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  1. No one is talking what are we going to get for compensation?
  2. If you are in need for steel, then just join us:
  3. Maybe, we should go to Public Test server and try....login there is working just fine
  4. still cant log in game.......for more then 3 hours. Waiting for Monday will solve the issue....LOL
  5. Zveketalo

    Server Problems

    Same here, can not connect, technical issues found...Really, server is down on prime time :)
  6. Zveketalo

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  7. Zveketalo

    Is it fair to have division with 3 super testers in game?

    Why they are not playing against each others but against random players?!
  8. Zveketalo

    Is it fair to have division with 3 super testers in game?

    Well, you should ask your friends what is feeling when Yamato is reloading in 15 secs? Or Worcester shooting every 2 secs?
  9. Zveketalo

    Is it fair to have division with 3 super testers in game?

    It is not the question are they good or not as players, but that they are using more then OP ships with more then OP upgrades. What are you gonna feel if you enter in battle where Yamato is shooting you at every 15 seconds and you are in cruiser like Des Moines? I agree with one ST per battle, with unreleased ship and with unreleased upgrades, but to have 3, playing in same division, looks like too much.
  10. I don't know if this is ok, to have 3 super testers in battle, with Stalingrad and Worcester and with LEGENDARY UPGRADES. As you can see from screenshots that they made 9 kills against random players who don't have any chance. Maybe someone from WG will have right answer for this or maybe answer to comment by Yamato tester who said that they carried whole team ;) Additionally, if you are interesting you can watch whole replay. 20180617_001456_PASD013-Gearing-1945_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  11. Zveketalo

    Should WG increase number of containers per day?

    Well, it's ok for me. I think that others who play a lot will agree too.
  12. Zveketalo

    Should WG increase number of containers per day?

    Agree, but increasing number of containers will be reward for players who are playing more.
  13. A large number of players play more hours a day, and earn more than 37,000 (which is necessary to earn to open third container), so in my opinion the WG should allow a greater number of containers that can be earned daily. As the number of containers increases, the value of XP which must be earned bz playing, should also be increased. For example, for 4 containers, you need to earn 50,000 XP, for 5 containers you need to earn 75,000 XP and so on... By introducing this innovation, WG will reward players who play more and at the same time, stimulate players to gain more experience and become better. What do you think?