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  1. Redneck_Jedi

    Teamkilling reporting?

    That's ridiculous to say compensation is made I just got sunk by an ally 3 salvoes into my back and a full torp spread. All enemies within 2 squares were long dead, nearest surviving enemy was 11 km away in the opposite direction It cost 14+k to repair my sunk ship I was awarded 1700 and change compensation. I wish there was a button marked "Shove your compensation" If they team kill then have them earn nothing, nothing at all from the battle, pay the lot to the victim and have the repairs made from the scum's account. If they do turn pink and what they need to achieve that seems way off the chart, then have them earn nothing until they make it back to normal. Or just ban them.. greed for their business should never have become an excuse. This is the reason I don't buy premium anymore and the gold I bought back in beta still sits unspent on my account. High hopes for this game in beta, played it to death, now fire it up once in a while and spend nothing on it. Up to you Gaijin
  2. Redneck_Jedi

    Cowardice under fire simulator

    Oh and of the four games i died to being overly aggressive rounding an island once - found 3 enemy cruisers and was rightly consigned to splinters. Twice I was torped from behind by "allied" cruisers worried by the fact I had the torp shot so they launched through me and solved the problem. Last time I was torped by a friendly carrier in open sea as I made my run on the enemy battleship, none of his torps hit the enemy or even caused it to turn, just took out the friendly destroyer. In each of the last 3 cases each TKer had a mouth like Slarg and Ilhilh and the same unshakable conviction that they're a genius so it must be someone else's fault. That was 3 out of 4. About the same hit rate as this thread - all the more surprising given I was clear I was talking about PvE. I guess the only interest most of you take in PvE is to sneer and defecate on anyone that speaks here that prefers it.
  3. Redneck_Jedi

    Cowardice under fire simulator

    They're not the worst players, the self-congratulatory, sneering pillocks are, the PvE players mostly just lack skills, they're not the worst players to be around at all. The shame of it is that there's probably not more than five or ten of you in a given PvP game, but there's no way to filter you out.
  4. Redneck_Jedi

    Cowardice under fire simulator

    I'm retired and have a good deal of time to play. that's nothing compared to most games I play over a similar period.
  5. Redneck_Jedi

    Cowardice under fire simulator

    That's true, entirely true, well and simply put. My skills don't improve at anything other than bot killing, dodging friendly torpedos and defending against enemy aircraft without friendly CV support. I accept that because the alternative is sharing the game with some (not all) of the folks above. It's a shame not to have the opportunity to develop more skills but the price is too high. Most of them leave PvE for PvP, moving on to self-elevate (in their own minds at least) themselves as the above do. There are a few in PvE but it's not nearly so bad. If I enjoyed the game more it'd be more of a shame to miss out. As it is, I'm not missing much. Look how many posts above you have to wade through to find something more than a sneering prat
  6. Redneck_Jedi

    Cowardice under fire simulator

    I played PvP a few times and though you're all very impressed with yourselves I found the standard of play much the same as tier 5 or so PvE players. CV tactics were more flexible and useful but that was pretty much it. Got bored with the game before closed beta finished, played a little off and on for light relief but not rebuilt my ships to anything like what I had. I do understand that you're all thrilled with yourselves and have an unshakable consensus that you're all greatly superior players/captains. Why are you stooping to scatter your pearls of sarcasm over a thread that you sneer at as relating to (the so inferior to you I should uninstall the game) PvE if you don't go there? Again - been there and didn't see any of it. I use the game for what's available without having to mix with you. Responses to the thread from the self-vaunted elite reinforce my assurance I'm right to. There are probs in the PvE game too, thread is about one of them. One prob less is that the worst of you haven't stuck around. "How can you even judge the player base and comment on the forum based on playing against bots with the above types of players." I don't comment on the player base, I commented on the PvE player base. You have so much contempt for it - why do you care? I stay in it to avoid arrogant, self-congratulatory pillocks. PvE has no potential to get better - you're right. But it does avoid you
  7. Redneck_Jedi

    Cowardice under fire simulator

    I play PvE to avoid being alongside you Slargmann How else could that be managed?
  8. Redneck_Jedi

    Cowardice under fire simulator

    First I have to say I tend toward the aggressive in most games. Not stupid, but I carry the battle TO the enemy. I play coop rather than PvP because it halves the number of lowlives involved. A policy I apply to most games. I die early in games, usually having killed 2 or 3 enemy ships. I get to watch others play more than most once I'm dead. Contention: This game is not a WW2 naval sim. It's a cowardice in the face of the enemy simulator. Over and over again I watch the frantic maneuvering to get to the back of the fleet. Ships go hide behind islands at the edge of the map. Battleships turn around and head away from the enemy that isn't even sighted. Solution: Let them play like this by all means. Use some of the many metrics that evaluate activity to flag up the pathetically non-combative. Once they return to port - execute the captain. Let them assign a new recruit and try again. It's best as a war simulator, not a hide round the corner till it's nearly over then finish off the last few hopefully burning/listing enemy vessels and pretend you fought simulator.
  9. Redneck_Jedi

    Cloned Captain Issue

    No, it's not that it didn't update the name. Important not to confuse this as it is a bug report. As I explained above, I still have all the captains I had before, none have been renamed, I also have the addition of an extra +1 junior lieutenant that didn't exist before this and who has the same name and portrait as the captain I was trying to assign to the Ark for the battle.
  10. Redneck_Jedi

    Ship Captains

    Can't customise them but I seem to have cloned one of mine somehow (see thread) and he is a distinguished grey haired old fellow if a bit chubby - don't hunt me down please
  11. Redneck_Jedi

    Cloned Captain Issue

    ALERT - The captains are breeding.... For the first battle with my shiny Arkansas Beta I tried to be clever and transfer the captain from my Erie into it to get the exp. Sent the existing captain to the reserve and then clicked to transfer the captain currently on my Erie to the Ark, went to war (Co-Op mode) for one battle. Seemed to work as expected but after the battle I find the Erie captain still aboard his own ship with no exp award from the battle and a new +1 captain with exactly the same name (Maurice Riley) and portrait, is aboard the Ark with the exp from the one battle and a gratis unspent skill point. ALERT - The captains are breeding.... "Mom's unconscious, Dad's got a harpoon thing in his neck and they're getting BIGGER......!" Donald Sutherland will be playing me in the remake, I've found a pod under my bed containing a vegetable that looks like me in naval uniform, so tired but I don't dare fall asleep.........
  12. Redneck_Jedi

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    I just got torpedoed to death at the start by a player who launched with no enemy within 10 miles - no reason to broadside at me going ahead of him in a DD Then he laughed in chat I've screenshots of the chat and screen showing him -1 for kills Where do I send them and how do I get to the replay to send that? Don't like being screwed over for a scumbag's amusement in a closed beta To add insult to injury he wasn't penalised in XP or credits and had a fun battle No downside for screwing teamates over for a laugh... team killing is going to become the go to amusement for bored kids The lowest will always amuse themselves with this unless you make it cost them Need to screen testers better and penalise torps launched at teamates with no enemy in range at the very least