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  1. bikes02

    Toxic text chat in game.

    Such a pity that getting rid of chatting to the enemy team is not being considered, it seemed to end quite a bit of toxicity in WOT
  2. bikes02

    Altering the controls

    You did read and digest what the OP wrote right? I ask this because if you did, you would see that it saves some of the key bindings eg: up & down arrow keys, but not the left & right arrow keys.
  3. bikes02

    Altering the controls

    I have the exact same problem. Never used to happen but started a few patches back for me. Seems to be some kind of bug that WG can't be arsed fixing. Sent in many a support ticket but that's about as much use as a chocolate fireguard
  4. bikes02

    Whats the deal with Steven Seagal as commander?

    Could also have James Cagney saying "take that ya dirty rat" every time you sank a ship
  5. bikes02

    Enough is enough!

    Same here. I hardly use my Murmansk now as all I end up in is T7 matches. Before the AFT nerf, being in T7 every now and then was no big deal at all.
  6. bikes02

    Larger minimap and keybindings

    Dont even bother sending in a ticket to support over this problem, they have just given me the run around for 2 days straight only to come back and say it's an issue with the arrow keys and number pad....No sh*t sherlock! Hmm so if thats the case, how come it remembers my up & down arrow keys but not the left & right ones. My guess is that they cannot be bothered to fix it.
  7. bikes02

    Can we get working UI this year?

    Yep, have the same problem myself, and sending in a ticket to support for this issue is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle, no help what so ever!
  8. bikes02

    Dragon Flags

    I just logged into the game and got both sets of flags, number of battles + TX ships. Thanks WG
  9. bikes02

    No gold unification forthcoming -- its official

    So have you visited the above organisation? Would be interested to know what they had to say
  10. bikes02

    Bottleships etc....

    Best laugh I have had in age, well done WG
  11. bikes02

    What is the worst premium ship in the game?

    Hmmmm, the OP was asking what the worst prem ship is, not one of the best But as to the OP, I cant comment on the Mikasa as I dont have it but I have had the Atlanta since it first came available. It was a playable pretty decent ship at first, since it's been nerfed my ship has sat in port rusting away. So my choice would be that you get your friend the Atlanta
  12. bikes02

    F****** Fuso is WAAAAYYYY to powerful!

    Or plenty of idiots
  13. bikes02

    7 destroyers vs 2 destroyers

    You really think it's just that easy? Or just trolling.
  14. bikes02

    I think I'm done for now.

    That's because some people would sooner slag people off. Rather sad really. But yeh, I totally agree with you that the game is lacking more content and becoming quite boring for me too. I certainly don't play as often as I used to.
  15. bikes02

    Ramming - A legitimate tactic?

    Was the DD HMS Glowworm, ramming the Admiral Hipper http://www.thewarillustrated.info/213/now-it-can-be-told-last-glorious-fight-of-the-glowworm.asp