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  1. nexvexed

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    Greedy Greedy Greedy Greedy Greedy Wows , for a change. We're not paying for Hospital care in the US you know. You'll kill the game you idiots , then we all lose out.
  2. Greedy greedy Wows. Worst offers in the 2.5 years I have been playing. Gifts cost money. No challenges still. Nothing to reward monthly subscribers. Crap deals in the shop. Awful weekly missions repeated for last few months to earn a few signals if you do 20 days worth. But WORST of all is the 4 week set of missions to Earn the Mighty Prinz Eitel. It takes 3 weeks to get to this point , then the last week of missions (minimum 6 needed) are for £4 million for each nations ships. Are you really that arrogant and Greedy ? 6 x £4 million to earn in a week if you have the right ships. That's £24 million in a week to earn a ship. It's at least 3-4 games to earn a million even in Random. That's 72+ games in a week. Or a little over 10 a day. As well as the last 3 weeks of effort. Then to make things worse , you end the Priz Eitel campaign in 13 days time. You know , the one that you can only START if you have the Eitel. So after slogging through £24 million in a week , you then get a few days to do a sodding campaign. Never designed to be achievable for us , it was just to sell the ship in the shop wasn't it ? !!! This gradual squeeze of the giveaways and costs of your made up resources is taking the P**s now. No wonder your retention for users is not good. I'm really sad today. You have turned my favourite game into an even worse , mass milking machine. It used to be fun with good swag to earn and loads of ships to EARN. Now it's only about taking our money. Really poor respect for fans and long term players. A brilliant game concept ruined by your greed. Not lost on me either that it coincides with your repeated platform expansions. Someones gotta pay for the Steam , PS4 and XBOX launches don't they.
  3. I am really looking forward to the new ships. British carriers and Russian BB's. Brilliant. Can we have a few more interesting 8/9/10 premium cruisers. Not more premium BB's. (Although The Musashi is hilarious fun - Doh!)
  4. nexvexed

    Server Down ?

    Finally unlocked the Gnesenauauauaua or whatever , at lunch at last. Wouldn't it be nice to try it out tonight after work. Oh no , hang on , I won't try it out. Just a thought WOWS , factor in redundancy into your set up. Then the people paying the bills stay happy happy happy.