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    I'm a historian, with a broad interest in history in general, but in military history and military equipment in particular, and especially battleships and battlecruisers. War is bad, but one of the most significant events, and therefore worthy of study. We must never glorify war, or lose sight of the horrible consequences. Every life matters, war should be avoided if at all possible. But if we don't study war, and learn from our mistakes, how can we avoid making those same mistakes again?

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  1. TheCinC

    Suggestions thread

    Keeping station on a friendly ship is hard, because you can't easily obtain the same speed. How about this. Change the speed settings so that: Back = Full astern Stop = Stop (no means no, people) 1/4 speed = 7.5 KTS 1/2 speed = 15 KTS 3/4 speed = 22.5 KTS Full speed = 30 KTS Full speed = Full war emergency speed (Current top speed) For all ships capable of 30+ KTS that would mean they can maintain the same speeds up to 30 KTS. I realise now that I am writing this, that it would not be an ideal solution, as some ships can't reach 30 KTS. I figured it would work the same way, only with Full Speed becoming, say 25 KTS and Full Emergency War Speed, say 28. But that might not be workable, although I am inclined to think someone can think of a proper solution. Another solution might be easier: How about a button that increases (or decreases) speed to the nearest 5 KTS? Say you are going full speed of 37 KTS, press the button, it reduces to 35 and you match up with the slightly slower DD trying to keep up with you. Why would this be useful? Well, for AA support, for one thing, it is important to remain close to each other, but ships have such different speeds, it is impossible to match, so you may constantly have to adjust. Also, when advancing with a group of ships, some ships end up way ahead of others struggling to keep up, while working together is important.
  2. TheCinC

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    I like that suggestion. How about a CAP (not cap, but Combat Air Patrol) for CVs? A permanent CAP with a dual effect, fighting off enemy aircraft trying to snipe the CV, but also spot DDs that are nearby. And perhaps that CAP can be exhausted, like what happened to the IJN CVs during the Battle of Midway, where their CAP was drawn lower and lower by the first attacks, so they were unable to interfere with the later dive-bombing attacks that were disastrously (for the IJN) effective. This would mean an incoming DD would only have an easier time if the target was already, umm, softened up. But I also agree with earlier suggestions that something needs to be done to remedy either the way CVs can attack DDs or the way they can spot them, perhaps even both. I for one have said many times, DDs need more manoeuvrability, so they can dodge incoming attacks better. The more unpredictable their movement, the less accuracy incoming fire has. So changes in speed and directions multiply to give a (slightly) lower accuracy to whatever incoming fire. Because DDs, as it is now, just die too quickly. You get into trouble, chances are, you don't get out. Get spotted, smoke up? Ha-ha, radar or hydro and since you slowed down, you're effed. Get spotted, try to turn around? Harugumo has the turning circle of a cruiser, so good luck with that. Try to scout for your fleet? No AA support, so CV will have his way with this tasty morsel, while the enemy team lays fire down on you as if you said something mean about all their mothers. DDs just have NO margin of error, they need to stay up to 12 km away from radar cruisers, up to 6 km away from ships with hydro, don't have decent AA even on supposed AA DDs, are usually the first target shot at in any engagement. And that while the brave Blyskawica, helped defend the town of Cowes during WW2, by throwing up such a barrage that enemy aircraft stayed up so high they could not aim their bombs properly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Błyskawica#Operational_history I also agree with the assessment that a DD that has to operate with the fleet is useless. It won't help much as an escort and it won't be able to use its guns until the cruisers have taken care of the incoming threat. So we have to find a way to avoid the situation where we have to fight in a blob. At the very least, a cruiser/DD team should be able to operate together. Which reminds me of an idea I need to put into the suggestions thread..
  3. TheCinC

    Just fyi: Do not use CV if u care about karma

    This needs an emoji that can properly state: sad, but true..
  4. TheCinC

    New CVs

    Currently playing on the PTS and as a result I was just wondering if anyone else agrees that multiple CVs per team is not ideal in the current meta?
  5. TheCinC

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    I would have like to be able to unlock at least one RN CV, but as this isn't possible, I can't comment on them. I haven't even seen one on the PTS, I did see a Sovietsky Soyuz the other day, but only from a distance.. As for the collection, it's nice, but doesn't seem to unlock or do anything, does it give the CVs an additional camo, like some of the campaigns do? That'd be nice, otherwise it is pretty pointless.
  6. TheCinC

    Radar Rework

    I've got to say, the effect of this is not really noticeable. Six seconds in which you're engaged by only one ship doesn't save a DD. I am not even sure you can turn around a DD like Harugumo at full speed, it has the turning circle of a cruiser. Most other DDs wouldn't be in a much better position. Plus, if that one ship shooting you is a cruiser and his team pays attention, then that still hurts a lot, followed by his teammates pouncing on you the second they can. This game revolves around capping, but DDs consistently get punished for trying to do their job. And even if this would give a DD a bit more chance to escape, it is completely undone by being the first target of almost every CV player. When I play CVs in the current reworked situation, that is what I do, but I also see other CV players do that. Just attack a DD a few times with rockets, keeping him spotted, so your teammates can jump on the bandwagon too. All in all, this is nice, but too little and quite frankly, maybe too late. Playing DDs has become consistently more difficult since CBT and although I am basically a DD main, I am very close on giving up on them in random. Too much trouble for the odd game where you can excel.
  7. TheCinC

    New CVs

    In addition to my previous comments, I'd like to point out that the current meta is just.. broken. DDs have become progressively more difficult to play, BBs progressively easier overall, with cruisers very mixed something in between. DDs have no health pool, but can be countered by almost everything. Getting into a position where you can do some good, especially when trying to cap, is next to impossible. You get spotted either by a ship, or hydro, or radar, or aircraft, then struggle to get out of range of whatever takes the opportunity to shoot you. You literally can't contribute without team support, but often your team is either unable or unwilling to give that support. Cruisers aren't in a much better position, as they can be instakilled by a nice citadel or two. Meanwhile BBs don't break a sweat, as long as they are not alone on a flank. Perhaps worse, this game in its current state encourages gameplay that I think should not be encouraged, even rewards it. Bow on, hide behind islands, use radar or hydro from save cover, smoke up and shoot, shoot over islands, spam HE even if you're in a BB like Yama or GK. All those things are gimmicky, lame use of broken mechanics, which are actually encouraged because they work. The result of it all is a very passive gameplay, where players who push and try to do objectives get punished for doing so, instead of teamwork being rewarded and encouraged. If you push and die, people say: see, it doesn't work, told you so. If you try to cap and end up exposed, people will still shoot the enemy BB over the DD spotting you or the CA tearing you to shreds or illuminating you with radar. It is often near impossible to take care of a cruiser that is hiding behind an island, as you expose yourself for the entire enemy team while trying to make a push that gets far enough to get guns on that cruiser. Meanwhile, that cruiser can just use radar to illuminate the nearby cap or caps and deny them/allow their team to destroy any ship in the cap. The current state of CVs just adds another factor, namely incessant air attacks/near permanent spotting by CVs of DDs and CAs, making their already difficult jobs that much harder. CV fighters were never capable of winning the air war and now it won't even be possible to try. Imho, one of the main flaws of the previous incarnation of CVs was that it was not possible to just use a fighter loadout and neutralize enemy planes before they became a problem. There was no way a CV could act as a shield, the only way for a CV to take on another was by carrier sniping. CV players in the current meta may be even more focused on doing damage, which does not always help the team the most. All in all, the way I see it, the current version of CV problem does nothing to solve the real problems with CV (lack of a level playing field) and adds new ones to the already existing problems with this game. I really hope WG sees all this and acts swiftly, before things go from bad to worse. In all honesty, there is much more broken about this game than just CVs and I regret to say I find it less and less enjoyable. As it is now, I don't really feel like playing random at all and if the PTS is any indication, that won't change for a while at least. WG, I think it is time to get creative. There's a topic in gameplay with all kinds of suggestions from the playerbase, look there for new ideas or to see what the player base wants. Recently I've found myself wondering what would happen if line of sight mechanics were to be introduced for everything. So no more hiding behind islands to use radar/hydro or proxy spotting from a position where you can't be hit. AA can't shoot through islands, but neither can aircraft spot through islands. It might open up some interesting new ways of dealing with players hugging islands. But there are many more things that could be done to deal with the various problems this game has. If you can't figure it out, then benefit from the ideas of the community.
  8. TheCinC

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    I can't vote in this poll because my answer would be: neither. The old system was bad, only fun for unicum CV players that loved to defecate all over everyone else. A difference in skill in playing CVs directly translated in dominating the game, making it next to impossible for the other team to recover. The current system is not fixing the problem, that is, levelling the playing field so everyone has a chance to do reasonably well with a CV. Although I like the way you control squadrons now, I fear CVs still have an outside influence on the game, while doing too little to make playing CVs easier for everyone. And for those playing CVs who have strong feelings about this, I'd suggest coming up with a better way of doing things, while keeping in mind that going back to the old system is probably not going to happen. I'd much quicker see WG giving up on CVs completely, or nerfing them into oblivion so they can stay but will never have an outsize influence on the game.
  9. TheCinC

    New CVs

    To me it really makes no sense to buff all kinds of things and nerf others, while the main problem is not taken care of. As I said earlier, there are three different kinds of attack aircraft, but each of them plays in a different way. This doesn't help to level the playing field, that is the key issue that needs to be addressed. I don't get why the marker for the rocket carrying aircraft switches from a longer distance to closer once you commit to an attack. That makes it much less useful to judge if you're in range for a succesfull attack. I don't understand why torpedo bombers with slow torpedoes don't have a torpedo lead indicator. I keep missing attacks with torpedo bombers, even at the closest possible range because my torpedoes are so slow, they end up behind the ship I was targeting, even though I also dropped them ahead of them. As for dive bombers, it makes no sense that they gain altitude once you commit to the attack, that takes way too much time while causing me to struggle get the cross-hair properly aligned on the target. As for the cross-hair, it has a nasty habit of being difficult to see as it gets obscured by your aircraft. For all three types, despite my best efforts the past few days, I keep missing attacks that I thought were executed reasonably well. As for the damage that I do, even when I hit, it is laughable. My main threat to enemy ships is by spotting them, especially DDs. I am nowhere near confident to take this into random, as I am pretty sure I'll be outplayed by the opposing CV and that will not make anyone happy. That is and always has been the issue with CVs: some players can handle them, others can't and get crushed, leading to a lot of acrimony. No one likes feeling helpless, either as a victim of abuse by a really good CV player, or because they just can't compensate for a bad one. THAT is the problem that needs to be fixed and buffs and nerfs aren't going to cut it. Fix the UI, then we can truly judge what can be done with CVs and then we can talk about buffs and nerfs. All aircraft are also vulnerable to AA and some ships have AA that can reach out to 7 km and when combined with skills, consumables, upgrades are damn near untouchable. I just played a game in Worcester and wiped out at least two attacks in seconds. So some ships have AA that is really good and makes targeting them suicidal for any CV, but unless escort duties are instituted, even if that would be viable, that isn't very helpful. Smart CV players will just move on, the bad ones will just bash their heads against the wall again and again and waste time and aircraft while being useless to their teams. As I said before, AA firepower is still unpredictable. My advice would be to take that out, entirely. I don't want to waste points or upgrades on AA that will be useless when there is no CV around or the enemy CV player is smart enough to avoid my AA aura entirely. Again, that is detrimental to my team, if I am less effective due to speccing for AA, but not making much use of it, if at all. As for the CV player, it would be helpful to know in advance what they are in for, makes it easier to judge if an attack is worth it, again, levels the playing field. DDs still seem ridiculously vulnerable. Again, even just by spotting them, you can take them out of the game entirely. DDs already have the hardest job, which has become consistently worse since CBT. I have played mostly DDs ever since OBT, but I haven't even touched them since 0.8.0 as they had already become really frustrating to play and I am quite sure that playing them now would just be hell. Even if you are not targeted at the start (multiple DDs in the game and the CV is playing with his food elsewhere) then once you do get into position, any smart CV player will send some planes out ASAP, keep you spotted or force you to smoke up. DDs simply aren't stealthy enough, nor have enough AA to have a credible counter. As it stands now, I highly doubt even a DD like Gearing or Akizuki, arguably AA DDs, stands any chance to drive off a committed CV. I like the feel of the new gameplay, meaning the direct control over squadrons, but if players like me still struggle to make something of it, while other players can still crap over others, the only chance is to keep nerfing until no one can do any damage at all, before finally taking CVs out entirely. At this rate I really wonder how long we'll have access to the RN CVs..
  10. TheCinC

    New CVs

    I am one of presumably many players that was hella bad at playing CVs in the previous iteration, which resulted in me rarely playing them, even though I have a few of the premium CVs as well. I have now started to assess the current CV gameplay by playing them in Coop and the training room, mainly to see how it turned out, but also if I can do well enough at targeting that I might want to take them out in Random as well. So far, my response is mixed. I do like the direct control of aircraft, one squadron at the time. It feels as if I am much more in the middle of the action and actually flying my aircraft, instead of ordering them around and watching them bumble every attack because they respond too slowly. That much certainly is an improvement. It also makes a huge difference because I am terrible at multi-tasking, so all I need to do now is keep an eye on where my planes are headed and where my ship is at, relative to enemy ships, while being mainly focused on what my squadron is doing. That said, however, I think there is still a lot of work to be done for this update to be a success. As I understand it, one of the main aims of this update was to level the playing field, meaning that the spread between unicum CV players and below average CV players like me, should be much smaller. In order to achieve this, the new gameplay should be easy to understand, but I find that this is not the case. There are substantial differences between the three types of aircraft, especially in aiming, which is the whole point of the thing. -Attack aircraft with missiles can change course relatively substantially with ease, without adverse effects, in order to properly target the vessel you are engaging -Torpedo bombers can change course only slightly once the attack run has started, but with significant adverse effects, resulting in a botched drop, with torpedoes going in several random directions, if you make a mistake -Sometimes torpedoes can be dodged by turning into them, because their arming range is relatively huge. They are also very, very slow making it hard to judge where exactly to drop them, as you may end up with your torpedoes way behind the enemy ship, even if you drop them at just under the arming distance needed and the enemy ship does not turn into them. -Dive bombers are VERY hard to target properly, you need to be almost on top of your target AND take into account the movement of the enemy ship, or else you may end up short or over, without any way to adjust and basically waste an attack. It doesn't help that in this aspect they are so different from the other types. Moreover I've noticed that the targeting reticule is sometimes not fully visible, because it is obscured by your aircraft, for both attack aircraft with missiles and bombs. It is difficult to learn when to turn your aircraft, as sometimes you need a lot of space to turn around in time to do a proper attack run. Furthermore, some important data appears to be unavailable in the game client, such as the arming distance and speed of torpedoes (which is not included in all tooltips regarding torpedo bombers), or their interaction with the Torpedo Accelleration skill (which increases the arming distance and that information should be in the tooltip for that skill). In order to create a level playing field, such data should be easily accessible and intuitive for everyone. AA can be anything from negligible to devastating, in some cases I've lost an entire squadron in seconds, especially at the maximum range of an enemy vessels AA. Somehow it appears to me that AA is most devastating at the outer edge of their range. I do think AA needs to be overhauled further, that it may be necessary to completely get rid of any way to spec for AA, as the differences in AA are quite simply too great. The AA sector thing also seems next to useless for me and I am sure a skilled CV player will just bait a BB to set up its sector, withdraw, circle around, attack from the other side. With multiple carriers on a team this could be a very effective tactic. Moreover, I've always hated having a ship setup for AA and not encountering a CV, or having a ship not set up for AA and then encountering one and I think that many players will share that sentiment. I have no trouble with some ships just being better at AA, historically they were and they could play a role as AA escort for nearby ships, they should however not suffer in usefulness in games without a CV. So far, despite some difficulty in reliably landing hits with them, I do think torpedoes are the most dangerous weapons CV have. Rockets do next to no damage, even if you land several hits, with fire being too unreliable to do any meaningful additional damage over several games. I do like their relative accuracy, despite the rockets going seemingly everywhere once fired and the negligible damage that they do. Rockets do seem to be the ideal tool for harassing a DD with. Find the DD, circle around, attack, circle around while keeping him spotted, attack again, hit his engine, slow him down so friendlies can target him, or take him out of the game for a bit while it smokes up. Bombs are just so hard to target properly and also do unreliable damage, that I often don't bother with them, except in the odd game where I am running low on aircraft due to one flight getting completely obliterated for some reason. Finally it appears impossible to make money while playing CVs even with premium, even in games in which I think I did well. That might also need some balancing. Just my 2 cents.. I do wish that DDs like Gearing and Akizuki, would have an increased AA rating so they at least would stand a chance in fending off an air strike. So far it seems that DDs still just have absolutely negligible AA and not enough manoeuvrability to adequately dodge incoming attacks. I've started to attack DDs first with rockets, in order to take them out of the game as quickly as possible and unless enemy ships with substantial AA are nearby, there doesn't seem to be much they can do, even if it can take several attacks before they succumb, although admittedly I haven't tried my hand at playing against human players or using torpedoes against them except when stationary for some reason.
  11. TheCinC

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    As someone who is into this game because of an interest in naval history, I'd be against it. In part because it would mean yet another paper ship at top tiers, in part because it would result in all other ships needing buffs. One reason that there are so many paper ships at tiers VIII-X is that they have to compete with Yama. The Yamato class was intentionally designed as being ridiculously powerful. The biggest guns, the thickest armour, you name it. It took a ridiculous amount of dmg to sink those ships (Shinano doesn't count, she wasn't finished yet and her crew was not up to par). The whole point of the class was to force the US to counter with a ship so big it would not fit through the Panama Canal (or something smaller that would have been inferior). So the other tier X BBs are equally ridiculous to be even remotely competitive, with Montana possibly being the only exception cos she's based on an actual, completed design. As a result, tier X CAs need to be able to stand up to more punishment, DDs need to be more powerful to counter that, etcetera. Paper designs almost always end up with substantially buffed stats. In real life, there was something Norman Friedman called 'the squeeze'. Put simply, you have x tonnage and need to squeeze in guns, armour, propulsion, equipment, crew, and everything else that makes a ship. At one point or another, you're gonna have to compromise. Yamato is basically what happens when you don't compromise, although arguably her power plant is not sufficient compared to fast battleships. Paper designs in WoWs basically seem to assume that everything the designers intended would work exactly as intended, without drawbacks like extra weight. All real life ships of WW2 suffered from being overloaded due to adding radar and AA throughout the war. Since their stats are known, they're at a disadvantage against paper ships, sometimes making them struggle to compete, or fail completely, despite their proven value. So an ueber Yamato making that effect even bigger? No thanks.
  12. TheCinC

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Some people say that you can't control your CV while you have planes in the air, but that's not exactly true. With planes in the air (and not in immediate danger, obviously), just press M. The map comes up and you can click on a position on the map that you want your CV to go to, then use SHIFT+click to set the next waypoint, etcetera. Then press M again to get back to your planes. That is the most important thing, that you can set your CV on its way if the enemy pushes the side your CV is on.
  13. TheCinC

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I didn't have any issues with ship control. Press M, give an order, press M again, get back to controlling planes.
  14. TheCinC

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Saw something weird spectating our CV after my ship was sunk. An entire squadron of his aircraft spawned right next to him, then gradually they disappeared as he launched his aircraft.
  15. TheCinC

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Well then you're not in the test so you can't join. Registration is closed for now anyway, better luck next time. And please lead with that kind of information next time.