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    World of Warships - Anti-Cheat Policy warning

    Sorry for a bit of necro, but I had a similar situation happened to me twice already. No mods have been installed and I did not tamper with the files apart from doing some basich cache cleaning and finally a clean reinstall. I am currently banned for 7 days and when I appealed I get a pre-written formulas as a reply and the ban was not lifted. Either the anti-cheat system is very crude or people operating it may use some training. I am really afraid of losing my account and years I've invested in it. Does anyone know where I can take my case? Examples of the replies I got back:
  2. BermudaTriangle77

    0.9.6 not working with Linux anymore

    After problems with Proton via steam, I've tried running WGC with Lutris on wine5.16 staging. The game downloaded fine but after started WoWs proper, I've got "Critical error has occurred" popup. Any tips on how to overcome this? EDIT: Actually tried to start Lutris from the terminal and it amazingly did the trick.... strange...
  3. BermudaTriangle77


    Having special smoke and hydro modules this ship is becoming a very powerful cap contestant. Enemy often does not know what sits in the smoke and tends to give some broadside. I've managed to score multiple cidated hits on several targets in the same battle. You won't break any average damage records, but its action helps the team to get the win by contesting caps and scaring the sh*t out of destroyers getting solid win rates.