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  1. CaptBlondebeard

    Carrier update question

    How come i dont see enemy carriers in coop after the new update, do they appear at all?
  2. CaptBlondebeard

    Got the uss massechusetts

    ah yeah forget i entered that lol
  3. CaptBlondebeard

    Got the uss massechusetts

    Just logged on today to find the uss massechusetts in my port not idea why
  4. CaptBlondebeard

    Nice super container

    Just got the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, time to take her for a spin, any tips on using her?
  5. CaptBlondebeard

    Azur lane mission

    lol how blind am i
  6. CaptBlondebeard

    Azur lane mission

    According to this link azur lane commander for nelson mission starts today yet isnt in my mission list https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/june-missions-2018/
  7. CaptBlondebeard

    Quick question

    Cool i can take my time with it then
  8. CaptBlondebeard

    Quick question

    The new halsey mission is a permanent mission?
  9. CaptBlondebeard

    Can't connet to server

    Can't login either. Pretty sure i read a news post that says it is permanent.
  10. CaptBlondebeard

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    So i see i'm not the only one who can't login.
  11. CaptBlondebeard

    Changing captain specialization

    My Steven Seagal captain has specialization for st loius how do i change this to the Missouri?
  12. CaptBlondebeard

    Error Connecting Server

    Ive been getting this for weeks as well.
  13. CaptBlondebeard

    Get your "Talk like a Pirate" Flag!

    I don't have it :/
  14. I have been getting error connecting server - unknown error alot for the last week or so, anyone know how t solve it?
  15. CaptBlondebeard

    Space Mode

    Will space mode make a return? i missed it last time.