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  1. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    Things may change, but in short. Air spotting will be halfed. But, and it's a big but, if you turn your AA on you will be spotted your full AA detection range. For 20 seconds. So the choice will be AA off and stay hidden or chance AA if you are AA spec or desperate but you will then be perma lit for the CV for 20 seconds. So for a CV like Enterprise with a 3KM rocket turning circle.... NO getting unspotted, at all. This will also cause misery for ANY DD that forgets it's AA is on, coz there will be NO hiding after that.
  2. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    Not anymore, they are changing the mechanic on AA spotting now. Coz god forbid DD's had a sneak attack option....
  3. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    You really really don't want to meet me in Enterprise while your in only a Cleveland.... trust me.
  4. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    Does not matter what cruiser. An Enterprise can solo vs any T8-10 cruiser.
  5. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    So in summary WG don't like players finding way of ruining another players game and sharing said tactic which is 100% legitimate and within the bounds of the games rules, even though the other player plays at class that ruins EVERYONES game..... cool Not like WG have form for this ie warning the same clan for playing 899....
  6. Bear__Necessities

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    10 minute kraken
  7. Bear__Necessities

    CV mains, help needed

    *Laughs in Audacious and Enterprise*
  8. Bear__Necessities

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    If there was ever a time to be in CV. It will be when that monstrosity is released...
  9. Bear__Necessities


    I see this topic lasting long......
  10. Bear__Necessities

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    This..... Leads to this.... And there was this peach also.... humping the 1 line thinking it will magically achieve something... it didn't.... So many clueless useless players. So many. It's not a hard game.... in the slightest. I actually detest most of the player base.
  11. Bear__Necessities

    So is Richthoffen worth the grind?

    For when you wanna get 3 close quarter kills yes :P
  12. Bear__Necessities

    the "carry harder!" thread

  13. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    A few things. That Enterprise being as powerful as it is sets a bar that is now unattainable by any other future T8 CV to come out or that is currently out. This leads to several issues. Mainly that actually balanced CV's (Parseval and Implacable) are now just not worth the pick to play unless grinding to the T10's, which are respectable in comparison to all the other T10's. This mean that those who do not have Enterprise will be in a state of constant envy (not all) and those that do have it? Why play anything else unless its for a bit of fun?? I mean.... I have a T8 that can can openly obliterate equal and lower tier games and more than handle itself in T10. Why would I ever play any of the other T8's again? Especially say Parseval that struggles so much up-tiered. WG have put themselves into a corner where no future CV will match Enterprise and no new CV will be played anywhere near the same level as those with Enterprise, or even the likes of Shokaku which is the next strongest.
  14. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    Meh. It’s just meh. When it’s top tier it doesn’t have any issues. When it’s isn’t. That’s when it’s real weakness starts to show. It’s planes get downed so fast. Even with careful management it suffers. And not having any real DoT strike force shows. (Flooding chance on torps is super low it seems). That and with the other CV’s being able to clean up valuable targets such as DD’s easier and this CV not being able to do that you lose influence. Apparently the T10 is a monster so I’ll keep grinding. (side note. Spec’ing for secondaries is quite funny when they don’t expect it, caught many a DD and cruiser of gaurs with that. Even another CV that tried to rush me late game)
  15. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    Won’t matter What he Has to say or what his opinion Is as nobody will have gathered “EnOuGh GaMeS fOr SaMpLe SiZeS” according to some.