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  1. woodcook

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    A lot of people are using there premium time to pay to test this CV change, WG should reimburse the premium time to players once this test period is over. As someone who worked for a time in system change management I would never change multiple factors at the same time as you have no basis to understand what each change produces. You would never know which of the many changes were producing the desired result. Very basic change management.
  2. The point is that ships like the Stalingrad that is an exceptionally strong ship (yes it does have some weaknesses but they are very few, side AP hits, IFHE on the Henry), currently behind a high skill wall, ie steel. Now we are going to get a purchasable campaign to enable more people to get steel (Stalingrad, Bourgogne). Is this the start of the WOT trend of out and out exceptionally strong ships only available behind pay walls? I do hope not, I really enjoy this game. Quikybaby analyses the decline in the second half of the video and points to a trend that OP tanks behind pay walls lead to a decrease in player population,
  3. First of all this is a World of Warships question, I have referenced WOT to initiate the discussion. Quickybaby one of the most experienced players of WOT by a large margin has a very well thought out video on analysing the current decline in WOT. My question is; Is Stalingrad the start of the same problem for WOWS that is happening in WOT? Ok we don't have gold amo, but?
  4. woodcook

    Suggestions thread

    In order to encourage players in BB's to get properly involved in the match and do their job I would like to suggest a modification to xp earned. The percentage of xp gained is reduced per hit over say 15km, full from 15km to say 10km and increased when fighting inside 10km. Also the xp earned from damage taken could follow similar rules. You could also add a multiplyer for damage given/taken when taking a cap.
  5. woodcook

    Tier VIII matchmaking

    I'm averaging 85% T X matches in T VIII ships, any one else get this and are you as bored with it?
  6. woodcook

    New US Cruiser Worcester

    There are so many non Brits who cannot say Worcester...
  7. woodcook

    Server Down

    Still down here.
  8. woodcook

    Thoughts on Atlanta

    Great fun but made of paper thin glass good luck
  9. woodcook

    RNHF (Royal Navy Home Fleet)

    Hi any room for an old codger?
  10. Hi old Brit looking for a clan. Do you have any places? if you do, how do I join?
  11. Hi, I am seeking an English speaking clan. I am an average player, some good days some bad days but I love playing the game but in general I do try not to suck too much. I play battleships, cruisers and destroyers, no carriers. I try to play for the objective and try to support other team members. I play during the day mainly but I am flexible as I would think most would play in the evenings. My stats are public on the players page at World of Warships EU.
  12. woodcook

    Questions of the Community

    Is this what is wrong in general: Quoted from the previous page, Are the devs satisfied with the current T10 cruiser balance? For example the Hindenburg has the lowest winrate and lowest average XP by a large margin, is this something you plan on addressing or are you satisfied with the current situation? The biggest problem right now is Zao, she is good at everything. Stats don’t show any big issues though, we will look at it again after 0.6.3 My question is about the first line of the answer "The biggest problem right now is Zao, she is good at everything." This means that in WG think it must be bad, people enjoy playing the Zao, it must be wrongly specified, it needs to be made less enjoyable to play. Why not change the mindset and get all ships to be enjoyable. It does seem strange that a company would design some of its products to be disliked by its customers. Why downgrade good ships why not upgrade poor ships instead? I know you will say "balance", well why not balance up rather than, in general, down. WG, once had the aim that the various classes of ships would be effective as a team, where did this go, why it functionally dead? Have you lost sight of this great target? Is it too difficult to produce positive insentives to encourage this type of play? Spotting, smoke assist, radar/sonar assist, etc.
  13. woodcook

    Balance changes

    I have just watched Admiral Harrotis' video called Stealth Firing Controversy (What is Balance?). This seams to sum up a some very sound thinking on the way WoWS has moved and is moving. His inclusion of the WoWS video introducing WoWS Open Beta where the developers stress the balance (via a Rock, Paper, Scissors motif) shows just where WG wanted the game to be initially. Balance team play, yes there would be some fine tuning needed, but this target was there. This target is dead. I would love to play a the game where the various classes are used to assist the whole team. BB captains you are supposed to get killed at some point (or are you expecting to end the game every time, still alive) so are most of the other of the classes of ship, you don't have a competitive game otherwise. If the nature of the game does not move back to a more balanced structure I fear we will have BB only (majority) games which the BB players will still complain about because they have nothing to shoot at. Maybe WoWS will introduce random toothless drones into the game to let these players fire at something that cannot fight back, that's what they seam to want.
  14. woodcook

    Balance changes

    I am only a mid-tier player with not that many games compared to most players here (around 1300 battles) but I here are my merger thoughts. My overall general impression played for a few hours yesterday was that everything is much easier to see. I was even hitting DD’s from a Konig DD’s with the exception of Russian (you can see them but they are very fast) are fodder for cruisers and some BB’s. Cruisers again from the vantage of a BB much easier to hit, but then many of them have been for a while. Now it is just more so. BB’s this is what the game seems to be designed around which is odd compared to WOT since the Russian navy didn’t have BB’s in the WWII. CV’s I am sorry I cannot comment from a CV captain point of view. There are so few CV’s in the game I chose not to spend time developing this line. There are so many great AA build’s in later game that it is not worth the time I could be spending on ships that I get more from. I would like to see changes that generate strong positive incentive’s (rather than penalise) to play as a team. Right now this is almost absent in many games except Ranked Battles where players need to. There are almost no team play related incentive’s that come anywhere near pure damage stats for generating XP and credits. I feel these changes reduce the potential for team play with mixed fleet capability. The game was becoming a BB based game and now it moves the game even more in the mode of only BB vs BB. My be this intention is to have both sides camping close to full range and waiting for someone to do something so he can be fired at. Fair seas.