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  1. CaptainBambiton

    British Carriers: Their History and How We Recreated Them

    How do I obtain florins other than buying them? I've done all the Fly! Strike! Win! directives, done all daily missions too. I'm 100 short of the Tier 6, bar buying containers, is there any way to get the final 100 florins?
  2. CaptainBambiton

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    So the very next game after I got 106k, I got this match :o Engage cruisers at medium ranges and hunt the carriers. The Warspite's guns are incredibly accurate, love them.
  3. CaptainBambiton

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    This is my best so far, 106k damage + The Warspite is great for taking on cruisers at mid range engagements, the accuracy of the guns at 8-13km is great, you can score some great hits and absolutely wreak havoc.
  4. CaptainBambiton

    Battle of Jutland - Centenary Competition

    Are we allowed to post multiple screenshots, if lets say I get an 88k game, post that screenshot, but then later I get a 100k game, does my 100k qualify?
  5. CaptainBambiton

    World Of Warships Premium shop problems and Warspite

    No, by making them slightly better than normal planes. The Spitfire Mk14 premium is better than the Spitfire Mk14 non premium, but not in a game breaking way. It isn't faster, it doesn't turn tighter, the guns are exactly the same, except it gets very good match making due to a slightly lower BR. If the Warspite got preferential matchmaking, it would be a lot better. But there is no way it can take a Tier 8 destroyer or a Tier 7 Cruiser. Hell, it can't even take on a Tier 5 Battleship (the kongo!). I'm not asking for an overpowered ship, but I want to feel like I've got something more than a ship that will be free soon, and that hasn't been worsened than the free one simply because I PAID for it. It is stupid!
  6. CaptainBambiton

    World Of Warships Premium shop problems and Warspite

    While I agree that Wargaming can do what they want, why remove a pack anyway? The few extra £££ could be the difference between buying a pack of tokens and not. The bigger choice, the bigger the chance there is a pack that suits someones budget. Therefore, they could make a lot more money by just adding packs.
  7. CaptainBambiton

    World Of Warships Premium shop problems and Warspite

    TOG is beast in platoons ;) and I haven't bought yet due to the problems I've already talked about
  8. CaptainBambiton

    World Of Warships Premium shop problems and Warspite

    I still have tokens left from my Sims pack so I was gonna use those and the 6250 pack
  9. CaptainBambiton

    World Of Warships Premium shop problems and Warspite

    I hope it's balanced, because right now, it is terrible
  10. Well I am disappointed in Wargaming. For the first time, I am criticizing WoWS. It's a shame at is such a great game. But anyway, the problem. Ahead of the HMS Warspite's introduction, I checked the token (gold) prices in the shop, and was able to purchase a pack of 6250 tokens for around £17 GBP. But today, on Warspite's introduction. You can only purchase 2500 tokens or 8250. I have no doubt that they removed the pack as they knew many, many people would be buying tokens for the Warspite. So remove the cheaper options, so you are forced to pay more money. It's not much, so as not to make people think it's a waste, but it's still enough to show Wargamings true care of the community. I will probably still get the Warspite, but am very disappointed in Wargaming for money thieving. And now to the ship itself. It isn't very good at all. It achieved a world record for the longest range shot while moving. You could stop everyone from complaining by making the range accurate and giving it priority matchmaking. Please Wargaming. Premium ships SHOULD be good. Not worse than the ships in game for free. If we are giving you large amounts of money for digital eye candy, then we expect it to be good.
  11. CaptainBambiton

    New GERMAN Premium Ship!

    I made a video a while back. It is the Bismarck