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    Sorry to hear this Captain, I really am. It took me ages to learn the game and I'm still mostly potatoe It took a lot of looking at others play and then looking at my own actions. Crikey I was p*ss poor, I can remember turning to my wife and saying ''I have no ruddy idea what's going on'' as I was repeatedly sunk again and again. But I had a willingness to learn and stop doing what I knew to be fatal in the game. I always feel a little sad when I see the 'I'm leaving, the game is sh*t' posts, especially when it's just a rant about how inadequate they are at the game. There are loads of fantastic players of this game, some funny, some serious but with good skills that you might learn by and not get so frustrated, or learn it the hard way (wrong way) like myself or start looking at how good players play and their instincts for the game and emulate that. I was glad to have some Youtubers inputs into my playstyle, taught me something that I didn't have to feel pain for the experience. Anyhow good luck chief in whatever game you're going off to play
  2. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Server Problems

    In but not tried a battle.
  3. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Server Problems

    Friday night, no work tomorrow, on my own for a change......................oh.
  4. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Server Problems

  5. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Storm circle gamemode thingy

    Well I like it Not that counts for much but there you go, my 2 bobs worth Captains. It seems so far the responders largely prefer it.
  6. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Really? Tell me that again when my average wage a week is about 80 euros. Some people are sodding clueless. If you are that rich give me the money so I can spend it on bills and living
  7. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Likewise sir!
  8. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Humble Bundle WoWs bonuscode

    Thanks Captain
  9. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    No FXP for Flying Papa Papa and Ourorbourus Flags

  10. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    @Jethro_Grey cheers Captain, that worked a treat
  11. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    teamplay is op

    Meh, easy to beat https://wows-numbers.com/player/514930434,SirBlemmingtonSmythe/?type=div2
  12. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Premium Pumpkin?

    I may have missed this but..... what happened to the premium pumpkins, today I got my 50 doubloons and then the message that came up was I had received all of my prizes. Erm....really? Is this the ending to the farce? Will I get my PP tomorrow? Is this the end?
  13. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Jedi mind-trick: others players knowing your stats

    Used MM for a while but it depressed me so I gave it up as a bad job. I run vanilla now as I forgot to update Aslain about 3 patches ago and I've got used to it, to be fair there are only one or two advantages and I can live without them. On another note nothing can prepare you for the hidden stat Belfast who announces that he has lost the last 14 games and now this team deserves the 'F*ck you ret*rd team' and backs into oblivion, meanwhile he hurls random insults at the team until he is the only one left in the back. Maybe he had MM working and that might be a reason for not using it too. Oh and you can't find players with hidden stats on the WoWs site, well I looked for this guy and he apparently does not exist, even though he is on my blacklist from last night.
  14. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    T8 Matchmaking the umpteenth - except this time it's good!

    Cheers thanks for the answer and hurrah!
  15. SirBlemmingtonSmythe

    Ships you kept

    Kept the boats I had fun in, kept some I didn't, I'm running around the 90 boat mark and to be honest I play maybe 15 of them regularly. I have 110 million credits spare and have no need to sell anything.