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  1. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    mODS !

    I've tried both and currently running 'Vanilla', but let's face it, it doesn't matter how many of these mods you have installed, if you are a cr*p player you are still going to be ruddy useless. Not worth getting upset about it, WoWs allows it, it's legal, crack on.
  2. I'm not sure really, I had two supercontainers right next to themselves, in one I got 50 flags of some sort (I didn't screenshoot it ) and the other I got Gallant, which I did. Either way I'm more than happy with it. Got to love a free boat. Anyhoo the chances of two SC's right after each other is astounding, I didn't even know anything about the 'giveaway' until now so you can imagine my surprise at this thread and the incident itself. Oh and I never press the Super Container button it is always resources.
  3. Just loads of stuff I already have, admittedly free and appreciated but no boats at all, cry me a river huh?
  4. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Thanks for the ARP ships! :D

    True enough matey, they've dumbed down the game enough now so they may as well give the boats away for next to no work at all. Makes the Puerto Rico grind for one boat look pretty screwed up though.
  5. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Thanks for the ARP ships! :D

    Well I'm a bit p*ssed off really, waste of time having them in the first place and thinking they were a once in a lifetime chance of earning them, especially now when they are incredibly easy to get compared to the supposed last time.
  6. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Best time for playing certain tiers...

    Are you watching me log in?
  7. Very limited play during this event has meant that this is my future in the PR shenanigans But as you can see since the last time I played I have passed the Mega container... As I went to press 'Open Container' button with the usual feeling of collecting 50 flags here we go, so imagine my surprise when this boat popped out with a 10 skill captain. So no i haven't got the PR (thank goodness) but I did get a consolation prize that I will use more than the yawn fest that is Tier 10. Oh and as for the directives bit... Working and having a life tends to get in the way of events
  8. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Do you agree?

    Oh how I roffled and lolled at that one liner, I have decided not to look at this chaps videos based on this assumption only. You've got to be a crap player to think CO-OP is hard at any tier. Sorry there it is, I said the unforgivable truth
  9. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Got a refund for boosters.

    I look forward to be screwed over at every opportunity in the coming New Year, courtesy of HM Government. Thank you.
  10. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    I am a new player

    Apart from the odd game with my son, I play exactly the same! @Count_Knersis welcome to the forums, how fab to see someone with interest and the intelligence to reach out and ask for advice. Good stuff! As @Excavatus said, ignore the negative and use the positive to your advantage, there are some really useful guys on here for knowledge and they will gladly give it you, sometimes when you don't really want it The main thing is, enjoy it, Illegitimi non carborundum.
  11. I haven't been playing much recently and with work, Christmas, family stuff I've not kept up with the forums either, I'm going to get no where in this holiday event and to be honest I'm quite pleased. I feel for those who want the boat and are spending time and money on it, I've done it myself, but not being able to join in has enabled me to stand back and see this event from a distance. I'm substantially richer in all way but one, I won't have a T10 pixel boat. Considering I think T10 is gameplay played in mud rather than water I'm both relieved mentally and financially. I welcome the addition of all the free stuff, we all love a freebie after all and I wish luck to all those who are grinding their way to this vessel, keep going people, you deserve it! Oh and whilst I'm at it, have a great New Year to all of you!
  12. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    The yellow exclamation mark in triangle

    *Note to self, miserable cynics should be ignored and avoided, especially when they continue to think they are always in the right even after being proved wrong.
  13. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    The yellow exclamation mark in triangle

    How is that helpful?
  14. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Where are 2 italian containers for the last PT?

    Well knock me down with a wet kipper Captain I just visited that link to see what was there and found to my ruddy amazement that I hadn't claimed for diddly squat! Thanks to you I'm up tons of stuff, crates, flags and other assorted detritus, ta loads have a medal on me sir!
  15. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Clan Battles - Mercenaries

    I'm in a clan with my son, he hardly plays as he is busy doing other things that a 31 year old with commitments should be doing, so Clan Wars aren't a thing for me, co-ordinated fighting isn't something I play. Random mode is hardly what you would call team play Mercs would be a way in for players who wish to participate but don't want to leave their small clans. I can see the pros and cons, I'd love it to work but somehow I don't see it happening unfortunately. Good idea though @Jethro_Grey