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  1. N00b32

    WG and the Jutland event (or lack thereof one)

    Yes, yes. As mentioned before, that battle also got 100th.
  2. N00b32

    The idiots in this game are so decayed that...

    quoted post removed Did he at least sink him while firing backwards ?
  3. Or just don't reach it and Wargaming has to alter the deal again to reveal their secret. ;) Not that it would matter in any way any more. I guess they targeted their "next weekend" for another week and had to act. What special event is weekend in a week ?
  4. N00b32

    WG and the Jutland event (or lack thereof one)

    Did Wargaming already exist in 2005 ?
  5. N00b32

    WG and the Jutland event (or lack thereof one)

    At this point I would be content with an imperial german flag. I guess they couldn't include it in the Jutland flag because according to Wargaming it is forbidden (not the nazi flag, the imperial german flag) .... -.- The amazing layers of amazingness of the Jutland flag and everything around it gets really amazing.
  6. N00b32

    WG and the Jutland event (or lack thereof one)

    I wish now I could see into the future and know what they will do next year in WoWs with the october revolution and the Aurora.
  7. N00b32

    WG and the Jutland event (or lack thereof one)

    Come on, it is the 100th anniversary. We will not get another 100th anniversary of a large naval battle for another 28 years. And certainly not Trafalgar for an even longer time. edit: Just imagine this would be the 100th Pearl Harbour. We would be celebrating a month. This is really some attitude shown here ...
  8. N00b32

    Nerf DDs and Fix MM

    Quick, let's dump one in the thread without arguments.
  9. N00b32

    saipan should have 6torpedo plane squad option

    too much multitasking ?
  10. N00b32

    Nerf DDs and Fix MM

    I kind of understand it and kind of don't. Mainly because torpedo belt is already in the game and the Yamato has a decend one. There are somehow too many DDs in the game, yet I do not think torpedoes are OP. It is just the result of many many DDs. Much like 6 BBs per side when cruisers get citadeled from all angles. I also do not think Shimakaze is the problem.
  11. N00b32

    New languages

    Some germans are some real [] in this game. Around the time the Tirpitz got first sold, I actually feared they would create a siemka reputation.
  12. N00b32

    MM for t7 ships and japs are useless

    It does not matter. If you show you citadel you will also die in upper tier. You can of course drop back to T V, where everything overpenetrates and thus you get less damage. But at some point big bad battleships guns will do damage and you have to find solutions to not get shot at.
  13. N00b32

    New languages

    Even in the english version there are still russian ( I presume) fragments.
  14. N00b32

    Some interesting info around the world

    The game needs more british flags on ships. (Someone had to make this comment). Other than that I believe we will see enough cruiser and destroyer lines of all kinds of nations Wargaming tries to capitalize.
  15. N00b32

    MM for t7 ships and japs are useless

    could you .... explain ... with concrete situations ? Are the days or arguing over ? Now the angry days start ?