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  1. Bear_Necessities

    Hakuryu - order for upgrades?

    There are for instance very few ships that counter the large imbalance of say, Kremlin. Haku does it easily. That is just one way it shows it’s strengths.
  2. Bear_Necessities

    Hakuryu - order for upgrades?

    Haku is amazing.
  3. Bear_Necessities

    Community hate and racism against CVs

    Just wow.... Just. Wow. Comparing playing pixels on a screen to F GENOCIDE. Ohhhhh and btw the. 6 compliments for me in this gem.
  4. Bear_Necessities

    This CB season in a nutshell

    You don’t need all those guns firing if you’re playing correctly as a team. That’s where cruiser support comes in. Meaning you just disengage and keep the spotting going. I see no reason to take lightning over Cossack. Again. I say this as a DD player who loves both of them.
  5. Bear_Necessities

    This CB season in a nutshell

    He’s not the only one grinning about that
  6. Bear_Necessities

    This CB season in a nutshell

    Cossack has more HP and harder hitting guns, and that HP really makes the difference in match survivability. Lighting may have more torps but as hydro is also a factor and radar Cossacks fast rearming torps negate it. Both have the good and plentiful RN smoke to disengage when not radar/hydro’d and and both have great stealth only beaten by Kagero and Asashio. Cossack for CW is stronger. I say this as a very competent player of both DD’s. Both however can’t win a gun fight 1v1 against an Aki. Can be run down by Kiev. Out hydro’d by LoYang and Z. Lack the heal of Kidd. Its a very versatile DD that fits all team set ups.
  7. Bear_Necessities

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    My Black seems cursed this season. Bar that, it's going surprisingly well... almost too well....
  8. Bear_Necessities

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I dared to try ranked again today. Aim, 3 wins to R7. Kitakaze has entered the game 3 wins in a row. 2 kills each game. A cap each game. Top each game. Well done Kitty, have a well earned rest in port tonight.
  9. Bear_Necessities

    2750 base xp.

    Pic 1. I managed over 2750 base xp just yesterday. Pic 2. It's not the 1st time iv'e done it, pic 2 is my highest however. 2750 base exp is do-able if you have a brain.
  10. Bear_Necessities

    2750 base xp.

    Well I managed this yesterday And this is my record so far, don't know what it is in base exp.
  11. Bear_Necessities

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    3rd ever Solo Warrior and what a Solo Warrior it was. I even got 6 compliments as a CV (replay link if anyone is interested) https://replayswows.com/replay/60053#statsBear_Necessities Bear_Necessities
  12. Bear_Necessities

    Premium Shop in August: Ships for Ranked Battles

    Well as the prem shop seems to be broken, won't be buying anything comrades.
  13. Bear_Necessities

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Had one of those today myself.... I mean, I was just warming up and poof... game over.
  14. The answer is yes. Because even with CV's now being "easier" the player base mostly still potatos them.
  15. Bear_Necessities

    So whats the next step regarding CVs ?

    Up against T10's, solo. At no point did I feel I did not contribute to this win. While the damage may not look great, I stuck it were it counted. Radar DD pushing our 2 DD's in the middle, not on my watch. Vladivostock bow camping a corner and being difficult to move away? Not on my watch. Torp that stationary SoB out of his little hole so everyone else can smack him Gearing thinking he can sneak the flank? Not on my watch. Got him spotted, forced him into smoke, forced him to dam con, let the Moskva do the rest. That and 100k spotting damage in a game with a storm rolling through, aiding my team to know where everything is. And when it's top tier or even mid tier.... (yes, that's 2 krakens and 11 kills combined, even a cap)