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  1. Bear_Necessities

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    As many as I can find!
  2. Bear_Necessities

    The Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

    Tier 3-5 are god awful for anyone expect Unicum sealclubbers. I know. I was one for a bit. Then I stopped. I stopped coz it’s broken as . It’s as simple as that.
  3. Bear_Necessities

    Idiots tier 10 players

    He didn’t make a post about wanting help or advice. He made a post blaming everyone but him. Even though it’s clear he’s the problem he’s complaining about.
  4. Bear_Necessities

    Idiots tier 10 players

    But, you’re one of them...
  5. Bear_Necessities

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    They will be free silver tech ships.... Just coz you don't have the patience to wait for the full release.
  6. Bear_Necessities

    Smolensk Not OP

    Smolensk is NOT OP. It's broken, not OP. People really need to learn the difference.
  7. Bear_Necessities

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Hey! I’ve been in surface ships also!!
  8. Bear_Necessities

    Anyone been playing audacious the past month?

    RNG is a fickle thing for us all. I can’t seem to land any AP bombs with Enterprise on my current stretch of games.
  9. Bear_Necessities

    Anyone been playing audacious the past month?

    The DB’s are pretty good against cruisers also. Especially ones that think they can stay safe behind islands. Taking 10k of a DM, starting fires and then going back again is no joke. Might not be as punishing as AP DB’s but that ship will still going down in pain. And that wide rocket spread? Great at resetting caps.
  10. Bear_Necessities

    Anyone been playing audacious the past month?

    Audacious is solid and reliable. Rockets are very good against DD’s. Just lacks immediate impact that Haku has the potential to unleash.
  11. Bear_Necessities

    Kremlin AA nerf

    With Zaos. Smolensks, a new and improved Hindy, Conq and Thunderer. It doesn’t need team work. It’ll happen naturally. All the CV needs to do now is just ignore it till mid/late game and the only BB that had a decent fight against CV’s is a sitting duck. Especially to Hakuryu with its devasting AP DB’s and torps.
  12. Bear_Necessities

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Today was a Royal Navy kinda day (mostly) and was fun for once, even playing mostly solo felt good. Devonshire provided one moment of wonder. 1st salvo of that game, and nearly 1 shot a furrytaco, but got 1 overpen instead of 6 cits. Had a nice solid Kremlin game also. Tanked 1.3 mil and never even needed to use heal as the damage taken boosts the AR. Slapping other BB's and a Stalingrad for minimal return as they could not get past the armour. Stupidly broken ship.
  13. Bear_Necessities

    Nikolay Kuznetsov

    Most broken captain in the game. Coz Russia of course.
  14. Bear_Necessities

    Kremlin AA nerf

    So, the Kremlin AA nerf is actually quite brutal lol. I mean, it's only a nerf if a CV is in a game, but if it is, well.... It's now worth it to spam HE more at a Kremlin early and for CV's to attack them late game as by then, your AA is none existent. This game shot shows that by this stage in the game I had almost NO AA left. And that was without any focus from the CV. Soon after, the CV had free runs on me and whittled me to death. I mean, it's not what I would have nerfed, but WG show yet again they can only hammer stuff rather than refine actual issues. Pretty much every CV game went the same. AA taken away, quick and early with almost none left when it comes to mid late game. So, it's actually another Buff for T8/10 CV's.... like they needed another buff.
  15. Bear_Necessities

    If Kremlin is so OP

    Or. Try git gud. You are the only consistent factor. The ship itself is great. Best T10 silver BB in the game.