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    I'm a historian, with a broad interest in history in general, but in military history and military equipment in particular, and especially battleships and battlecruisers. War is bad, but one of the most significant events, and therefore worthy of study. We must never glorify war, or lose sight of the horrible consequences. Every life matters, war should be avoided if at all possible. But if we don't study war, and learn from our mistakes, how can we avoid making those same mistakes again?


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  1. Potential gets more after death

    Noticed this too. As you can see I am in the overhead camera, after my ship got destroyed, yet the potential damage counter is still ticking up. The wreck of my ship was still afloat, so maybe that still counts as a target or something? Because it took long enough for any shells still in the air to land.
  2. Sluggish interface with latest update

    @Wildf1re Regarding issues in battle, do you notice any lag spikes?
  3. Bug Reports

    1. Description Clan battles does not show the proper start time, despite game showing proper time on bottom right. 2. Reproduction steps Check start time of CB in Client, check time on bottom right. 3. Result Confusion about start time of CB. 4. Expected result Being clear on when CB starts. 5. Technical details See screenshot below.
  4. Busy day today.. Saw @Negativvv, @PointyHairedJedi and @Zen71_sniper today. In different battles, but still. Always fun seeing fellow forumites.
  5. Bug Reports

    1. Description Game stops responding. 2. Reproduction steps Randomly, while playing a game, the game freezes. When you press CTRL+ALT+DEL the task manager says the client is not responding. 3. Result Unable to play the game without shutting down and restarting the client. 4. Expected result The game not freezing. 5. Technical details This happened to me twice now. Once just after the update hit, so I made sure to install the latest Graphics card drivers. Since then, I've also had the Game Center verify that I have the proper version of Directx installed. That also checked out fine. But just now, I had another crash. Pressed CTRL+ALT+DEL, task manager showed client was not responding. Manually shut it down, restarted, was just in time to load in as the game ended, so I could see my results. This was just before 14:51 CEST today, about 10 mins before I posted this. I have also heard complaints from people in game that they crashed, including at one time our only CV, who got reported by teammates as a result, as they thought he was AFK.
  6. Bug Reports

    You know what? I think I have that too. Was looking for personal assignments for premiums that I bought a few weeks ago, figured I'd misremembered and maybe they'd run out. But this could very well be the explanation.
  7. Bug Reports

    @Hadramal Do you have any mods? Because I have a lot of flags and just checked, all my flags show up as they should. If you have a mod that also changes the (historical) ensigns, that could explain it, as the flag file is modified with each update and will have broken the mod.
  8. Bug Reports

    Not a new bug, but one that keeps reoccurring. When you're in a division and the division chat window is minimized for whatever reason, it doesn't always maximize when you click on it. Since the controls for readying up and such are in that window, that means you can't use them any more. Getting booted out of division and getting back in doesn't help. Only solution is restarting the client. This is especially annoying if you're division commander. No way to relinquish control or invite other people, you have to restart the client. Obviously, all chat windows should always maximize when you click on them. When the Div controls were separate from the chat windows, this was not an issue.
  9. TBH, I have a book for this. In Dutch, but imagine there's an English version, possibly the original.. Update (that was quick): got the book in front of me and it is not a translation. It is basically WW2, day by day. I can go through it and basically post anything Naval related or important enough to warrant inclusion. Let me know if you would like me to do that, cos it'll take a while, it is over 150 pages. And what the requirements are. @Tuccy
  10. New Operation "Cherry Blossom"

    Yesterday, after about 5 tries in a row, finally got a win, but by no means a five star one, we got maybe three. -Getting to the two regiments is too hard, they are too far away and under heavy fire, no matter what you do. -Night time is a good idea, somewhat poorly executed. I think it looks fine, but the flares are not under the control of the player. Just something to avoid, or else you get shot at a bit more, but that didn't even really seem to matter. What is missing is a tactical ability, for YOU to use, to launch flares so YOU can see the enemy, instead of random areas. Also, night time is too short. Much more could be done with this, I'd hate to see one of the few really novel ideas in this game get shut down because it is poorly implemented and therefore not really popular/not working as intended. -It is not clear where to aim on the aerodromes AND they are somewhat hidden behind a hill, so you need to run the gauntlet of tons of enemy ships before you can get to them. -You need to haul [edited]to the regiments, then haul [edited]back to the fleet, then need to spend time to repair, then haul [edited]to the aerodromes, while getting attacked incessantly. That makes this one pretty tough. It is not undoable, as we got a three star win after a few tries, with just some random peeps, so a clan might be able to ace this, depending on what the conditions are. But maybe allow a single BB as well, which can stay behind, meet up with the incoming carriers, provide fire support from the rear and AA support to the CVs.
  11. Arsenal

    That is somewhat comforting, but let's hope they never change their opinion on this, other than with the kind of restrictions that I laid out. Gotta say I missed that, but then again, the best place to put it would be in the OP.
  12. General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    I think 'balancing' the Grozovoi by giving it an extra slot, explicitly for radar, is a spectacularly bad idea. Aside from giving needless ammunition for the already prevailing claims of 'Russian bias, comrade!' it is just not fair. Grozovoi is a great ship already, no need to allow it to smoke up and radar stuff. The firing and torping from smoke-meta was hated enough that this kind of thing was nerfed a few patches back, why bring it back? Because a DD is about the only ship that can fire from smoke and NOT be spotted at under 7.5 km. This will be especially frustrating to all DDs, especially Japanese DDs, that have absolutely no counter to that. Yeah, torping into smoke, fine, but if the Grozovoi player is not a window licker he will use the smoke + radar + fire in a situation where the enemy DD has just launched his torps. Or against an Asashio, which can't even torpedo a DD or a CA sitting in smoke. I was happy with the very slight buff to Shima recently, but she's still a tricky ship to play in the current meta of radar and hydro, no need to add yet another counter. The Yueyang is forced to choose radar OR smoke, which I think is fair, although Z-52 has hydro AND smoke. But I have used Z-52 almost exclusively for CB and also exploited the smoke + hydro combo in Ranked as its so powerful. So hydro in an extra slot I can get behind, although it'd be more appropriate for Yueyang, since she can't torpedo DDs hidden in smoke. But TBH, combinations like that are OP, especially when you consider the Japanese line, which has none of those advantages and often left to fend for itself. Stealth is not gonna help you when radared. Please reconsider this change.
  13. Arsenal

    If it is truly intended to hand out tier X ships like candy, this is a seriously bad idea. Gameplay at tier X is already hands down the most frustrating because you would THINK people had learned to play the game before tier X, but that is not exactly necessarily so. There is a reason Premiums stop at tier VIII and Freemium ships at tier IX. No one wants an inexperienced player at tier X. Never mind Ranked or CB. You bring the whole team down. So I hope there will be requirements like: You can buy a tier X BB -IF- you already own the tier VIII of that nation's BB branch (so that you're familiar with how that nation's BBs work), AND already own at least one tier X BB of another nation, AND you have at least 100 battles in that tier X BB with a winrate within at least 1% of the average for that BB. For example, I saw a Yamato in random recently that was firing HE, almost ran aground, therefore providing a nice broadside view, which led to him getting citadeled by a North Carolina. Other than that, he contributed nothing. Even more worrying, handing out tier X carriers BEFORE the CV rework is a SPECTACULARLY bad idea. Bad CV players are already reviled when they are on your team, there's no need to add more. It is really unclear how this is supposed to work, but if it just going to be: play x battles and buy a tier X ship and mess around in it, then that is a firm, hard no for me. Buying camouflages, signals, for a resource that is basically free? Go for it, yes, that is how this should work. Handing out tier X ships like candy to woefully inept players so they can screw up high tier gameplay even more for everyone else? No! Heck no! Please be careful when introducing this new feature. I would VERY MUCH like more information on what is planned here, but, alas, fear that will not be forthcoming until its (about to be) introduced. That said, a feature like this could be most welcome provided it does something like providing a source of signal flags and suchlike. So maybe also allow us to use non-free XP, or silver, to buy stuff in the Arsenal? Without having to convert it first?
  14. But why tho? The game has an in-game option to disable most if not all of the fantasy camos. As a historian, I hate the in-game fictitious flags, but I still ended up with them even when I used a mod, cos every single update breaks whichever mod you use until the modder releases a patch. I grew tired of having to continuously download and update so stopped using it. I'd rather have an empty flag staff or whatever they are hung from than the ones they use now for the KM or IJN, as that seems a nice midway point between offensive historical flag and ridiculous made up one. But unfortunately, there is no in game option for that, unlike for the camo thing. I do take you know this exists, so which camos does it not exist for? Or do you just mean all the green and orange and whatnot camouflages?
  15. Oh look, another one.

    I started the surprisingly successful topic ages ago, in large part due to frustration with people not even TRYING to play the objectives. I have often complained that the capping system is flawed, has no bearing on reality and makes the game frustrating and unrewarding for DDs. I've also campaigned for historical game modes, which should now be possible in Operations at least. Regrettably, little has changed. Team play is not really encouraged, nor is it really encouraged to learn the basic rules of the game. This is noticeable even at tier X. Lately, in discussing this with a member of my clan, the phrase 'failed their way up' has been used a lot. This describes the situation exactly. Anyone who plays this game long enough will end up with high tier ships, even if they have no clue, or just no inclination, to play them properly. As someone who plays DDs a lot, this is a big problem. DDs can't flourish without proper support, can't cap in the face of smart/strong opposition. Leading to a lost game, despite the DD player being willing to risk their ship. Leading to frustration on said DD player and anyone who DID try to support or otherwise play for the objectives. Check my OP in the topic above. How many obvious points do I make there, that anyone who has played this game for at least a few weeks should know? How many players have you encountered that did not even seem to know these basic rules? How often are you in a game where one person or a few try to coordinate and other people disagree and split completely from the rest of their team, get clobbered, as in the title of my OP in said thread. Regularly, I end up in games with an AC split, try to point out the disadvantage, people ignore me, go their own way, we end up with a lost cause or a fight uphill for no good reason. This game would be a whole lot better if poor play was not just thought of in terms of team damage, but also in not doing what is right to win the current battle. Such as BBs spamming enemy BBs and ignoring the CA killing their DDs. Etc. Etc. Etc. To anyone who agrees things could and should be better, maybe (please) use my other successful thread for its intended purpose: If you don't have ideas of your own, then please upvote whatever you agree with, in hope that it gets traction with WG. Keep pointing out things like this and hope it will be picked up at some point. By and large I am pretty happy with the current state of the game, but yes, potatoes will potate but WG should not facilitate. I for one would enjoy this game even more if people were in some way encouraged to play the objectives, or the objectives were revamped in such a way that a player always contribute to the overall game, such as in a deathmatch objective.