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  1. Finally, the 200% is over. Now I can go back to winning.

    Oh for goodness sakes! How come nobody has said the immortal words ''Git gud''? Unbelievably bad levels of forum trolling I expect much better!
  2. Ships that need a buff

  3. Rituals before WoWs session

    Three games in and I'm very very drunk
  4. Ships that need a buff

    I support any buff to the Yubari Not that I'm biased or anything
  5. Rituals before WoWs session

    I always start the session in my Yubari, if I win I know I'm going to have a fairly good day, if I lose I cry
  6. Server Down?

  7. Code For Free Camo

    Thankyou for the freebie headsup, always appreciated Captain
  8. Decision - assistance required!

  9. Decision - assistance required!

    To be fair I'm not sure that it shouldn't be me calling you two lads, I'm nearly as old as Methusala
  10. Decision - assistance required!

    I know the ruddy feeling!
  11. Prices for signals in the arsenal need adjusting

    Agreed, ridiculous cost for flags and camos
  12. A good old fashioned rage moan

    OP living up to his namesake, you couldn't make it up
  13. A serious message to WG from a veteran / Divisions abuse

    After reading through the pages of comments this is the conclusion I have come to as well. It's not an exploit, it's a valid method of staying alive and winning the battle. I don't get it.