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  1. Can we have less RNG based events ?

    Funny we have the same opinion on WoT.... I used to play that game 24/7 until a year ago. Since then I didn't play that game anymore. The main issue with WoT, is despite that community is dead, and playerbase is just fully carcinogen, I'm pretty sure from WG point of view that game is still alive, as it probably keeps flowing money into their wallet. Also what WG still don't understand is that casual players are not what makes the community and the game alive. Main problem is, it still makes them a lot of money....
  2. Can we have less RNG based events ?

    Well, with this event, I just told myself I wouldn't buy any premium ship anymore (instead of the one and a half per month I was buying for the past year) But short term vision has always been WG guideline. The main issue is when the community will have left, they will have little more money to make.
  3. Can we have less RNG based events ?

    Yeah, but why does it have to rely on RNG in the first place ? I mean the british bb event frm last year was great, because the rewards were guarenteed, not lucked out
  4. Can we have less RNG based events ?

    Don't worry, I'm not gonna buy any of those RNG boxes if that's what you thing of. I just mean I'll play the event week after week to get the containers, and eventually I'll get something. It's just that this game is more and more synonym of frustration over fun... but that's what they want this game to be, so be it I'm also slowly buying less and less from the premium shop.... so hopefully their casino lootboxes will comensate for that
  5. Can we have less RNG based events ?

    I know, I'm just saying this RNG base thing is garbage. I guess I'll just have to drop 50+ of those stupid stuff before I get 1 ship.... again....
  6. Can we have less RNG based events ?

    So the title says it well: can we stop having RNG base events ? I mean, I thought the point of the event was mainly to get access to the british dd before release and/or getting started on the line without having to play them from tier 2. Or, I played to get ALL of the containers of the past 3 weeks (including this one, but not including the containers reserved for tier7+ british dd), and out of those 38 containers I got nothing so far. I know it's suppose to be RNG, but what is my current reward from the event ?... nothing. Guess I still have those special currency for buying premium ships but, that's not the reason of the event. So for taking part in the event, and investing time in the game I am rewarded with basicaly nothing. Same during the french BB release event. I had to drop 48 containers (maybe 47 I'm not exactly sure) to get ONE ship. And this ship was the only one with the total of slightly more than 50 containers I dropped. Why does it have to be RNG base, and thus not rewarding you based on the time you spend doing the event, rather than being completely random and unfair ? I mean the british BB event felt much better: you played to complete the missions, you got a ship FOR SURE ! Disclaimer: I open this thread on my own, and my opinion does not necessarily represents the one of my clan-mates. PS: I am aware I probably put a billion grammar and orthograph mistakes.
  7. [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    Hi, Sorry for not checking the forums more often, which explain my kinda late re-answer ^^ Well, the API stuffs explains a bit what I expected. I mean in the game they are registered as credits ships so it somehow makes sense. Thanks for the fix, I'll have to check it out. But I'm not playing as often as I used to, so I'm less in the need to have the RNG ship genarator to tell me what to play :-( PS: did you find a way to automate that or will you have to add manually any free xp ships or coal ships ?
  8. General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    Hello there, Glitch Island sent ship flying I found a glitch on Neighbor. I was attempting to ground on an island to mess up ennemy dd torps, but it didn't end the way I expected : My ship went half under water, half in the air, then turned 90 degrees on its left flank. After 10 seconds of flight, I ended back in the water. I enclosed the replay of the game, as well as a record made with the Nvidia something, of the glitch moment. It happened at 8:50 ingame clock. World of Warships 12_08_2018 11_00_36.zip 20180810_214516_PFSB107-Lyon_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  9. Bug Reports

    Also the camera jump for no reason when using free view, or releasing it (non CV ships)
  10. Bug Reports

    I found bugs which are not yet recorded. Ship bug : The Richelieu "The Maid of Orleans" camo does not follow the guns (see embedded screenshot for better understanding) edit : I forget to mention I know people with the Gascogne and "Maiden of Orleans" camo, and it does it bug as well. Other Bug : You can't do an operation other than the operation of the week. If you try to do so (even with 7 memebers) you get trhown in the queue and after 30 secinds you are send back to the logging screen.
  11. [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    Hi there. Today, I wanted to play premium only using this tool, but the thing is free xp ship (such as Nelson, Missouri and others) are not counted in the premium filter but credits ships. Is that intentionnal or is it a "bug" ? I undesrtand why they are in the credits category, because they actually do cost credits. But on the other hand they have the advantages of premium ships and in my opinion it would make more sens to have them here. edit before post : I just dl the latest version, but the "issue" is still there. It also affect reward ships such as Flint and Black
  12. [OCTO] [OCTOC) Recruiting players

    It's easter, time for most people to go fetch some chocolate eggs (most likely undr the rain). But it could also be a great time for you to join our clan, as long as you fullfill the requirements above. This way, we could try to catch more eggs together And appearently some cooies as well... See you on the seas captains
  13. [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking about when I said I wasn't sure if it was possible. Then I have a couple suggestions for you (from my own experience of using your programm) : _ add some reset butons for the filters : for exemple, when we're doing scenarios, I uncheck all tier but the one needed. So when we're done with it I have to reable all other tiers. (it's more situationnal, but I think it might be an interesting feature) _ add an option to allow us to see all the ship that are currently considered by the randomizer, and allow us to disable ships manually As youm mentionned it, saving preferences would be great, but only if you can unselect ships manually (and eventually add them manually). Because otherwise, I don't think saving preferences will save much time, as typing your name to find your ships isn't that long at all. If I can think of anything else, I will let you know.
  14. [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    Nice work I'm using it now, and it's much better than watching your ship for hours, being like "wich one am I gonna play....." Just a suggestion but I'm not sure if it's possible, is to find out the ship you actually have in port (so it doesn't tell you to play a ship you sold a long time ago anymore)
  15. [OCTO] [OCTOC) Recruiting players

    OCTO recruitement programm continues: There's still 9 free spot What we want : 1000+ Battles Played 52%+ WR 1000+ PR Aged 18 years or above Active 3+ days a week Active for Clan Battles Use of Discord when online and to be willing to Division up Can speak and understand English Has good, clear working headset or mic What we offer: Divisions, Clan Battles, Scenarios for those who still need 5 stars And also some fun time on other games from now and then, because it's always nice to release the stress from CB If you fullfill the requirements, do not hesitate and send a message to Maddog30, Maric_7, Salbogus or myself to join the great venture. You can also directly postule in game, or by replying to this topic. See you on the seas captains