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  1. Morlocks

    B.N.I. is recruiting again.

    We are looking for new members. if you are 18+ and you got ts or discord and want to have some fun but also want to play clanbattles feel free to ask me or evergreen when hes online greetz morlocks
  2. Hello there players. We ( BNI ) are looking for new players. We where a dutch only but have extended our search EU wide. So if you are looking for a clan to have fun, and want to play clanbattles pleas feel free to ask. Only restictions that we have is that you need to be 18+ and to use discord. You can find us there ( Batteries Not Included) for short BNI I hope to see you in the future. Greetz Morlocks/ BNI Recruiter
  3. Morlocks

    B.N.I. is recruiting again.

    We are here to inform you players that BNI has gone International... that means that now all players who can spreak English and have TS and are 18+ are welcome to join our ranks.. we are searching for players that like to have fun and als like to play Clanbattles... if you think that you want to join send us a messsage ingame and we will look into it... greets Morlocks// Recruiter
  4. Morlocks

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    wargaming this time you really screwed up
  5. Morlocks

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    i Better hope that WG will compensate us with more then just some flags and camo,s this time it will be a NO!! to only some flags and camo,s.... NO CHAT, NO DIVISIONS, NO CLANBRAWL!! and we need to go though the website go go to navelbattles and amory so this time no lousy stuff wargaming... @ really pissed off # notthefirsttimeyouscrewdupwithanupdate
  6. Morlocks

    B.N.I. is recruiting again.

    Hello there gamers and players... we are a dutch speaking clan looking for new members.. Fun is our key word. If you like a good and also funtime playing feel free to ask one of the recruters to join. only rules we got is you need to be 18+ and you need to have TS. and ofcause dutch speaking.. hope to see you soon GRTZ Morlocks
  7. Morlocks

    Bug Reports

    i,m kinda disapointed guys... you creat new ships ect.. but you don,t fix the old.. before adding new stuff try to fix the old stuff first.. in port it freezes and in game you get kicked out of the game for unknown reasons. with some players the whole game freezes so instead of adding new stuff and milking us on the EU server start doing something for the money we pay to play fix this freaking game. also stop nerfing and buffing ships because some players cry... and what the cv,s concern... get them out of the game, sinds the last nerf... there is no fun in playing them anymore...
  8. Morlocks

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Gezellige spelers gezocht... ben je 18+ en heb je zin om in een gezellige clan te komen spelen meld je dan snel aan. BNI zoekt nog leden die ook met clanbattles mee willen spelen. maar ook de gewone random battles in division of de operaties mee willen doen. ben je 18 jaar of ouder hou je van lkkr kletsen en potje knalluh meld je aan wij zoeken jou!
  9. Morlocks

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    zoeken nog gezellige casual spelers voor onze clan!! wel graag 18+
  10. Morlocks

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    wij zoeken nog spelers... zoek je een gezellige clan met hoog humor gehalte meld je aan
  11. Morlocks

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Gezellige actieve clan ben je 18+ en heb je zin in leuk spelen met gezellige clan members.. en hou je wel van een beetje humor stuur dan een bericht naar Evergreen, kan ook in game!
  12. Morlocks

    B.N.I zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Ben zelf vanuit een andere clan bij BNI terecht gekomen. en ben erg wijs met deze clan. veel humor en veel gelach. als je van gezelligheid houd is deze clan zeker een aanrader..