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  1. Korobirne

    Many 1/400 models

    Wow nice. With which materials are the ships built? I started build a "Scharnhorst" 1:400 with paper. But its really hard to handle all the very small paper parts and fold it right. If i get the endurance to finish it, would cost me 200 houres or more. The positive thing about it is I dont get bored while waiting for World of Warships.
  2. Korobirne

    Iowa battle ( game style)

    I use a 1k PC but with the graphics shown in this video. Forget it.
  3. Korobirne

    Iowa battle ( game style)

    bigsmoki233, on 11 November 2013 - 05:22 AM, said: Nice Video but i hope still this is the new ingame graphic for WoWS :honoring: I hope not. I like good graphics but at the moment i dont have enough money to spend it in a 5000 € gaming machine. If the ships have so much details like the tanks in WoT or the planes in WoWP im happy. Anyway a good game need a great gameplay, graphics shouldent be the primary target.
  4. Korobirne

    Iowa battle ( game style)

    The smoke is awesome, whole video is p*rn in my eyes :P
  5. Korobirne

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    The "Deutschland" on T4 get a place in my docks. Love this beautiful ship :honoring:
  6. Nice, another question from where get peoples like you all this informations?
  7. Its very impressiv to see the peoples in the gun, helps to imagine the awesome power of this big gus.
  8. Korobirne

    Pre-RADAR Ships Camouflage

    Thats exacty what i thought, thanks. The deck of the Zuikaku make it also harder to land for the own pilots i think if the camo really work.
  9. Korobirne

    Pre-RADAR Ships Camouflage

    Thanks for the exactly explanation about camo, but this doesnt really hit my question. I think the most ship camos got the objectif to dont get spotted as long as possible. The camo on the "La Gloire" (pic above) makes it easy to spot (i think). So i thought this camo make it really hard to estimate the distance.
  10. Korobirne


    Very interesting topic and thanks for the nice pictures and historical background.
  11. Korobirne

    Pre-RADAR Ships Camouflage

    What was the idea behind this camo? Make it harder for the enemy ship to treasure the range?
  12. Doberan, on 09 November 2013 - 09:11 AM, said: You're wrong, the (Richi) Richelieu really has a tower with four protected. nachlesen kannst du es ja hier: http://en.wikipedia....lass_battleship Got the same question, thank you very much.