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  1. Draksyl

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Just in case anyone else is still having login issues and has ruled out network problems (and is on the verge of tearing their hair out with frustration) then I finally traced the root cause of the login problems that kept me out of Alpha and Beta testing from December 2014 to March 2015: The WOWS client will not connect to the server if my BIOS has the CPU multiplier set to anything other than 'Automatic' Its incredibly odd - as I can manually set the multiplier to the 'default' value of 15x - giving exactly the same CPU clock speed as if I had selected 'Automatic' - and yet the client wont connect to the server. Swapping the CPU multiplier back to Automatic in the BIOS instantly removes the login problems. (Im guessing that the WOWS client has some internal code that retrieves CPU details to assist in configuring the client - and for some reason it doesn't like the return values my motherboard is giving when the multiplier isn't on Automatic. Its definitely an internal WOWS client problem as it happened immediately after a client patch - and none of my other games or applications have had any network issues whatsoever). So if you have connectivity issues and have overclocked your PC (or otherwise altered your BIOS settings from standard) then put the BIOS back to default to see if it makes any difference!! For reference my motherboard is an ASUS M4A77 (AMD 770 Chipset) running with the latest BIOS (v2501) and Phenom II CPU.
  2. Draksyl

    Sudden increase in loading time

    Its a known bug that been reported by myself and others. Advice from technical support was to close the client for a couple of minutes and then re-launch it. Closing and immediately restarting the client doesn't seem to cure the problem.
  3. Draksyl

    Lag disconnects me every 50-80 seconds in 90% of games

    Try running the game in Windows 98/Me compatibility mode - it solved my problems with getting bounced from the server - but introduced a whole different set of problems once in game
  4. Draksyl

    The islands in WoWs

    Open maps would be fine - but only if the number of BBs per side was limited in a similar manner to the way in which CV numbers are capped. E.g. of the 15 slots per side then future split could look something like: 1-3 CVs on island maps 2-5 CVs on open maps (as the extra CVs are balanced by the fact they cant hide to escape detection) 1-4 BBs on island maps 2-6 BBs on open maps (as they are better suited for long range BB combat - giving the BB owners at least a few maps to look forward to using their range) 4-8 CCs on island maps AND open maps (as they are the most versatile class) 4-8 DDs on island maps 1-4 DDs on open maps (as the DDs are much less effective on open maps - making it difficult or impossible to enter torpedo range at lower tiers) So, AVERAGE team sizes would look like: Island Map: 2 CVs, 2 BBs, 6 CCs, 6 DDs (+ one random slot) Open Map: 3 CVs, 4 BBs, 6 CCs, 2 DDs Does that seem about right for class balance for island and open maps?
  5. Draksyl

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Drago99 - those are very similar to some of the symptoms I was getting (kicked to login screen). Try running in compatability mode to see if that solves it. Hopefully yours will work with one of the newer compatibility modes - I have to run the client with Win98/Me compatibility selected! PS Out of interest what CPU, mobo and chipset are you using?
  6. Draksyl

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Thanks for that - will update my ticket as it tends to point at the interaction between the AMD 770 chipset drivers and the WOWS client - rather than being CPU / OS based. I have tried both the original manufacturers network drivers, and updated to the latest realtek drivers but its only the WOWS client that's exhibiting any odd behaviour - all other games and network connectivity is fine. Unless I run the WOWS client in compatibility mode its almost like the client is storing its packets, then sending them out in occasional bursts instead of it sending a continuous stream to the server. The fact that my client was working fine with the game until the micro patch around Nov 25th 2014 means that something must have changed in the client application - as I've tried everything else up to and including a fresh OS install on my PC (using the network drivers from the Microsoft update centre) and the network connectivity problems persist regardless of what else I do to the PC or OS!
  7. Draksyl

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Finally identified my persistent connection issues (refusal to connect to the server - intermittent dropouts and inability to get into a game) as a bug in the client application when running Win7 64-bit on a Phenom II 960T (with AMD 770 chipset). Symptoms: Running a Wireshark packet trace (https://www.wireshark.org) shows that the client and server are not exchanging alternate UDP packets between client and server (as happens during a normal login session) - instead the server is sending out a constant streams of packets, and occasionally the client will send a few replies - but most of the time will stop responding to the server altogether - causing the connection to cease and the client to boot you back to the login screen. Partial solution: Run the main WOWS executable in 'Compatibility' mode for 'Win98/Me' - which solves the network issues (allowing you to play the game) but causes a few extra issues with sound in games. (Not that I'm complaining as its the first time I can reliably connect to the server since December ) Might be worth adding use of 'Compatibility' mode as a possible solution for anyone else with persistent drop-outs and connection issues who is also running a 64-bit OS?
  8. Draksyl

    British ship list

    I approve of this post