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  1. patselakos

    The Victory Competition: Results

    aaaa ok thanks man
  2. patselakos

    The Victory Competition: Results

    hi i dont understund what is this with Lazo?
  3. patselakos

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    hi i cant connect to server
  4. patselakos

    public test server

    ok sory and thanksa lot
  5. patselakos

    public test server

    anyone have connection problem to cnnect to server?
  6. patselakos

    Georgios Averof armored cruiser(Pisa-class) 

    i hope that we will see soon Greek ships in the game.It will be honor for the players that their country have one of the biggest history to the sea in the world. Best regards
  7. patselakos

    Clan Battles Discounts

    good move
  8. patselakos

    connection problem

    thank you my friend
  9. patselakos

    connection problem

    anyone have connection problem? now?
  10. patselakos

    if you can't fix it, milk it.

    Hi i buy kutuzov 2 years ago and i buy a product of your store.Its like buy a good pair of shoes and someone after 2 yeas knock your door and tell you that he will give you some luna park coupons and take back your shoes!!!!!! Its eleagle to do anything to my product,it is mine,i pay for this and you can not do anything.If you will do something to my product we will have big problem. The first think is that noone will buy anything from your store anymore beacuase after 3,4,10 months maybe he will loose it again. Dont think about touch my kutuzov.
  11. patselakos

    connect problem

    I am ok captains
  12. patselakos

    connect problem

    connection problem again?
  13. patselakos

    connect problem

    I am in !!!!!!!!!!!! have all nice battles
  14. patselakos

    connect problem

    I ve made a ticket
  15. patselakos

    connect problem

    I think fter the update servers crash!! we know time?