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    CV’s ??

    There are many players out there that just want to experience blowing things up and general team playing which WG have catered for as this pays well, unfortunately when it affects the game/round that you are playing you have to resign to the fact it is what it is and hopefully the next game either has a decent CV player in it or none personally i can play the CV at tier 9 Essex level and class myself as average as play all ships randomly as hate grinding the 1 line probably like alot of players but still get random comments thrown at the CV just because i did not individually cover 1 player that died instantly because of various reasons, The CV imho should light up the enemy for the team to see and try to intercept as many enemy bombers as possible while trying not to engage enemy fighters as its primary function and then send its bombers out when the majority of the bunched up AA has resided. As already mentioned many times before this will not disappear anytime soon as individuals either troll/abuse or belittle other players for fun or they think its their right to. I dont agree with the fitting in part however just so that you dont get flamed or to flame but learning to ignore the chat box is needed in that case and carry on enjoying your game to the best of your abilities.
  2. Charlie2906

    EU server network issues

    Uninstalled the game last night and reinstalling but after reading this thread ( which i should have done first ) gonna be kind of pointless now and assuming that the issues that not only myself are facing are still unresolved at this time, is there any feedback from the powers that be about this issue ?
  3. Charlie2906

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I want to join the raffle Prize #1: Tirpitz Prize #2: Warspite Prize #3: Doubloons And good luck all Merry Christmas
  4. tanks all day now time for some americas army

  5. Ok Tanks it is again lol

  6. lets blow up some tanks instead