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  1. TurkTheThracian

    [PNTHR] Gathering Players for Clan Battles.

    We manage to crate a regular alpha team for now, but still searching for clan mates for; -Improve Alpha squad -Have more depth and options -Possible Bravo team contrubition (its possible for now but we never get enough online simultaneously to run both teams) We have players at every skill/experience level and open for more, only requirement is have %50 win rate.
  2. [PNTHR] big black catz new born clan which created by people who has multinational clan experiences, played in tyhphoon level. We know everyone has a life and we respect that, so only we expect from an individual is willingness to attend clan battles. -discord activity non related to clan battles is not needed. -we dont want to shape your random experience so, no active div up expected from players. -attitude of trying to be better at team games. -grown up character, who can take critism and some unnecessary jokes. bullying eachother is our hobby. -%50+ win rate is enough. Only important thing is willing to attent clan battles and play in some serious mod, respect others etc. we dont care rest... https://discord.gg/9bYt4pj
  3. TurkTheThracian

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    i remember an article when wgc is first released, it says; in game rewards will be given to players who switched to wgc early. probably i am one of the first small percent switchers, so what will be the rewards for players like us? my computer have been your loyal test platform for long time btw; wgc not cause problems for my very out dated pc. but still i dont like it.
  4. TurkTheThracian

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    want to participate.. and thank you, its already become a tradition on forums.
  5. i just notice a strange thing; As many of you know, wargaming draw a giveaway in every full ahead video. last weeks conditions are simple! writing your opinion about 3 new maps, 3 favorite maps of you, subscribe the channel, like the video and leave your ign.. https://prnt.sc/p9wsof https://prnt.sc/p9wszn the guy that picked, doesnt have the conditions to enter giveaway.. youtube moderator probably over-lazy, and just pick someone randomly.. and did not checked the winners post before announcing the draw results. but after all the things above, they are not lazy to cencor it from reddit.. really funny.. and im asking; why i watch the full video? why i try to fill everycondition? if i write "can i get picked pls" could i get the reward? couldnt it be fair for everyone? can you stop peoples heads for asking questions? why im attending wargamings social media activities and help them to grown if they do not respect even their own channel moderation of people? i can ask so many questions, but only @MrConway or @Sub_Octavian could answer perhaps...
  6. TurkTheThracian

    [RESULTS] Weekend Event: Flying the Flags

    all flags counted or just showed ones on article? @Crysantos
  7. theese are correct.. i had more attempts to get in top 100, but i just realize that "not in division" thing.. that was unfortunate..
  8. result lists are online now, i checked it twice.. wargaming calculations incorrect for me at 3 categories.. im pretty sure of it!?!?!??????
  9. TurkTheThracian

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    i want to join lottery, please count me in the list
  10. TurkTheThracian

    Who will be able to afford new "Bourgogne" for 30.000 Steel?

    they will sell a premium campaign in new year event called "steel giants", you can check the dev blog. basicly they will sell steel which announced to be exclusive reward of skill. who pays, gets the ship.. thats it. nice move wg, changing your way 180 degrees in just 6 months... great!
  11. TurkTheThracian

    Daily Shipments

    my daily shipments section bugged. day counter didnt move yesterday. today is normal but i follow up everyone by 1 day behind. i log in everyday, you can check from logs. thanks. my report/praise counter also didnt reset at 02.11
  12. TurkTheThracian

    Sovereigns only for 0.7.09 then

    wg release this patch notes intentionally after first stage. they didnt tell the players, they have only 4 stages to collect Sovereigns. people tought they have a chance to get gallant and/or warspite in the long run. and they used their tokens for a little chance of getting ship mission. no one spend their sovereigns, if they know they cant get more. now you tell them, they have to play till death to get an event ship. wg should give that info at start. keeping away this information from the community is someway deception. making an entertaining event and setting up fair gifts cant be so hard wg.. you dont have to trick your players when giving away some gifts.. im complately disgusted with you this time.. bravo, no1 ethic.
  13. TurkTheThracian

    Türk Oyuncu Topluluğumuz İçin Önemli Bir Duyuru

    hazır kapanıyorken bende bir iki kelam edeyim.. zamanında çokça isyan etmişimdir bu forumlarda... eyyyy we ge he.. sen kimsin.. salak, yemin ediyorum gerizekalı bu cocuk.. bakınız butttonu nerde lan!!!! ben ve benim gibi bir takım insanlar zaten redditten takip ediyor oyunu, ama wgnin karar veren merci olarak Edited ki, her gün oyuna tek tük eklenen insanların kendine motivasyon bulduğu/sorularına cevap bulduğu/kendine clan bulduğu bu platformu kapatıyorsunuz.. cidden akla mantığa sığmıyor.. Edited sizi. bide portal falan yazmışlar amelelere bak, google translateden kopyala yapıştırıp portal yapıyordunuz kaç kere dedim bana verin böyle haberleri cevireyim bari diye.. siz kendi kafanıza sıkmıyorsunuz geliriniz hoş siz varolan topluluğa da bir şey yapamassınız.. anca en vizyonsuz halinizle 1 kişi dahi katılmasın diye bizi cezalandırıyorsunuz.. banada hoş blader alırsam 1 doblon benide Edited.. faydam yok zararım olmasın davaya.. sen kimi cezalandırıyorsun Edited.,,, iyisiyle kötüsüyle bu forum sürekli +1 playera hizmet etti, bu forumdan en çok faydalananlar yeni başlayanlardır.. ileri düzey kullanıcı değil.. bu sizin yaptığınızda Edited dahası değil. Bu post moderasyon ekibi tarafından, hakaret ve küfür sebebi ile değiştirilmiştir.