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  1. Bear__Necessities

    General CV related discussions.

    And I find it annoying that people chose to play an online multiplayer game and can't be bothered to learn and get good at it.
  2. Bear__Necessities

    Sunday night teams

  3. Bear__Necessities

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Played so much cruiser recently and not really touched CV's thought I might be a bit rusty... All I can say to my opponents
  4. They can make a "Just Dodge" one for DD's. For any DD who lives past the 1st strike from CV rocket squads.
  5. Bear__Necessities


    It's a disgustingly broken ship that gets more broken the better the player. Really is a simple as that.
  6. Bear__Necessities


  7. Bear__Necessities

    Why Does The IZMAIL Get Shafted?

    Heaven forbid it should have a weakness to CV, considering it's downright the strongest BB in it's tier.
  8. Bear__Necessities

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It's bloody hard work getting win in randoms currently. But Moskva is a solid performer that doesn't let me down.
  9. Bear__Necessities

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    I feel ya. I managed 2 games, 2 whole games before going nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and logging off, Stay on the discord though buddy
  10. Bear__Necessities

    The best looking ship ?

    Majestic Big E or Sexy sunlit Abruzzi
  11. Bear__Necessities

    Please remove the Ocean map

    Best map in the game. Actually requires you to have skill. There should be more of it in rotation.
  12. Bear__Necessities

    Blessing or a curse....

    I see you're lacking a sense of humour today.
  13. Bear__Necessities

    Blessing or a curse....

  14. Bear__Necessities

    Blessing or a curse....

    I'm stuck at home for 12 weeks..... Bets on what will drive me crazy 1st. The increase in potato teams and players or cabin fever??
  15. Bear__Necessities

    Mountain Range is a terrible map for ranked this season

    Sorry, I misread your intention and currently I'm a grumpy sod trapped in mu house for 3 months. I do apologise.