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  1. Bear__Necessities

    Gvozdika returns.... a returnee's view of gameplay....

    Ohhh boi. Wait till you realise how these 2 combine soon...
  2. Bear__Necessities

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    My issues isn't that it has radar. It's that it's a ship that NEVER existed with radar. Royal Navy battle ships had radar and torps. Yet get neither? In fact the Royal Navy have the only battleship as recording a torpedo hit on another ship. Yet? Paper BB's left and and right get consumables actual ships that existed don't get and don't get in game either. (Though it doesn't surprise me a RU BB gets a radar over other nations) Also, how many RU premiums are there in game now compared to nations that actually had real and considerable sized navies?? It's not. Might be unfun a lot of the time. But it isn't impossible to play DD even in the CV meta by any stretch of the imagination.
  3. Bear__Necessities

    How would you define "carry".

  4. Bear__Necessities

    How would you define "carry".

    I make my own luck :P
  5. Bear__Necessities

    ships Radar

    God forbid players learn some skill.....
  6. Bear__Necessities

    How would you define "carry".

    Hummm so people opinions vary. I'd call some of these carries without question. What's consistent is being able to influence a game positively in all situations you put yourself in and make the correct calls that can be the win or lose a game.
  7. Bear__Necessities

    How would you define "carry".

    I'd say where there is a clear and obvious gap in base exp. Damage and kills like this. Or where you've made the smart play that secures a game where others have almost cost it.
  8. Bear__Necessities

    Place your bet.

    So. 10.7 We shall see. I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Bear__Necessities

    Place your bet.

    So, it's been over a month and the torpedo bug/glitch/balancing feature is still very much in place. So, how long do we think WG will take to fix it? My bet is at least another 3 months. Yours fellow players??? Good job this wasn't a deciding factor this game, like it is many other times. Because frankly the state of the game is getting worse and a lot of it? Preventable. Any time frame @Crysantos @MrConway @YabbaCoe??? Or will it be there for the world to see next KotS?
  10. Bear__Necessities

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Bottom tier in all but 1 Farragut game. Don't tell me its suddenly impossible to not do well. I'll take a 57% WR today with the state of some of the teams I had, the power creep, and gimmick killing currently going on in this game.
  11. The fun is being sucked from this game patch by patch. Just played a miserable game, hunted by planes. Spotted by radar and hit by torps. All from 3 different BB's.
  12. Bear__Necessities

    This is beyond ridiculous and not even fun

    So why do I have a free account where I play pretty much solo and hit just under 70% WR? This thread needs put down like the waste of whine it is.
  13. Bear__Necessities

    Two fires from 52 Thunderer HE shell hits

    I think you might be the only one here unhappy that you didn't set millions of fires for once.
  14. Bear__Necessities

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    1ST game in it. In fact first game in any CV for a while. Don't ever change from being the Mos Eisley of WG EU server.