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  1. allisona

    Hot Fix: How We Design Ships

    However, I love the game:)
  2. allisona

    0.10.6 Patch Notes — TL;DR

    GREAT!!! But what about the Vanishing ships that seem to magically disappear when you aim at them. There was a rule that they could if they did not fire for 20 seconds but would appear once they did fire. That seems to have gone out of the window and is being used unfairly. Isn't it about time War gaming got rid of this it is NOT real and would not happen at sea in a real; naval battle. Smoke was used by DDs to hide in and to protect BBs when they needed to run away. 5 years in the Navy taught me this GET REAL WAR GAMING.
  3. Mr Conway

    I  bought a specific gaming PC to play this Game in February 2019.  Tonight while starting my first game my PC decided to stop working.  As luck would have it I have an old PC (Windows 7) that I put the game on and although slower it works.  I got the message that I had 3 pink tickets for leaving the game early.  I did not my PC died.  When I set up my backup PC and started Playning It told me I had an enforced error and it needed to close.  It did,  I started it and did a thourough system check and got it working again,  I was told when I got back into the game I had a further violation and i would turn pink for 10 battles.  I think this is unfair as these issues were completely outside of my control and I was told to contact you with my tale of woe.

    Allisona (Alex Allison)

  4. Hi I tried but it is the only part of the game I cant get into. I could at one time but not now. I wonder if the Clan has folded but no one told me?? If you know another way I could apply to join your clan then Great!! my email address is dotal1@live.com if you want toi drop me an email. Cheers
  5. Hi Sorry I havent got back to you but for some reason since the new updates I cant access my clan section in Game. I appear to be the only [PJ} player left as I am on every night on my own. I will try again and my name is Alex
  6. Ha Ha ha Im a 66 year old and youre asking me to PM you. Is that anything to do with the Prime Minister? I just want to know where I sign on (ex MN sorry). My lates ship is HMS hermese but I have a Tier 10 as well as many others. Im trying to build a British Fleet.
  7. Thanks for the email. I need to ask where in game will I find your tags? allisona
  8. allisona Line Officer How can I get in touch? I have been playing for over a year and most nights I play on my own and I am on Game every evening from 6 to 10 PM. I have TS ability but my clan dont use it. I have Tier 1 to 10 and have won loads of Oil but I have never played in a Clan battle and I am still not up to some of the information and advice I need to improve my game.
  9. Are you still recruiting? Im an expat Sand dancer living in Wales.
  10. allisona

    Alex Allison

    Well that is mainly because I am new to this lark. If you want to know the source, I read it in other posts from players who are having difficulty playing this after the 08.00 update was put into their machines and the reply from the developers where they identified all the glitches brought to their attention so far and I counted them/. I didn't make this up.... honest!
  11. Will someone tell me can this so called upgrade be removed by individual Players?
  12. allisona

    Alex Allison

    What did colonel Pete mean Source?
  13. allisona

    Alex Allison

    Er! Thats my name,,
  14. allisona

    Alex Allison

    I have just read the glitches that have been identified in the new upgrade for WoWs Nearly 300 and they are NOT all listed, there is nothing about the game crashing at the point where you enetr the Port. The Video at the start does not work and with that many Bugs why on earth did they send it out to us???? I can't even play the Game.
  15. allisona

    Bug Reports