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  1. MTYM

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    Just accessed Patch 9.0 and I am not able to access the following screens: News, Clan, Inventory, Captain's Logbook and Armory. Just displays a blank screen? Any ideas on how to resolve/fix ?
  2. MTYM

    0.9.0 PTS - Bug reports

    Unable to log on to the PT
  3. MTYM

    0.9.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Hiya Gong_ER, I am getting exactly the same, maybe the hamster that powers the Public Test is on a break
  4. MTYM


    Hello Commanders, Our Clan GKXS is an English speaking, casual Clan. We have recently expanded to 40 members, so we are now recruiting. We have players of all skills and abilities, if you would like to join and make use of our Clan facilites please feel free to apply. We do not have any joining requirments, so do not waste your Oil. Yours aye
  5. MTYM

    GKXS is recruiting

    Greetings Commanders, GKXS has expanded to 40 members. We are an English speaking, casual clan. We play for fun and to expand our base facilities We have players of all tiers and experience, and all are welcome. Interested? Apply and I will add you, so you can make use of our base facilities Yours aye
  6. Hello All, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan, we have just expanded to 40 positions. If you would like to make use of our facilites, extra XP, lower repair costs and discounts on purchasing ships etc, then come and join us. We have players of all nations and servers, and all tiers and experience. Sounds like what you are looking for? Apply and we will add you Regards
  7. Ahoy Captains, GKXS is an English speaking casual clan. We have expanded our Clan to 40 places. Our requirements our simple, be able to speak English and have fun. We have players from various Nations and various skill levels. Do not waste your Oil, join our Clan and make use of our resources. All are welcome, hope to see you soon Yours aye