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  1. BdW_Marecc

    Back after years: What's different?

    I uninstalled during the Pay-to-Rico event last "Let's-[edited]-the-community-over"-Mas and haven't looked back. Every now and then I check to see if the game has started to climb back out of this valley of tears and find that WG introduced some new fuckery that makes things even worse, leaving me stunned and wondering "... how ? ..."
  2. BdW_Marecc

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    All of the above
  3. BdW_Marecc

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.4

    Why doesn't Huang He get depth charges ? Perth got those.
  4. BdW_Marecc

    CV Rework Discussion

    So now that the CV rework is deemed "finished" by WG I went and brought out my Kaga once again. The battle was (obviously) a Tier 10 battle, what else, MM being a shitty as it is (Disclaimer: "shitty" in this context not being derogatory but the appropriate technical term to describe recent matchmaking, -> https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/shitty ) To make the long story short: 28000 damage done, with 93 aircraft lost during the battle. Fun and engaging. NOT. There was a time when I would have left "fun and engaging" just sit there and fully expect the oozing irony being really obvious, but these days I will not take that for granted anymore. So - yeah. CV rework finished ? I do not think so. Giving each and every Carrier +/- 1 regular matchmaking (as long as not playing in a division) would go far towards achieving balance between aircraft and AA. Kaga in particular was turned from a good tier 7 carrier into that burning pile of floating tier 8 crap we see today. Yeah, I thought I should end this on a positive note and say something nice about Kaga. This is as nice as I can do with a straight face.
  5. BdW_Marecc

    General feedback

    AA vs Aircraft just up- and downtiers completely crap. As a tier 8 Kaga my aircraft are getting shredded by tier X AA. I have yet to get a uptiered battle where I would do even half my ships own hp (Kaga has 54000, so that would be 27000). On the other hand my secondary spec Bismarck with manual AA used to be able to shoot down 10-15 aircraft if a Midway wanted me dead - now it's only 4-5. It's not that AA is too strong or too weak per se. It's that it totally doesn't work as soon as you are uptiered either as a ship using AA or as a carrier flying against AA. What set World of Warships apart from that dumpster fire that World of Tanks matchmaking is was always, that - although you were uptiered - you were always able to do damage even against high tiers. But with the CV rework, world of warships has touched upon world of tank-esque problems: Not being able to do a thing against a high tier. That is the situation with AA and CVs right now, on both sides of the fence. Don't tread there Wargaming. Sitting in the pre-match countdown knowing that you are wasting your time as soon as you see the team composition and your position within is NOT fun and engaging. It makes people quit and play something different for the evening.
  6. BdW_Marecc

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    Try a battle in a CV for a change, you'll see that AA is anything but weak since the CV overhaul. My Kaga's airplanes (which are Tier 6, and I have to play against Tier X) regularly just go *poof* in a second. I tried a run on an Atlanta yesterday in one of the rare matches where I was top tier - with very meagre returns before my squadron ceased to exist. Compared to that, last time I played the RTS game and dropped on an Atlanta, I sank her. It did cost me a few airplanes, but not as many as now and I got the whole squadron's torpedoes n the water before I lost the first aircraft. So - Atlanta's AA is even stronger now by comparison. Maybe you're just not appreciating it because you'll have to go through all the attack waves now in order to take them down - same as the CV player in order to drop. It might therefore feel "slower" and less powerful. But try a CV battle yourself, you'll see that AA is very potent all around these days. *edited*
  7. BdW_Marecc

    New CVs

    Playing Kaga is an incredibly frustrating and unrewarding experience. My highest damage battle uptiered against Tier X (which is pretty much the norm for any tier 8, sadly) netted me 15000 damage. That is less than 1/3 of the Kaga's own HP. A "good" game against Tier 6 (in the rare occasions of being top tier) resulted in 45000 hp damage - still a lot less than Kaga's own 54000 hp. The airplanes are just way too squishy. Entire squdrons just vaporize on the approach to the target. My sugestion: increase the tier of the aircraft, increase the damage of the each aircraft, reduce the number of aircraft in each attack wave by one, keep the number of aircraft in the squadrons and on the deck the same. That way, the Kaga's gimmick of "huge squadrons" wold remain, you'd just need an additional attack run to get them all through, and hopefully you would get more aircraft through and do more damage while having to linger longer would give non-CVs a realistic chance at doing damage through flak and aura damage over time.
  8. I played a few games in my Kaga - now a tier 8 CV - and my experience was very negative. The aircraft (tier 6 iirc) are so squishy against tier 8-10 AA, entire squadrons just vanish during the attack run. That is with trying to pick isolated targets. In tier X matches, my damage was usually 11000-13000. Yes, that's eleven and thriteen, I didn't forget a zero. That's all that made it through the AA, and since the damage of the inividual aircraft is just puny (since Kaga has fairly large squadrons) it just doesn't work out. At all. Compared to that, in a top tier game, burning and turning all game long - I did about 45000 damage. That's not even the Kaga's own hp worth of damage. Then there's the matchmaker. It sucks. I keep getting into matches that either have 2 CVs per side - or no CVs at all. What the Eff ? Bottomline: It's no fun. Tier 6-8 has become very un-fun to play. Playing a CV is boring and repetitive and just not rewarding since you're uptiered all the time. Playing against CVs is crap because they are everywhere now. There's just too many (like I said, 2 or nothing seems what the MM decides on those days, apparently).
  9. BdW_Marecc

    Make german BB's great again (Prinz E. Friedrich)

    With the recent patch of nerfs to the Prinz Friedrich Eitel on the Supertest server, the PFE is well on it's way to mediocity before it even got released.
  10. BdW_Marecc

    Markante Abzeichen

    Ich glaube nicht, dass sich jemand durch irgend welche Embleme darin beeinflussen lässt, was er sagt. *Advocatus Diaboli-Hut aufsetz* "der benutzt bestimmt einen Aimbot wie könnte so ein Noob sonst ein solches Eliteabzeichen haben ..." ;)
  11. BdW_Marecc

    Markante Abzeichen

    Genau die Aussage kannst du eben nicht treffen. Beispiel: Du hast ein 1 vs. 1 gegen jemanden und gewinnst - und wirst danach von dem BB Camper aus der Ecke oben links mit einem Glückstreffer erledigt, der auch schon die ganzen 5 Minuten vorher (während sein Teamkollege gegen dich gekämpft hat) Fernschüssen abgegebenhat die niemals nix getroffen haben. Und so jemand soll dann sein Emblem angezeigt bekommen ? Wäre nicht gerechtfertigt gegenüber dir (war ja reines RNG und keine Leistung) und nicht gerechtfertigt gegenüber seinem Teamkollegen, der vorher schon fast die ganze Arbeit gestemmt hat.
  12. BdW_Marecc

    Markante Abzeichen

    Wo kann man diesen virtuellen Mittelfinger abschalten, den man beim versenkt werden unter die Nase gerieben bekommt ? Das ist superätzend, und zwar um so mehr, als dass derjenige, der den letzten Schaden macht, keineswegs derjenige sein muss, der den Kampf entschieden hat. Das ist einfach nur Mist. Ich will es ausschalten können.
  13. BdW_Marecc

    Insignia & Emblems

    This is super-annoying. Where can I turn this virtual middle finger off ? If it's not in the setting yet then put in a Change request with the devs right now.
  14. BdW_Marecc

    Whining about CVs :)

    I am sure I will be able to imagine when the Russian BBs come out - stronk ships comrade -.- j/k ... hopefully.
  15. BdW_Marecc

    Nagato, ein Alptraum der Superlative!

    Ich meine mich zu erinnern, dass vor einiger Zeit irgendwo in irgendwelchen Patchnotes was stand, dass ein Armorbug bei der Nagato gefixt wurde. Anscheinend konnte man den Armor unter gewissen Winkeln ziemlich leicht übermatchen, was so nicht beabsichtigt war.