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    Guide: British Cruisers

    ​Same here but if your burning you can let it burn out or burn for a while keeping the repair back. Heal seems pretty good on burn damage.
  2. Bulge_survivor

    Brit navy, wg already tweaking?

    There coming to me now, I have limited play time and had been expecting the RN to have more of an impact. It started out I did ok and then hit t4, and it collapsed. The step from the Caledon to the danae was a step too far as I was messing with the german stuff too. Mixing em up messed with my gameplay. The danae is coming to me now, I'm spotting ambush points and reading the the ships better as to their range and such. Staying out of sight far better. You canot drive like a drunken pony and blaze away that gets you dead. Patience is the key seeing your opening and making the opposition pay. My torpedo drill/accuracy is far better, still miss lots but by a lot less and my damage is improving as is the wins. I don't feel like a liability, some of the scraps you can have with dds are a hoot so long as a bb doesent erase you from km's away with one or two shells thx to that citadel. Thanks for the constructive comments.
  3. Bulge_survivor

    Brit navy, wg already tweaking?

    Didn't say I was an expert, that's why I asked. I only came back for the brits so looks like I wont be troubling you for long..
  4. Bulge_survivor

    Brit navy, wg already tweaking?

    Turned on tonight to find my petulant child (ie you want to love it but its a real pain in the arse) danae has suddenly got hydro. I'm sure it didn't have it yesterday, did it?
  5. Bulge_survivor

    Sound Tearing horribly

    That gaming setting from an earlier post is no good. Sound is really bad today. Switch off bad.
  6. Bulge_survivor

    Sound Tearing horribly

    Just spent some time with mine initially looking to try and take a screenshot of the audio settings. Its a dell laptop, new one. It has the conventional Realtek audio rubbish but looking further there is an extra option. At the bottom of the Hardware and sound page is an extra, called Dell Audio. Within that there is a some sort of audio enhancement magic porridge but ultimately it has various pre-sets, the one that works best for me is oddly enough 'Gaming'. Tried to add images but not particularily good with the tech.
  7. Bulge_survivor

    Sound Tearing horribly

    My sound is bad too, not improving either. Have a 3 month old I7 laptop with AMD gfx and I too don't want to be messing with my computer to make things work.
  8. Bulge_survivor

    Lag bad for the first time.

    I have only had minor jumps except at extreem range but last night was enough to switch off. Tanks played fine so not internet related.
  9. Bulge_survivor

    Main guns maximum dispersion

    According to the newsfeeds on the portal they spent a lot of time on shell mechanics and they match well with actual data from ship guns. They have helped with the accuracy because we have no effect from swell or roll. Something they consciously avoided for now to make the game better for a larger audience. I suppose you could have the real world 1 in 90 shells hit but it would be a bit dull.
  10. Bulge_survivor

    Lag bad for the first time.

    Just wondering if it affected anybody else. Tonight played a few games but had game breaking lag, monster rubber banding and being unable to control my ship for 10 to 20 seconds at a time. First time its been bad enough to bother me. Anybody else or is it just school holidays choking the web? On fibre optic broadband with a 3month old computer, btw.
  11. Bulge_survivor

    US cruisers vs IJN cruisers

    Because its beta. If you don't play them they cannot BE balanced properly.
  12. Bulge_survivor

    Question: initial free exp and plasters

    I would think the port slots is to reduce the server load. A lot of it will be on the client but having those ships recorded somewhere must use coding and data space somehow.
  13. Bulge_survivor

    Can´t click on minimap !

    So what is wrong with being the first to try. I know teamwork is not high on some players priorities but if you look at the map and see a suitable ship pairing to yours going to the same area you want, go with. Adapt your actions to theirs, whether they be compliment or compensate will depend on what they do but it gives results.
  14. Bulge_survivor

    Help With Upgrades

    Me either was going to ask the self same question about the Cleveland upgrades.
  15. Bulge_survivor

    NAVAL tactics, defensive and offensive

    The best wows tactic I have found so far is not being alone, tack on to a battleship or strong cruiser. Then as teamwork cannot be expected from them apply your actions relatively. Multiple targets seems the biggest disadvantage to wows players as they seem unable to prioritise. DD attack BB, CA attack DD, and BB with due consideration, everything attack CV lol. Best of all is to move out from behind an island together but on opposite sides with the unfortunate between. Again it means being able to accept the fact that your willing to attack whatever the other ship does although I have found that after a few 'easy' kills the other ship does generally keep an eye as to your position/actions, even a rare 'what now?'. If they take little care with their choice of target then let them be the bait or worst option. Leave them to their fate, wasting 1 ship is bad. Letting yours go with it when you can see the situation is far worse.