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  1. ThomasButton

    Yamato-class battleship

    Skate's one torpedo was enough to knock a hole through which entered 3000 tons of water . Hit the place that the assumption should be able to withstand this type of impact. 18 torpedoes in Musashi was supported by more than 20 direct bombs , 9 of 11 torpedoes struck the Yamato landed on the left side - so sunk themselves , as to compensate for tilt , they had to sink compartments ( with the sailors inside ) on the opposite side. In the book of Akira Yoshimura " Battleship Musashi " are downright proud of with their super-battleship has anti-torpedo blisters , which were assumed to cause explosions earlier torpedoes against armor right . Meanwhile, they were completely empty spaces with armor with a thickness of 16-25 mm (two-thirds - one inch ) . Impact fuse did not work because at the speed of 26 nodes (air-droped torpedoe ) weight and speed were doing just the hole and hit the armor - the explosion in the water in subject to conditions , from three to seven times stronger than the explosion on the ground. I do not know if you saw a hole punched in the wreckage Yamato - these are HOLE . Area of ​​over 15 square meters. What saved Yamato and Musashi from rapidly sinking over a thousand watertight compartments and a large buoyancy (mass of water needed for its sinking had to be greater than 58,000 tons - which gives about 75% (score above 60% is considered to be very good). Shinano got four out of six torpedoes fired - when not closed watertight compartments (some were not had even hatches), total panic and less of training sunk in a couple of hours with almost immediate tilt and internal fire. Very high buoyancy - it speaks for their naval prowess. Their shape was very long in development - made ​​more than 50 test models - especially for the construction of a test made ​​the biggest test-pool in the world in those years. Yes - structurally they were really very good ships - but kept under warm blankets to the Great Battle, proved to be just long warring targets for aircraft, torpedoes and bombs.
  2. ORP Piorun was an N-class destroyer used by the Polish Navy during the Second World War. The name is Polish for "Lightning". Initially commissioned into the Royal Navy as HMS Nerissa, she was later transferred to the Polish Navy as a replacement for the destroyer ORP Grom, which had been lost off the Norwegian coast on 4 May 1940. Piorun - Lightning Błyskawica - Lightning confusion may stem from the fact that both words (very different in Polish) are equally translated in other languages ​​Anglo-Saxon Błyskawica - Lightning - means more flash of light, what you see most in a storm Piorun - Lightning - it's more the destructive force - saying struck by thunder is very famous in the Polish language. And more appropriate expression for this is Thunderstruck.
  3. ThomasButton

    Yamato-class battleship

    Kupniula, on 07 November 2013 - 07:25 AM, said: what? XD Yamato class was best build BB ever (not mentioning changed US BB's after war, with rockets etc). Had best guns, good speed and armor. But it was not the age of BB's any more when he was build Guns .. not so good if it seemed. Yes, one bullet weighed 1470 kg and he fired at a distance you'd have almost 42 km. Only two rounds at once fired from Yamato fared three fired at the same time from Iowa. A powerful armor that was running a little below the water line and to torpedo was completely defenseless. Small range of activities - the Pacific distances are large and not suitable for these distances without large tanker. Speed ​​- only 27 nodes and in a short period of time - compared to the 32 nodes Iowa ... Yes, was the most modern in the Japanese fleet - is my favorite. But at the same time was the same as said Isoroku Yamamoto: Just as delightful as the katana, but in these times as useless ... Rizzlah, on 11 November 2013 - 02:01 AM, said: But, as an interesting factoid, only 20 toilets for her crew of ~2300 sailors. Can you tell me where you read about this? Then tell me why Musashi and Yamato were the first ships of the Japanese fleet with air conditioning. On the plans can be found inside the four kitchens, 10 dining room, two large laundry rooms Why Yamato was determined during his long stay in Truk Atoll as the Hotel Yamato. Over 20 rooms for the crew on each deck - out 120 rooms in total - and only 20 toilets ... Are you kidding me - after all, that they hanged constructors. If you do not know, look, read - do not tell untruths
  4. ThomasButton

    ORP "Grom"

    turumaji, on 15 November 2013 - 10:13 PM, said: poor ship . doesnt look good :honoring: Grom - destroyer which served in the Polish Navy during World War II - the most heavily armed and fastest destroyers on the seas before World War II. The second of the series: "Lightning" is the only surviving destroyer of World War II. You say that this ship is poor - so tell me what is so poor? The crew? Most who were rescued, they were then at ORP Piorun, who very long time reveal the position of the Bismarck. One of the most modern construction the then maritime battlefield, he could easily compete with other comparable - and you say that the poor. Read a little, please, because you can see that your knowledge of the Second World War at Sea is scarce.