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  1. Grim_Destiny

    Ranked Battles

    I don`t get it... What`s the point here?
  2. Grim_Destiny

    [CV] WG did it, congratulations

    CV used for spotting is historically just wrong. At least by the time 1942 came to a close. CV were intended as support ships and should be a worth while function for low-tier CVs. But later in the war the CV was the primary strike vessel and all other ships were CV support ships- carriers did the striking and killng. Turning Essex and Midway into support ships is a miserable [edited]-up.. NOTE: WG should copy Steel Ocean and introduce fuel on planes. Can`t fathom why they haven`t. Provides far better gameplay...
  3. CVs at tier 4-5 seem to get matched pretty good with CAs and BBs at the same tier or +/- 1 CVs at tier 6-7 get matched all the way up to 9-10, but never below their tier and very rarely at the same tier. When i play CA or BB at tier 8, i rarely see any CVs, but when playing CVs i often get put in games with 4x CVs. In these games there are always CVs at different tiers and at tier 6-7 they get matched with BBs and CAs at tiers +2-3. At this point i`m so fed up that i`ve decided to drop out of games where CV is this poorly matched. I will never play another such game. Which might be sad for the team i`m matched with, but I find these games to be a waste of my time. When matched with BBs and CAs 2-3 tiers above my CV, single tender fighters will wipe out full squadrons of fighters and BBs and CAs will wipe bomber squadrons before they get close. Attacking a BB means loosing an entire squadron. CVs don`t get the bomber HP upgrade until tier 8. Matching tier 6 with tier 8-10 BBs and CAs is completely retarded. What`s the point of playing CVs at tier 6-7 with this kind of matching. I`m far better off playing CVs at tier 4 and 5 until i unlock tier 8 CV.. it`s just stupid..
  4. There is no way my CV can compete at that level. BB and CA tender fighters wipe out my fighter squads in no time and my TB squads are getting wiped before they can drop more than a single torp. What the hell is going on? Do I need to stick with tier 4 and 5 CVs until i`ve unlocked tier 8 CV and can compete again? This is pissing me off...
  5. Grim_Destiny

    New carrier plane loadouts

    this they had to do- Money has been too easy to make. I make 1.5 mill per hour and when i`m in the zone, I can do 2+ mill in an hour- With Premium account
  6. Grim_Destiny

    New carrier plane loadouts

    This sucks.. Hakuryu 2/3/3 set up was an amazing all round setup. 150K damage was easy and you could effectively take on fighters from hostile CVs There is not a single change to CVs, since the beta weekends started, that I have enjoyed..
  7. Grim_Destiny

    Manual drop Captains Ability

    Are they changing the CV loadout? I`m really enjoying the 2/3/3 setup- Works great for getting around fighter CVs. You don`t need massive amounts of fighters for air superiority- that`s just a stalemate. Sinking the CV gives you all the superiority you need- for that you only need to pre-occupy the hostile fighters while you strike and sink the CV pestering you With fighters..
  8. Grim_Destiny

    Japanese carriers OP?

    Actually- according to the video.... You did 61K damage, got 1494 Points (total) and shot Down 23 planes
  9. Grim_Destiny

    The edge of the map "Exploit".

    Rushing to kill hostile CV is a proper tactic- why would that need fixing? If the CV has proper protection and the player isn`t at idiot, he will survive.
  10. Grim_Destiny

    The edge of the map "Exploit".

    I HATE THESE [edited] I sink their [edited] and then I curse them in chat. I`d sink my own teammates if they pulled this crap- especially the CV players that deliberately run for the map border. I`ve noticed a number of high ranking players that go for the map corners- these are especially tricky to sink and i`m assuming this is how a couple of highly ranked individual manage their high kill Count and XP.. Others seem to have found geometry on the map they can hide in. There are certain Places where People can park their CV where it is NOT possible to torpedo them. Not going to reveal where I saw this. Cowardly and retarded play.
  11. Grim_Destiny

    Japanese carriers OP?

    1. Focus fire left (or right) 2. Turn hard into the TB Squad on Your opposite flank- aim to pass through his line of Torps 3. You`ll eat the Torps originally coming from Your front, but you`ll throw off the DBs aim and might force the other TB Squad to re-align, giving Your AA time to deal With it. I`ve survived attacks from upwards to 12 squadrons on multiple occasions. Weaving in and out, banking left and right, sweating my pants off and coming out of it With 50 planes shot Down, quarter Health and two opposing CV players scared of my coming response. On one occasion this massive attack was so prolongued i had to defend against two Waves, because the attacking CVs were re-launching Squads as they were defeated and just kept the pressure up. Got out With a sliver of Health and 94 planes shot Down. I fucked them up good afterwards. This was maybe 4-5 weeks ago.
  12. Grim_Destiny

    Meanwhile on RU forums , patch 0.4.0 or somethin....

    Why would anyone be using manual aiming With Japanese carriers??? Auto-aim is so much better. With manual aim you get 2-3 hits per Squads. With auto-aim i consistently get 3 hits per Squad, but quite often i get between 9-11 torp hits With 3xTB Squads using auto-aim. I don`t even look anymore. I just set the approach vector and i move screen to NeXT target. I only manually drop With US carriers. For Jap carriers it`s all about the auto..
  13. Grim_Destiny

    Japanese carriers OP?

    Personally i think Taiho is [edited] Hiryu is amazing because it`s basically a Shokaku that gets matched With lower tiers. Shokaku is a beast- i slaughter Taiho, Lexington and Essex With it all the time. Haven`t played Hakuryu yet, but the stats are amazing- that`s a wicked ship. I wouldn`t Call Japanese CVs OP, but I would Call American Carriers Garbage. I loved the Lexington before its' airgroup got nerfed- now it`s a pointless ship you need to get through to get to the Essex. Essex is amazing. Last week i have been getting consistently way over 100k XP per match. I checked the Midway and that thing has to be a joke. -Absolute crap concealment -Worse secondary gun layout than Lexington at tier 8 (very bad considering the crappy concealment) -Same AA as Lexington, which is bad since it has 20% greater detection range -Absolute rubbish airgroup composition- by this I mean it`s an utter joke -Speed of jet fighters? What is this speed you`re talking about. Not sure jet fighters, around 1945, could actually fly operationally at that crappy speed. It`s like Wargaming really doesn`t want you to play the midway. For US carriers you should be playing tier 5 or 9. Japanese CVs are also much more user friendly. Far easier to kill stuff. Just point and click With auto-aim. I don`t even look anymore. I just choose attack pattern and then move to another part of the screen and plan the Next attack.
  14. Grim_Destiny

    E3 info: OBT starting end of June

    That means a total stat wipe.. No point in grinding anymore then..
  15. Grim_Destiny

    Meanwhile on RU forums , patch 0.4.0 or somethin....

    I like the stuff about "compliments".. Also looking forward to Midway..