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  1. UPSF_Soyokaze

    Why do I have to use my BB to go Destroyer hunting? Help pls!

    As a BB I've had games where I had to kill all the enemy destroyers myself (3-4) at tier 5, it's pretty easy to 1 shot them, but it's annoying to have to constantly switch ammo type to deal with them. It's pretty sad that so many cruisers don't know how to do their job.
  2. UPSF_Soyokaze

    About RNG

    Completely different games, different weapons, different ranges and different aiming mechanics, not comparable in any way. But CS:GO has plenty of RNG. Recoil in CS:GO is based partly on an underlying recoil pattern, while the actual deviation of each shot from the recoil pattern is COMPLETELY RNG. Not to mention hit registration has been complained about for ages. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwLx9t1wQR4 , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COyvjnQf5UE ) There are plenty of perfect shots that miss completely, whether by RNG or by the game's poor method of calculating hits. I've been playing CS games for over 10 years, it's a great game that I still play more than WoWs, but WoWs and CS are completely different types of games, it would be a waste of time to try and make WoWs emulate CS:GO in any way.
  3. UPSF_Soyokaze

    High tier premium unit policy. Yay or nay?

    They don't care about my problem? What problem do I have for them to not care about? I don't have any problems. They are completely vague enough, because they are subjective. If you don't feel like being responsible enough to clearly define your own questions, then fine, I will spell it out for you: A new player is someone who has just installed the game. An experienced player, is someone who has experienced one single match against other players. That is my individual subjective view of "new" and "experienced" Taking that into account: yes, the difference between those questions is negligible, and therefore redundant. I actually enjoy that, FYI.
  4. UPSF_Soyokaze

    High tier premium unit policy. Yay or nay?

    Please don't twist my words, that's dishonest I said: "From the first 2 questions alone, 50% of voters either think that anyone of any tier should be able to buy a ship of any tier from any class, or just don't care." etc. To support my claim: "Looking at the poll results, people don't generally care about the OP's perceived problem very much." It was never my intention to point out that anyone other than my self was in favour of no restrictions, my point was that people do not care; about your problem, or your solution for that matter. Figment, on 04 September 2015 - 11:00 AM, said: You are deliberately misinterpreting statistics in your personal favour. The don't care side wouldn't mind restrictions, because they simply don't care whether they would be there or not. I didn't add them to my part of the numbers, but I could just as easily as you do that, neutral votes are simply neutral. You're being dishonest. My personal favour is no restrictions, but as I have stated: that is not what the stats I represented are for. People that answered against restrictions, clearly don't care about your problem. People that answered "Don't care" to the presented issues, clearly don't care about the presented issues or their possible solutions. You are very quick to throw mud at everyone disagreeing with you, quite funny for someone so quick to complain about "bullying". Figment, on 04 September 2015 - 11:00 AM, said: You ignore people's preferences altogether. It's quite clear that there's a big difference in what people want to allow for experienced players vs what people want to allow for new players. Yes, I am going to continue to ignore those questions completely, because they are useless. The terms "New" and "Experienced" are vague and subjective terms, that will be interpreted differently by every person answering the poll; because they are never given a clear or exact definition in the first post. This makes comparing them worthless, because new and experience could mean anything depending on the point of view of the user.
  5. UPSF_Soyokaze

    High tier premium unit policy. Yay or nay?

    Yes, conveniently structured questions that fragment the votes quite nicely. From the first 2 questions alone, 50% of voters either think that anyone of any tier should be able to buy a ship of any tier from any class, or just don't care. While 67.66% of voters are either against having a min. number of battles restriction or just don't care.
  6. UPSF_Soyokaze

    High tier premium unit policy. Yay or nay?

    Hi, I voted against restrictions for every option, because they would be silly. Looking at the poll results, people don't generally care about the OP's perceived problem very much.
  7. UPSF_Soyokaze

    No more Mods after Patch 4.1 ?

    Please tell me how this is possible in the game with a mod? How do you know it was a mod? What mod did he use? Did you get it and test it? You have no basis for your assumption. Sure 1 shot from over max range, super dodgy, right? but what does you getting killed by a cheater have to do with mods? what does that have to do with the files being compressed and encrypted? Just because there was a hacker, doesn't mean he was using a mod, unless you can point out what mod he was using. And if he wasn't using some mod, then encrypting the game files isn't going to effect this hacker at all.
  8. But I've already gotten out the pitchfork and tar :/
  9. That would suck :c and be about as useless as not having any at all. The only reason I'm here, like mentioned by ZaMpaFansub, is the 20.3cm mods. Nothing like that could ever be done if mods were put into a shop or made server side, because of legal reasons. Edit: Banzai!!~
  10. We got a badass in here :o Why are you even in this thread again?
  11. I don't see how having my UI heavily customised and all my ships reskinned to look awesome doesn't count as 'content', it's something someone went through effort to create. But none the less, mods do not keep communities alive only by adding new content. Entire communities can form around even just the process of skin and UI customisation of a game. Hell, in multiplayer games such as Tribes: vengeance, and Attack on Titan the game; even the anti-cheat was a user-made mod. Yes, utility mods such as anti-cheat, 'new content' mods and game mode changers don't apply to WoWs. I think skinning is extremely important and would vastly extend the lifespan, but maybe that's just me. But UI? The default UI (which is what I use) is bad, it's not only me saying that, in thise same general discussion there are threads about draws and how much they suck, some of these people complain that the timer is too small and not noticeable, there's also a thread complaining about the use of Km instead of NM, and another thread about the use of mm instead of inches. Modding could help with all of these things, so I don't see how the potential to meet the personal preferences of all the players doesn't help keep the game alive. I am very ignorant of modding in WoT, I played it for a short time, and never used or looked at any mods. But so far on this thread the unfair mods I have heard of have been a foliage removal mod, and a mod that tells you where the enemy is when they run over/break a map entity. There are none of these things on the ocean, so if you could explain how any of this applies to WoWs then that would be great. Yes you're right, and I don't think it's worth it, people with malicious intent will find away around this kind of solution, but modders that just want to make simple game improvements and don't want to go through long processes of approval or don't have the knowledge to get around it will be hindered.
  12. UPSF_Soyokaze

    Draws.. Sigh.

    You failed to complete any of the objectives. Both domination and the standard battle have base cap as a primary objective and also have annihilation as a primary objective, those are the only objective in all game modes, and have equal importance. In your example, your team completely failed at both objectives. Clearly you defended with more ships than needed and were punished for it. Maybe if those two ships which had about the same amount of points as the phoenix that ran away and did nothing, had gone and sat on the enemy base instead of running in circles and not damaging anything anway, you could have won.