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  1. Animalul2012

    Make citadels un-overpennable

    OH really? Then go play a cruiser charge a battleship show full broadside and see how long you last... oh and i advise you to play the minotaur since it is squishy so you should get only overpens and dont forget that heal!!!
  2. Animalul2012

    ST: Inertia Fuse for HE shells and plating changes

    Oh forgot about that so that means they will remain the same! But wont theyre pen get the 1/5 treatment as well?
  3. Animalul2012

    ST: Inertia Fuse for HE shells and plating changes

    I might be wrong but it think these changes might buff some strong ships that dont require any buffs rather nerfs! It says that 152mm HE from tier X will penetrate all heavy cruisers armor and most battleships! I am the only one who thinks that this might be a huge buff to those dakka ships like smolenks and colbert? And what if we add IPHE with them does that mean that they will pen 32mm of armor and above? If yes then we are screwed!
  4. Animalul2012

    ST - Changes to test ships

    Sap shells sound good but you still have to cap theyre damage against destroyers and maybe make them suffer more when it comes about to damage saturation! Otherwise the changes are good!
  5. Animalul2012


    Hey WG i wonder if this has something to do with you COUGH COUGH stupid chat bans?
  6. Animalul2012


    Nothing restarted the game and nothing! And also when i logged on first i got the 5 french riviera camos why would I not get the tokens as well?
  7. Animalul2012


    Last night i was in top 5% with about 10000 points and now i open the game i go to hall of fame and see that it is over! I check my notifications in game and i get only the guaranteed reward which was 5 french riviera camouflages! Where are my other 900 french tokens that should i get?
  8. Animalul2012

    Revising captain tree, modifications and give secondaries more chance

    Really do we need another commander tree reset?! C mon people just remove it already, everyone cries about IPHE but they like theyre 150-180mm cruisers to stand a chance when they are uptiered, they hate HE but they love using Demolition expert, they cry about HE being overpowered ALL DAY LONG but they dont give a crap how SAP does full damage at every angle on each salvo and does not give a damn about damage saturation while HE after 1-2 salvos damage drops significantly. Secondarys? ONLY FOR GERMAN BATTLESHIPS CRAZY SECONDARYS give them AFT already build in make Gunther Lutjens a special commander for battleships give him 100% secondary dispersion reduced when using manual secondarys, 30% increase in range for AFT heck even better BFT! To much sniping? How about more cyclones and can we get them announced by the start of the match because you know it takes 5 minutes until cyclone approaches( and this happens after 4 minutes since the battle started) but by the time it approaches the enemy is barely having alive 3 ships! More storms, more cyclones, Night battle, RAINY DAY battle, Snow battle and the list can go on! Dont compare HOI4 to WOWS as they are two different games by a big margin( imagine earth and water type of difference) The commander skills look good to me and they dont need changes right now, also who stops you using SE, DE, Range mod, target aquissition on your battleships? or any secondary and AA bonuses on your cruiser or destroyers, also tank build for cruisers? just moskva and stalingrad but even then these 2 get exterminated way way faster than a battleship with the same tank build! Fix something that is broken not something that works like buffing old ships( khabarovsk, huang he, low tier american battleships, some low tier cruisers, german destroyer line and the list can go on) and nerfing some other( harugumo and kitakaze, kremlin) How about a reworked ranked system? something new in clan wars? new maps? but no from all of them you are not alright with commander skills really?
  9. Animalul2012

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Free xp ships: Musashi has great guns but missoury gets radar so it can deal with destroyers and the credit potential is also increased! Kronshtadt is just a sovietsky soyuz but with no armor, no special damage control, crappy dispersion at all ranges, crap HE, no overmatch ( apart from RN light cruisers) is a garbage ship! Alaska:worsk when you get close 14km or less but at long ranges AP penetration drops way to much, shells are also quite slow and he is quite reliant and it gets graf spee disperion eclipse( unlike krontrash) this is a good ship when it gets close but if you are forced to snipe from 16-19km range then its pretty crappy too! Azuma: I have this ship its armor is way to squishy, rudder shift is to slow, guns need better rate of fire but overall AP is reliant, HE is awesome, concealment is EH ( i play this ship with double rudder mod ) I would buff its reload of gave it 30mm deck armor! Friesland: dont have it but from the looks of it, it is just another kronshtadt it struggles to do damage( i mean can this ship do damage in open water without smoke?) low HP, eats a lot of damage, no heal, NO TORPEDOES, 6.4 minimum concealment oh man!!! What does this ship have fast firing guns? Kitakaze has better guns with improved HE penetration and has torpedoes. Friesland would have needed its concealment down to 6.1 or maybe 6.2km and needs a HEAL maybe improved HE pen but not like kitakaze improve it so it can pen 30mm armor when it is using IPHE! Overall I thing only Musashi and Missoury are the only truly worth it free xp ships, I like azuma because i can do damage from across all ranges but this does not mean it is a good ship if the enemy battleship RNG says YES then you are going to get one shoted( i got in ranked one shoted from a jean bart !)The rest kinda suck kronstrash is just garbage in my face, alaska is only good when it gets close but how often does that happen? And Friesland? there are better ships out there in the tech tree in fact this might be one of the worst t9 destroyers!
  10. Animalul2012

    Why is F-keys layout different in WoWS comparing to WoT?

    Does not matter both games are OWNED BY WARGAMING NET!
  11. Animalul2012

    Bad economy , bad calculations ? You be the judge.

    Have you ever played this game older brother world of tanks aka wot? go take a look at its economy and then come back here...you will be surprised how good the economy of this game is!
  12. Animalul2012

    german battleships are not "viable"...

    German battleships should get soviet style damage control or give them AFT or Manual secondarys already build in so they can spend some points into survivability. German destroyers are horrible: HE is useless, AP works only when showing broadside and it lacks penetration, torpedoes are nice but they do too little damage, big and awful concealment all these for a hydro? Really? give them 1/4 he pen or improve AP penetration so we can citadel broadside moskva from 10km, mass, gaede, z-23 need theyre concealment buffed, z-52 could use 1k or 1.5 k more HP and 1500 additional torpedo damage!
  13. Animalul2012

    Radar are not balanced

    Destroyers with infinite torpedoes is not balanced or realistic either, battleship that can survive 5 torpedoes without getting knocked back is not realistic either, destroyers surviving 6 460mm shells is not realistic either... do you see a pattern here mate? Well i start to think that the playerbase is destroying this game and not only WG, they hate IPHE but they like to have a chance when they are uptiered in theyre t6 cruiser or any 150-180mm cruiser, they hate research center but they still free xp 5 lines to they can get an OP ship and if it is balanced they [edited] about it( see new OHIO GOD STUPID PLAYERBASE and to think that wot players pray everyday so that obj 279 and chieftain can get nerfed).They hate HE so now WG will have SAP witch can deal above 10k damage every salvo and shells dont overpenetrate or give a damn about damage saturation unlike HE and AP! So can you already stop with this OMG NERF RADAR nonsense! Go play a simulator instead if you dont like how this arcade radar works!
  14. Animalul2012

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Trash ship just like kronshtadt! Ship that cant do damage is garbage, get daring, jutland, kitakaze dont waste free xp on friesland unless you are a collector!
  15. Animalul2012


    Friesland lol another t9 free xp ship that will suck just like the so called OP kronshtadt! Why i say this? Good luck with 2 turrets you are going to do a lot of damage to enemy cruisers or battleships and aganist destroyers well kitakaze, jutland, black, fletcher all hold theyre own and they get better concealment than you! If you just want a friesland just get a daring or a gearing !