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  1. Ro_Frenzy

    WoWReplays May Contests

  2. Montana 3556xp http://wowreplays.com/Replay/5787-Ro_Frenzy-Montana-Tears-of-the-Desert
  3. Yamato 3259 xp http://wowreplays.com/Replay/5774-Ro_Frenzy-Yamato-Mountain-Range
  4. With Advanced Firing Training skill u can reach to 15.2km range. Look this print and see yourself.
  5. Ro_Frenzy

    Fire Starter [Contest]

  6. Ro_Frenzy

    High Caliber [Contest]

    Damn!!! To late for me
  7. Ro_Frenzy

    High Caliber [Contest]

  8. Ro_Frenzy

    Could you PLEASE fix the Izumo

    I had 5 games with Izumo till now and what i can say is it the worst BB from the game regarding at his tier. So ... 1 game lost 1 turet 2 game lost 2 turets 3 game lost all turets 4 game lost 2 turets 5 game lost all turets Worst worst worst BB i have ever played. Angle of his turets is so weird but this can be solved when you understand the ship and how to position her. Acuracy with gun fire control system modification 1 still sux. I want Yamato but this is the worst nightmare for me... Edit. 6 game lost another turet from a salvo shot by a Myoko ... Really? A tier 7 cruiser with 155mm guns destroy a T9 BB turet. This begins to become really really annoying.
  9. Ro_Frenzy


  10. Ro_Frenzy

    Damage for border abusers!

    Maybe a good ideea for border abusers will be to get stuck there like when hitting an island. For CV players is a bit frustrating because u can't launch torps properly and who abuse border can switch direction very fast making u miss almost all torps.After stoping in the border they should do some maneuvers to get out from there and i think this will solve our problem. Or maybe torpedoes should not pass the border and slide alongside in a full devastating strike.
  11. Ro_Frenzy

    I was wondering...

    Well those two videos are very informative for the ppl who are not in alpha. Till now i didn't know how awesome is this game in advanced graphics. Thanks both of you guys for your work and thanks WG for letting u post them!