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  1. Food for the hype train: The fire angles of the guns are surprisingly good.
  2. Sevatarion

    Is German BB's brawling days over?

    I would like to see a damage mechanic, instead of HE and burn, that cripples the Target in exchange for a scaled down Fire damage. For example you shower an enemy BB, lets say a Bismarck with 203mm HE rounds. The Damage done could result besides the HP damage in: damaged FCS = more dispersion for the BBs main guns/secondaries damaged Bridge = slower cooldown for repair party damaged catapult = less spotter/fighter planes or longer cooldown Fire going on a part of the ship = only turreted AA is able to fire and so on, im sure there are more ideas and better ideas out there. Disclaimer before the rage starts it has to stay in reasonable borders so it should be not possible to "stack" the damage on the FCS that the dispersion goes up to 1200 meters on 5000 meters range. This might be too detailed for an Arcade game but on the other hand we have the increased mousaim accuracy so why not taking advantage of it instead of the IMHO rather dull HE spam for fire damage. My 2 cents edit for writing the wrong while meaning the right :/
  3. Sevatarion

    On the Balance: How do the German BBs compare?

    https://eu.warships.today/vehicles just put in Tier and Type of Shipe and there you go.
  4. Sevatarion

    On the Balance: How do the German BBs compare?

    Oh got NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They are not, only because you have a 21km range on the Fuso it doesnt mean you sit in the corner the whole game and hit nothing, but sadly everyone and his mother does it watching how the DDs and CAs get in the battle for caps slaughtered and then farm some 2-4 kills of 10% HP enemies and is swearing about the useless CA and DD captains. Since you are atm in low tiers you will learn pretty fast that there is from tier 5 on no save distance except for the Japanese BBs, the rest is well in reach for most of the cruisers or too slow to run away from them. This doesnt mean you need to get into boarding range but BBs have also the biggest HP pools and the best shell protection, THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PUSH IN CONCERT WITH CAs AND DDs. Sadly this is only rarely happening and im more and more desperate about it, since the German BBs came in my performance is ever dropping because of "muh sniper ship" captains who even run away from cruisers just to keep the distance....but i guess some things will never change just like CV captains who seem unable to move planes AND ships and get farmed by sneaky DDs because they are standing in areas of the map where no one else is. Sorry for sounding pissed but yesterday was a total low for me teams i never had before in this game.
  5. Sevatarion

    German BBs+ tier 6 premium French BB Dunkerque stats in 0.5.9

    Well i would say there is a difference between "German BBs really have good armour overall." and for example in the case of the König a nerf of 43% of its belt armor (from 350mm to 200mm), plus taking into account that the German BBs have les HP to make up for the strong armor (which is nerfed) plus the partly nerfed RoFs, Accuracy and the lesser shell damage due smaller calibers in many tiers i hope the BB line doesnt go down the drain.
  6. Sevatarion

    Scharnhorst ein Schlachtkreuzer?

    Als Anmerkung und persönliche Meinung: Für mich ist es klar ersichtlich das die Kriegsmarine die Schiffe der Bismarck Klasse als Handelsstörer einsetzen wollten, dafür muss man nur die Reichweite der Bismarck anschauen: Die Bismarck war in der Lage bei 19 knoten 8525 nautische Meilen (15800 km) zu fahren. Als Vergleich die King George V und Prince of Wales schafften bei 18 knoten 4750 nautische Meilen (8800 km), die Bismarck erreichte bei 28 knoten Geschwindigkeit 4500 nautische Meilen (8300 km). Für das befahren der Nord und Ostsee brauche ich nicht solche Fahrbereiche, da hätten ähnliche wie die britischen gereicht, zumal die Tonnage statt für Treibstoff für anderes nutzbar gewesen wäre wie Bewaffnung, Panzerung, doppelt so große Kapitänskajüte mit Panoramadach etc..
  7. Sevatarion

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    More Food for the hype. Looks fast and agile to me, im more hyped for it as for the Scharnhorst.
  8. Sevatarion

    Why bring kriegmarine?

    The massive armament of 15 cm guns will be funny to see in a fight with DDs. ^^
  9. Sevatarion

    Tier VII - KM Yorck

    Dont forget the shell flight, i saw cruisers who doged my salvos at 9 km, the flight time of the rounds is hilarious, the shell arc is on longer distances (over 10 km) like the rounds come from 90° above, making it easy to dodge them. The AP rounds, in theory very good have the huge disadvantage that if you dont hit the citadell or something you going likely to overpenetrate so less damage, if the enemy is angled you are not making any damage at all. So you have to use the less useless HE rounds. Together with the less HP and the low armor value this all together ensures that you will loose likely every 1vs1 against every cruiser from tier 5 on. The only thing you can do is suiciding against BBs in the faint hope of torping them in YOLO mode or loiter around in 15-17km distance and spray your rounds, hopefully hitting something, most likely BBs the rest will dodge the fire anyway. Another point is the turret traverse that ensures you loose a lot time with waiting for the turrets to aling instead of firing so the damage output is also horrible and makes you near defenseless against DDs. In short you need with this ship opponents who have only 1-2 brain cells and make it easy for you, otherwise you are toast. Together with the 65000 credits repair cost makes this ship near unplayable.
  10. Sevatarion

    german cruiser AP and HE, Whats your game WG ?

    The Königsberg and Nürnberg are pretty awesome at their tier but: -Use the -100% Ammo detonation chance signal -Angling your ship is essential...ALWAYS! Even then you get a lot of citadel hits -Hit and Run is the tactic you want to use, go not closer than 11-12 km to the enemy, turn back until the max range is reached, turn again towards the enemy. Rinse and Repeat while you shoot like there is no tomorrow. -Use AP against Tier 4 and 5 cruisers, you will score a lot of citadel hits -If there is a lonely BB you can try to go head on and torp it, there are 12 Torps on your ship for a reason but stay in a 90° arc so you present a small target. -DDs hate your ship, HE works together with the RoF demolishs them pretty fast -Make sure you are not the closest ship to the enemy and there is always something more dangerous near by the enemy can shoot at. If you find the Königsberg and Nürnberg bad you will go insane the time you reach the Yorck...... :/
  11. Sevatarion

    Aoba...A Giant, Slow, Flammable, Fragile [edited]?

    With me it was the other way round, couldnt make the Furutaka work for me. I use the Sonar Perk to hunt DDs with it, together with the HE Shells it rips them apart and with your high speed they cant run away, i even drive into their smoke it works more often than not. I also use most of the time the two front turrets only and stear head on towards the enemy, followed by a hard turn with a torpedo salvo, then angle the ship so you can use all three turrets while running away = classic hit and run Lone BBs you can also go head on until you are close, wait for his salvo then turn, torps, finish. With the 20,3cm Guns you can also light BBs up very good. Never go into a broadside battle the Citadel Hits will rip you apart. Hope it helped a bit.