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  1. TheHappyHunter

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    It is only with 3 containers.
  2. TheHappyHunter

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Audio is cracking. Didn't have this on version 0.8.0. Maybe something wrong with the samples.
  3. TheHappyHunter

    No damage points on hitting land cannons

    I hit the installation and it shows the damage I did but it is not added to the total damage.
  4. TheHappyHunter

    No damage points on hitting land cannons

    It is just a normal question man.
  5. TheHappyHunter

    No damage points on hitting land cannons

    Hi, Yesterday I played operation of the week. I noticed that when I hit a cannon on land I won't get the damage points. Is this normal ?
  6. TheHappyHunter

    Bug Reports

    Looks like a little glitch. Is this with every boat you see ?
  7. TheHappyHunter

    Bug Reports

    Hello, What i get i think since version 0.7.6 is a freeze up for about 2 secs during gameplay and then it is ok. First I thought it was the videocard/driver. nVidia 1070. I tested it in other games and benchmarks but no freezes there. Is this a known issue to other users also ?
  8. TheHappyHunter

    Great deals Steam DLC

    This weekend I bought Admiral Graf Spee Steam DLC. This was a great deal. I hope more of these deals will come in the future.
  9. TheHappyHunter

    General Feedback

    Tried the new training room but couldn't set the bots. Option was not available.
  10. TheHappyHunter

    Other Changes

    The Artillery Camera button is moved from Left Shift to Right Shift.