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  1. More content for tier 2-4

    I completely agree, a lot players are to focused on "progress", instead of having fun, i personally really don't mind not having any progress, and just fun in the ships i have! though i would like use the higher tier ships i have, just to try new things, but the current match maker just make it more of chore to do, then fun, imo!
  2. More content for tier 2-4

    Lol easy fix then, lets just say, that us that prefer to play tier 2-4, are not ready for the big bad scary higher tiers, before a 1 tier match making, we are simply to noob, crap, srubs, and all around horrible at the game to cut it there! But until the time where there is a one tier match maker, which seems to a ways of, we would like a little more stuff to do, like operations, missions and events!
  3. More content for tier 2-4

    sadly i do agree that is probably their line of reason, i do not agree that the best way to make pll stick with the game, and spent money is "frustration" i spent all of what i have on this game while having fun in the low tier and we could ague to cow come home here us 2, and it would not change a thing, sadly!
  4. More content for tier 2-4

    well tier 10 would not really be a solution, i don't like winning if i am 2 tier ahead, of my opponent, kinda robs the joy out of winning if you start with an advantage! yarh, you are right when you say that the teams are balanced in that tiers of ships on each side, technical!! but being avg skilled player, and in the low tier, you quickly feel, well useless!! and i am just saying the is much less an issue, with one tier spread, hence 2-4! ;) and yes operations for tier 2-4 would be amazing!!
  5. More content for tier 2-4

    or you could be at bottom tier, and get completely and utterly annihilated, as they have skill and a huge tier advantage, i just feel that any game should have as even as possible playing field, it is not about wining or loosing to me, it about being given the about the chance as every one else, and letting pure skill decide, i hate just as much when i win just because i am 2 tier higher then my opponent, it's a hallow meaning less victory, if you opponent does have a fair chance! in recap, i find more enjoyment in a system that starts every one as even ground as possible, and then lets skills decide, win or lose, i will be happy! and that is why i find the one tier 2-4 more fun, i wish it was like all the way up, because i would rather let new players fight new players, but mhee what am i to do? regarding my low number of of high tier matches 7+, well if a game is not fun, i stop playing, since the sole purpose of a game is to be fun, and if it's not... mhee anything beyond is just falling into a skinner box or sunk cost fallacy for playing, have been down that road, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! ;)
  6. More content for tier 2-4

    I would much rather be playing the higher tier battles, just for me the current matchmaker is ruin the enjoying of the game, is that because i don't have the skills to play with the large disadvantage of being 2 tier behind, yarh it probably is, but i would guess that around 50% of players have the same problem, as they are as me below avg! And since it does seem like WG is going to go one tier spread, well ever! and for the 19 skill captain boats, yarh i see them some times, don't really think they are that hard to deal with, so i wounder how big advantage it is? i do agree that seal clubbing would be a problem, but as i said i would rather play higher tier given a better match making! ;)
  7. More content for tier 2-4

    you might be right, but the rest of the tiers are so broken, due to matchmaker, that an below avg player like me find no enjoyment, hence only playing tier 2-4! even if there are "rewards to be made in higher tier!
  8. More content for tier 2-4

    What about more content for tier 2-4 battles, Missions, challenges, Campaigns, and so on…. I more or less only play those tiers, well because, there the matchmaker is not broken, so matches feel much fun and fair, even if you at the bottom tier, you can make difference, without being a elite player So for us players that enjoy those tiers, I would like to see more content
  9. A way to use camo just for looks

    I know, but i wish i was core game function! :)
  10. A way to use camo just for looks

    A way to use camo just for looks I don’t know if it’s just me, but i wish there way to use camo schemes just for looks, you know as in many others games, once you have had an item, you are able to use the look of that item freely, ofc without any of the bonuses! :) So to recap, the ability to use any camo scheme you have “unlocked” for looks, while using another for bonuses!
  11. Enough is enough.

    LOL i like!! I rely can't see any good reason not to do the 1 spread MM!
  12. Why Aircraft Carriers feel unbalanced

    I am in the camp of replacing manual drops and strafe, with activated abilities inline with current consumables, and giving CV's unlimited amount of fighters, so that one player can't ever gain total air supremacy!
  13. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    I agree, Co-op would not help a thing!
  14. +T8 closed for BAD Players

    I think the main issue, is that WG Match making is not skilled based, and that a lot of ship have a to big skill floor to skill ceiling gab, that is especially a problem for the CV's
  15. Battleships are now obsolete

    I don't agree, played right a BB is huge contributor to a battle! Able to deal huge amount damage, tank huge amounts to if used right, giving the less durable ships,on your team, like cruiser an DD "room" to rely lay into the enemy! But i will say i do see a lot edge crawlers in BB, that don't help the team much! If you are having trouble with aircraft, try staying close to other ships with strong AA or groups multiple BB, to pool AA fire! This will make a much less inviting target, a solo BB in open waters, is a dead BB!