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  1. Zveketalo

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    My Hall of Fame is stucked on dates 24-25.06....showing that I will receive top 5% rewards. Still no rewards, or update of points for me. Anyone else has this issue? Or maybe I am missing something?
  2. Zveketalo

    Ironium and Special Upgrades

    Since that I have all legendary modules researched for my tier X ships, what's going to happen if I buy them with Ironium? Will I have 2 same upgrades for same ships? Or there is compensation in credits or dooblons?!
  3. Zveketalo


    Still no decision about compensation, or I've missed something?
  4. Zveketalo


    I am also Pink regarding server problems. What about statistics?! What about compensation?!
  5. Zveketalo


    Still no official announcement from WG, after almost 12 hours of occurrence?!
  6. Zveketalo

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    When this will start?
  7. Fun!? By playing against bots!? Nice :)
  8. You know that you killed whole category of ships with this rework? Bye, bye DESTROYERS :(
  9. Zveketalo

    Server Downtime - 24/01 05:00 UTC

    WG, you must be kidding?! Again?!
  10. And by Murphy's law, tonight is clan battle time ;)
  11. Zveketalo

    PSA: Recap of Weekend Server Issues

    Still no news from WG how they will compensate? Typical WG attitude, so I am not so surprised.
  12. Zveketalo

    PSA: Recap of Weekend Server Issues

    How they will compensate battle flags, economic flags, special flags, and camos!? By adding new offer in premium shop so we can buy it by discounted prize?! Maybe there will be missions, to compensate, so we must again grind them?! How they will compensate time, and lost opportunity to finish daily missions or rewards for clan battles?! This is more then sad WG, why there are no issues with other region servers, but only, and only with EU server? Remember what happen when you applied "American ships patch", same thing? I am wondering what is going to happen when you apply 0.8 patch with new core (CV rework)? We don't want more to listen apologizes and reasons what has happen (I really don't care), but we want straight answers how and when are you going to solve our problems, cause most of us are paying you by playing. At least, you gave me, brand new port UI (which need fix for years from now):
  13. I've got brand new port UI from Wargaming:
  14. In the announcement there are example for destroyers? Can someone provide us detailed info about rewards for each tier and ship type? About Steel Monsters Campaign... Can we know what is the price for The "Steel Monsters" Campaign?