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  1. SmokyButtons

    Is it time to jump ships

    Thank you all for you honest opinions 🤘👍 Reading through them, and taking what WG have been doing with game the last year! I feel that WG is going the way EA level of greed, and exploiting the weaker of the player base, horrid physiologic tactic! And I am so proud that we a player base says no each time! 🤘👍 But WG keep trying to push it to she if they can, slip it by! And I refuse to support that, either with money or FTP, as that is also enabling them! So not renewing my subscription, and giving WoWs year long break, and see what WG direction is! Will say on last, you the community, are great, u whis the best of luck to you all
  2. SmokyButtons

    Is it time to jump ships

    Lol my first EA game to 😂😂🤘
  3. Short yes, and is probably going to play something else, keep a eye out if WG tirns away from going all EA, if not, there other games, goodbye and thank you for all the fish
  4. SmokyButtons

    Is it time to jump ships

    Is wondering is WG is going the way EA? And it is time stop playing? So the good memories are not ruined?
  5. SmokyButtons

    Save Random battle mode

    I hope some do, and yes my opinion will bias on my own experience, I all I know that so far 7 my freinds stopped playing, all with same reason, random sucks balls! I agree you can have some fun matches sometimes, but I feel they are getting further between them, and very far in high tier 🤔
  6. SmokyButtons

    Save Random battle mode

    You might be right 🤔😢 but I feel something has be done, the current state is no fun for anyone, good or bad players! And as find my self playing less and couse of it 😥
  7. SmokyButtons

    Save Random battle mode

    I have been feeling, and rapidly in last 6 monthe that random battle has more and frustrating and less fun especially in high tier! To the point ijust simply stopped playing, unless there are a special event like Halloween or ranked Sprint! I don't know the fix but, I think a good way be to reduce number of players, maybe to 7? Like the last ranked Sprint? That amazingly fun compared to random? The would as make it easier to a better MM, maybe even a limited skill based one? You fellow Sailor, Smokybuttons
  8. SmokyButtons

    What should WG focus on improveing first?

    We are at 61 votes, lets see if we can not pull it a 100! Invite your freinds tan clan mates to vote ??
  9. SmokyButtons

    What should WG focus on improveing first?

    We are doing good, lets see if we can't brig it to 100+ votes ;) remember to add any sugestions for next months poll! or you have a comment or question! Your Fellow Sailor SmokyButton!
  10. SmokyButtons

    WG focus poll

    We are doing good on the poll, but we need more votes ??? Let us as a community help WG by telling what we value ? Open for suggestions for next month's poll ??
  11. SmokyButtons

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Okay i agree the a “league” system would be far the best, but to that we have a number of players problem, as you yourself pointed out! but i do think we can make it work, if do some changes. First of reduce the number of players in a random match from 12 to 8, this will multiple good effects, one fewer players per match means the MM is going to have an easier time to find enough players, second each player is going to have a bigger impact on outcome, reinforcing the skill based MM effect! Thirth maps are going to be less crowed, and the stick your nose out and get blasted by 10 players at once is going to lessen! Do the Class Call system i suggested, where players can chose to que up in up to 4 ships, all off them having to be in different tier and class, so if you do all four, you end up with, one of each class and across 4 tiers. All this should be motivated by giving a reward for doing so, i suggest coal, 100 per ship cued this way, minimum 2 ships, max 4? if even a fraction of players use this option, 10-20%, it will greatly help the MM, and act as force multiplier on player numbers for the MM! And lastly the do a floating league, with 20 ranks, on a ship basis, so each ship has its own rating, and you gain or lose a rating based of you battle performance, how you rank among all players in the battle! So in a battle with 2 team of 8, you have a total of 16 players, when the battle end, the top 5 scoring players gain a rank, the bottom 5 lose one, and the middle 6 keep their current one! The matchmaker tries to use only players 6 rank spread (+/-5 rank), matching players “close” in skill level! There should be a per battle reward for reaching high tiers, extra credit,xp maybi coal??? If these systems are implemented together it should be possible to do skill based MM with current player numbers without a serious impact on cue time! and it would function a bit as an auto balance on ships that are a bit over or under powered Your fellow Sailor SmokyButtons If it is important to you that WG is working on improving what you care about, vote in this pole, and give numbers to you opinion! ;) https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/120667-what-should-wg-focus-on-improveing-first/
  12. SmokyButtons

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    You kinda marking my point for me, you are a pretty good player, and you, as most good players, think that having the low skilled players on your team/game is annoying, And the low skilled are not having much fun either! As i stated ??? probably to much, if we can not do full MM that separate by skill, Because of lacking number of players, then the hybrid, where ships are adjusted in tier, based of performance of the player, is a really good solution, that can done with current numbers! And has the added bonus of auto balance ships that are over or underpowered! And i do encourage people to vote in the WG focus poll, so we as a community can show WG what important to us! Maybe a nice moderator could even pin it??? ????
  13. SmokyButtons

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I agree MM sucks as is, and that sorts for skill is the only way to go that makes any sense ? But if really what change, go vote in this poll, and spread it all you know, and have them vote to, So we can show WG, what we the players wants develop ??
  14. SmokyButtons

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    her is post so we can get idear how we split on what WG need focus on first ;)