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  1. Noone said I was closing in on him. I was sailing evasively, in a way to keep a constant distance from them. I also was trying to present the smallest target to them every time they had reloaded.
  2. There is a lot of truth in what you said. However. As a cruiser captain sometimes you can (more like have to) go toe to toe against enemy BB's, even though it's probably (almost certainly) not ideal. My main ship right now is the Pepsicola (I love that ship), and with a bit of care I can do more damage to a BB than he can do to me. The trick is to keep them at about 14.5-15 km's and fire AP into their decks. As soon as I see the muzzle flashes I kill the engines and swing the rudder to one side, which usually leads to their shots missing. I've been commended by friendly BB captains before for going up against enemy BB's with full confidence, and winning the fight. I don't usually do it if I can avoid it, but once I had to defend the cap from 2 Nagatos and a Murmansk in my Pepsi. The result was one Nagato and the Murmansk sunk, and the other Nagato beaten down to half HP before I got immobilised by a dive bomber strike and then torped by a sqn of torpers. I've taken a good beating from the Nagatos and the Murmansk, no question about it, but with the right tactics, even a cruiser can win the fight against a BB.
  3. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    The bitchin' stops here - time to test it......

    I hope there is going to be a CBT join event this weekend, bcs if there is, I'm gonna get my main account signed up.
  4. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    What RN ships would you like to see?

    I would like to see the Vanguard as a researchable ship at Tier VIII, but I can understand why you'd put it as a premium. Personally I'd rather have the line separate in two like the German TD line does at Tier VIII in WoT with the JPanther II and the Ferdi. Two different machines with different strengths and weaknesses, leading to the same machine up the line.
  5. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    What RN ships would you like to see?

    Looks more like an ideal T4 BB candidate. Would play a bit like the USS St Louis though: short range, but unforgiving guns.
  6. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    What RN ships would you like to see?

    Yeah, but... Look at the ship! It's a brute of a ship, and I like brutes. I have mixed feelings about the KGV, tbh...
  7. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    What RN ships would you like to see?

    Nelson and Rodney. 16" main guns in 3 forward facing triple turrets on the forward deck, you can basically chase other people down withouth having to turn broadside to fire all guns. Oh and 2 forward firing 24.5 inch torpedo tubes. Talk about bringing on the hurt. Other than that: Town class cruisers, County class cruisers, HMS Vanguard, and I might get HMS Warspite on my main account once the game goes OBT (although I'm more a cruiser guy than anything else...).
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    Flags. Not Signal ones.

    Thanks for your very composed answer. I was just wondering, so I asked, jeez.
  9. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    Flags. Not Signal ones.

    Question: will there be a possibility to fly a different flag than the national one currently flown on every ship? A bit like in World of Tanks where you can change the emblem that's on the turret side. Also, when clans are implemented, I immagine you'll be flying their flag somewhere rather than have their emblem painted on the side of the ship, right?
  10. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    What's your favorite ship so far ?

    Omaha with the 1938 hull. Great speed and maneuverability, great firepower, can decently defend yourself from air attack, and you really can pile on the damage. The Pepsicola is also very nice now that it's upgraded.
  11. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    Whats happens after closed beta?

    Can, I have a very naughty and bad question? Here's the thing: if someone is on a smurf account (out of multiple submitted emails, that's the one that got an invite) can he/she have their goods transferred to his/her main account?
  12. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    Naming ships?

    Yes, obviously, but I'd still like to be able to name (and see the the name on the bow) my ships with names like Ani, André, Nea, Jim, etc. Others might want to name their ships Porcupine or Begemoth.
  13. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    Naming ships?

    Unless I'm mistaken, there are automatic filters for some words, both for the username and ship naming systems.
  14. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    Naming ships?

    Pity. Like I said BSGO gets away with it pretty okay somehow, but hey...
  15. sanavampits_se_agapaw

    Naming ships?

    Prettty straightforward question: Would there be a way to name our ships? Like more than just their class designation. For example, I want to name my ships after my friends, can I do that, or will there be a possibility to do so? EDIT: yes, I know, there is always the possibility of abuse, but for some reason Battlestar Galactica Online does it and it works fine for them.