. It does indeed, thank you very much! So is it safe to say, the Skill is simply a reflection of active locks on you (all possible scenarios implied), correct?
  14. _BubiHartmann_

    Summer sales

    ...I honestly couldn't have said it better. ....NEXT ...(same exact words as before, just change the ship names to the current one) .....NEXT
  15. Good evening captains and gentlemen, in advance I would like to state that I indeed, though probably noobishly, (ab)used the search function which didn't find anything (at once.. I admit my lack of patience and effort...). On top of that, English is not my native language. please allow me to express my lack of clarity concerning the Captain Skill "Priority Target" (Endurance column, Rank 1, left) : Assuming I sit in a smoke cloud (either a self deployed one by a DD, EN Cruiser, Kutuzov etc. AND/OR one already provided by one of the aforementioned ships)... will I still be informed by the UI that I'm being targeted by (a usual amount of) ships currently shelling me by "blind targeting", so either shooting at me estimating my last visual appearance, or aiming at explosion animations from successful previous hits on me before I disappear for him? I imply the "best case" here: I am not detected. no sonar, radar, min. distance decloak, Airplane...obviously, and have no remaining shooting detection penalty on me Also, if not asked too much, I would also like to know how the game mechanics interpret enemy ship(s) currently aiming at me, however visible/detected to/for me by being spotted by (a) teammate/s (...any possible detection method implied).Will the Skill/UI Element show me the amount of those enemy ships, or not? I hope my descriptions make sense to you. Thank you in advance for your time invested in order to provide me and maybe other readers with some insight on the matter. Enjoy your weekend, find a distraction for the women, go get your Smith, and hope for good offers on Summer Sales.....