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  1. Really? We would never have known if you hadn't said that Mr My Post Count Will Soon Be More Than My Battles Played
  2. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    In your words....deal with it.
  3. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    Moderators shut this thread down, it has no value what so ever except to massage the ego and post count of the OP. It was going some where until the OP started on his usual track of insulting members of the forum of making it all about him.
  4. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    Good grief, talk about dumbing down. Just no, it's not needed or called for, yet again pandering to the whim of the odd few that moan about it, the rest of us just get on with it and learn not to do it. Ooooh it makes me really mad
  5. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Todays twitch! bonus code

    Thankyou Captain
  6. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    The mind-set of the 40-percenter

    Cheeky tosser!
  7. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    How to fix the game!

    Might I suggest that sticking to mid tiers might be more suitable to your game play, top tiers tend to do the whole tactical thing whereas mid tends to be a bit more fast paced. Just my two bobs worth Captain as I hate to see people not enjoying the game
  8. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Bots (Real bots?)

    To be fair as nobody seems to be admitting that there is a scam going on with the recruitment referral scheme it seems right to highlight it.
  9. It would seem that someone had a pet project that they couldn't let go of when they realised it was actually a pants idea. Customers say no, company says yes. Pushing something through which will spoil the game to the detriment of the company is ridiculous, but the company has a record of doing just that. I'm guessing as all the other debacles are now forgotten by the company there is no mistake. 40 ruddy pages nearly of the playerbase saying please don't introduce this and they get the brush off. Bad customer feedback response.
  10. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Time to move on

    I often wonder at the need to vent about the game, I left WOT without a backward glance, it doesn't matter just move on. To be fair OP you just leave yourself open to abuse moaning about the game, we all know it sucks in various departments but it's the only decent game of its type. Don't worry if I have picked up on anything on these forums it's the fact when something else comes along to replace it WOWS will die off.......until then.
  11. You can find those here:


    Hey, get the LootBoy app! Game bundles and daily wins... that is the link most of the times it is crap, but sometimes a bonus code for WOT or WoWS, (hardly ever!!) most of the time it is an invite code for WOT/WoWS

    clicking through the comics will get you 350 lootcoins and you get one draw for free you can click through all the comics to collect coins every friday there will be a new, you can shred cards for 100 coins and or usee them)



    1. SirBlemmingtonSmythe


      Thanks for the reply, I have the lootboy app but I have my genre set to simulation and no platform in my preferences, just wondered what you had yours set at.  :)



    2. DutchDelightsNL


      does not make a difference I believe only if you take the premium


    3. SirBlemmingtonSmythe
  12. Grumpy old man who tries his hardest to be nice to people but, fails most of the time.  When I say old, I mean Methuselah type of old too, nearly bloody pensionable age :Smile-_tongue:  My latest selfie, be nice!