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  1. So the fact the main weapon on a DD, the torpedo, has been made useless as ships can easily turn into and avoid them is not a DD nerf? Please, be sensible.
  2. Warwolf1969

    Collection of ship statistics and some computations

    i have two things to say to this. 1: Well done, so cool. 2: Dude, don't you have a life or something, this must have taken ages to sort out.
  3. Warwolf1969

    afk players all over again

    have to totally agree simonmd, even if the MM has put out a bad mix at least go for it. You can get, and I've been involved in battles where this has happened, a win with the supposed rubbish side on the MM. If your team works well, and has enough skill you can over come the discrepancy in tiers. The swing is not enough to make it an automatic defeat if your side is on the lower tier.
  4. Warwolf1969

    OMG its the kill all teams

    it's a matter of judging the situation. If the only enemy ship is the other side of the map and there's only 3-4 min then cap, get the victory. if you're in battered ships and the remaining enemy is undamaged then cap, get the victory. However if the remaining enemy is nearby, and you can easily sink them, then go for it. You still get the victory plus you get extra xp for the damage to the enemy.
  5. Warwolf1969

    Two Brothers.

    it happens, you get times when the same map turns up repeatedly. In the CBT one week I played the Ocean map 60%+ of my battles. Then it nearly vanished, just as I got the Fuso and could do well on it. Sh*t happens.
  6. Warwolf1969

    I [edited] hate destroyers.

    Before anyone gets up in arms I'm not saying nerf them or anything. Just a quick rant as in the last two days I've had my nice shiny battleships destroyed by a sneaky little bugger in and destroyer on five occasions. They seem to be magnetically attracted to me or something as they make a bee line straight for me. They're almost impossible to hit with a BBs main guns, secondary missed more than it hits. And the buggers then pump torpedoes out by the bucket load at you. Grrr, hate them, hate them. Worst thing is I'm a terrible destroyer captain, have never been able to do well with them, even more hatred now.
  7. Warwolf1969

    CVs in Clan Wars

    Talking about CWs this early is frankly a bit of a waste of time. There's a lot that needs sorting before they can even consider CW in WoWs.
  8. Warwolf1969

    Kawachi Gun Fire Control Typo

    You have to buy the extra hull first. The 1200 cost is to what it costs once you have the second hull. Not the cost from the base ship.
  9. Warwolf1969

    Wipe confirmed June 26th....

    if it is a case of giving the beta testers a week to work up the tiers that's ok by me. It'll help avoid the old seal clubbing effect of having experienced players in the same matches and noobs. I just hope they've fixed the sound problems in the public 4.0 test, cos it was terrible.
  10. Warwolf1969

    North map, why go round the big island

    But it takes you out of the battle for up to 5 minutes.
  11. Warwolf1969

    North map, why go round the big island

    lol i knew there had to be a reason for it.
  12. Warwolf1969

    North map, why go round the big island

    Could people explain to me why in the North map they keep heading around that big [edited]island to the west of the map. All it does is take you out of the fight for up to 5 min while you sail around it. Ignore it, if the enemy go round it let them. Focus on the few enemy ships who don't herd round it and kill them. Then your whole team can turn and destroy the half of the other team who took that long trip round. or am I missing some strange draw for this long trip.
  13. Warwolf1969

    Suggestion for the Dead

    As I never stay in a game once I'm dead it's a no from me, waste of time. Leave the battle and go play on another ship.
  14. Warwolf1969

    Public test 0.4.0 Other changes

    the sound is very tinny, and it cuts out too often. Especially when firing as if the system can't manage the change. It's off putting to say the least.
  15. Warwolf1969

    Public test 0.4.0 Map changes

    I like the change to North. Splitting the big island to the west into two allows for a better game. The removal of the land border on New Dawn is good as well, clears up the map and allows for more tactics and game play.