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  1. Bear_Necessities

    WG it's a time to think about your game because it is unplayable !!

    we've been carrying for a year or 2 now
  2. Bear_Necessities

    WG it's a time to think about your game because it is unplayable !!

    @Mr_Tayto & @Roisbheinnapparently our 3 man divisions can't carry I mean, these runs of our must be lies after all
  3. Bear_Necessities

    Some more CV stuff

    I hate you right now. Go back to China
  4. Bear_Necessities

    High tier German destroyers

    Goats are WAY cheaper... not that I would know........ next!
  5. Bear_Necessities

    where is this player base heading to...?

    Bad runs happen. All the time. Frankly I've not noticed a massive change in the last year or so. I've got 2 accounts. Had a wee blip on my main, but overall improved. Not having any issues on my second account, also on the main server. Just RNG of teams and times of day. WG are not out to get us.
  6. Bear_Necessities

    High tier German destroyers

    For me the T9 Z-46 is a blessing of a ship. It's the T10 I sometimes struggle to get the most out of. But every line normally has a bogey ship.
  7. Bear_Necessities

    WINRATE upgrade

    Be careful chaps, we wouldn't to be called "Elitist" now would we
  8. Bear_Necessities

    High tier German destroyers

    Personally I feel they are fine. In high tiers they are great at punishing mistakes made by other DD's, great at cap contesting and control. That good torp reload means they are a constant threat to capital ships.
  9. Bear_Necessities

    buff midways flooding chance and torp damage

    You think WG can bring balance to the game? I pretty sure this is all that happens in WG HQ when it gets bad.
  10. Bear_Necessities

    WG. How to teach players about ship, game and consumables mechanics

    Normally I’d agree with you to a point. But maybe just due to RNG these three players never KNEW about these mechanics. Why would they search for something they never knew existed? They thought that they had grasped the basics as WG certainly don’t have an in game system of pointing out they haven’t and they had been progressing ok for new players. 2 of the 3 did say that they would now research the lines they want and look up some of the YouTube recommendations. One said they would maybe use the forums when he felt he would not get insulted like the way my team did to him in chat. It was very harsh and salty against a new player in low tier. So these 3 are willing to now learn as they got burned by in game mechanics that are not really explained in game.
  11. Bear_Necessities

    WG. How to teach players about ship, game and consumables mechanics

    I imagine that would cause quite a drop. Hell if I add mine to the list... And I’m a lot less salty now than I used to be.
  12. Bear_Necessities

    Charles Martell

    Just one of those thing that when upteird (constantly) felt made it stinger. No scientific proof. I also used demo expert a lot. But IFHE on Henri is a yes.
  13. Bear_Necessities

    Charles Martell

    Kite, flank, speed is key and IFHE.
  14. Bear_Necessities

    WG. How to teach players about ship, game and consumables mechanics

    Last one was a new player going down the RN line. So only a few games in his new Leander. Got really confused as he didn’t understand spotting mechanics. Which at T6 I understand.
  15. First thing off the bat. This is not a rant at any player or players. I need to make that crystal clear. Now, onto my point. 3 games tonight. 3 separate question from 3 separate players who didn’t know or understand what ship mechanics they had or their opponents had. 1st example. Cleveland player who honestly did not know his ship had a radar consumable. It was his first game in his new ship. Never played a T8 game in any other line. Never knew Cleveland had a radar. How had he been allowed to get to that point? It wasn’t his fault, it would be easy to blame him and call him a noob. But that would be wrong. When there was a lull mid game he asked where to find info on that. Clearly there is a gap missing in, in game communication for new players. 2nd example, T10 DM didn’t know if Asashio torps could hit him. Again, he admitted with grace that he’s still kinda new. Second T10 but has only come across an Asashio once before didn’t know about DW torps. Why would he? He doesn’t have one. Said he doesn’t play DD’s. So where in port which as far as this player ever goes does he get that info?? 3rd example. Player who didn’t understand that he can be spotted on smoke when a ship gets close enough. T6 game. Again newish player. Never had anything explained to him in game about the finer points of smoke use and pros and cons. Myself and a few player recommended CC channels on YouTube and the mechanic videos on the WG main site but they never knew or noticed they are there. Please WG. Help the newbs. Make the links real big and real obvious. Anyone got any other suggestions to help new players find out about how the game works?