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  1. Animalul2012

    How do you play the Kronshtadt? Give me Advice!

    You do not play it! the ship is horrible nothing good at! BIG with 25mm of armor all around you can not bow in and every 38cm battleship will give you 10k or even 30k salvos, HE spam will destroy you,japanese gunboats and american light cruisers love the most. The guns are GARBAGE: dispersion is awful, Roma levels, no overmatch capability( except RN cruisers) no improved pen angles ships just need to angle a little bit and you will only get overpens and ricochets. AA is bad even with defensive aa fire active, concealment is bad aswell. I have not played this ship after they gave it 60 sec fire duration not a single match in it. This ship needs a desperate dispersion buff and 30mm plates or just give it similar guns to stalingrad. BAD ship ALASKA is GODLIKE compared to krontrash! And about angling it only works aganist potato BBS, the ones with brain will destroy you no matter what you do!
  2. Animalul2012

    More dd's really??

    Well i dont know about you but german dds need some buffs, khabarovsk needs buffs, le terrible needs a smoke, yueyang needs buff and the entire japanese gun boat line needs a BIG nerf just like khabarovsk got 4 patches! And about that crying they probably dont like seeing CVS that neuter theyre main advantage, concealment. So now why are bbs crying?. why are cruisers crying?. why are CV crying?
  3. Animalul2012

    Submarine gameplay and mechanics - what would you like to see?

    How about NO! they were OP in the haloween event, destroyers barely could harm you and battleships were hopeless aganist you! NO to submarines!
  4. Animalul2012

    Radio Location - good decision to implement?

    radio location in randoms))) da comrade i want you to know where i am so i can know as well were you are... close.. and dont even try that torpedoe trick it aint gonna work, especially on an RN destroyer)) But yeah i dont find this skill that good, i mean there are way better skils at 4 points! concealment is still good, fire prevention is great for bbs, secondarys and aa for some battleships again and even cruisers( AA i mean) but for destroyers... eh i want more HP, better torpedo reload, better reload and even range. radio location is worth it mostly on japanese destroyers and zao, henry works as well you catch the destroyer with your speed boost going 44 knots!
  5. What nations are worth it and why? what nations are painful to play and what are a pleasure to play? Well I will start first: 1-Japan: this is WG favorite nation, destroyers got buffed almost every patch, gunboat ones are broken, some cruisers may be weak but overall they are great at kitting away, battleships feature reliable guns and require proper angling, carriers: well i think they were and still are the worst! 2-US: destroyers are quite good,feature alright torpedoes and good guns and a log lasting smoke, cruisers get massive AA, improved ap angles( heavy ones), alright concealment, but i have to say that theyre play style is quite boring, battleship have an underwater citadel, powerful guns with great penetration and damage and good dispersion, the lower tiers ones are quite slow and the shells require proper aiming, carriers: well i always thought that the lower tiers one we weaker than the japanese counter parts but for me midway always was the superior carrier and even now it has great dive bombers scary rockets with good speed, only the torpedo bombers seem weak. ( and lest not forget those AP bombs in the past where you could one shot some ships) 3-France: French ships are quite hard to play, theyre battleships are more like flanking ships and republique can overmatch 30mm of armor( what it is founded on most cruisers) the cruisers were enjoyable to play for me all of them except the algerie, god like speed, great AP and HE, quite paper but henry gets some 30mm plates. overall I think French ships get dangerous as the match goes on. 4-UK: battleships are paper but they get a super heal( you are still going to die if everyone is looking at you) the HE is way to strong, great concealment, ok AP. cruisers: i think these are the hardest cruisers to play in the game, large citadel and have only AP, but they are effective once you learn how to play them( these ships are not for everyone) destroyers: i find them quite hard to play as well: daring and jutland need IPHE to use theyre HE shells, torpedoes are meh, concealment is quite good, they are the slowest destroyers, hydro is mostly an defensive tool, 7 charges of smoke but they last only 40 sec, good handling. again i think these destroyers are not for everyone. 5-USSR: well i thing theyre destroyers got powercreeped, except the grozovoi and maybe kiev and tashkent, cruisers are paper, but all of them from 2 to 9 require IPHE to do reliable HE damage the velocity is only nice on paper the shells spend alot of time in the air( except moska) they get horrible concealment and if you are caught broadside you are going to die just as fast as a RN cruiser. However i think they they get the best radar in the game, chapayev is going to be strong in t8 ranked game, moskva is still good but you need to sit at range, you get detected from the moon and everyone wants to shot your broadside, i find stalingrad to be the better ship. So USSR has some quite nice ships and some horrible and some ships that simply just not worth it! 6-Germany: battleships used to be nightmare to fight in close combats but now theyre secondarys are joke, bad disperion, bad damage, fire chance at least kurfurst and FDG get 1/4 pen rule on them. guns fell inconsistent even when you get close, they have a turtle back, very good HE protection, hydro and that is pretty much it! cruisers: good armor, turtleback, improved HE pen in exchange for lower alpha and fire chance, ap does a lot of damage if the enemy is caught broadside, sluggish, a lot of torpedoes that are good in a cyclone, meh concealment, good AA. the cruisers are still good, i believe hindenburg will become even stronger when soviet bbs and italian ones will arrive, just look at them they get 40 and 50mm plates, HE will do the job aganist these. destroyers: the lower tier ones are fun to play but i think that some of them( gaede, mass maybe z-23) need a better concealment, torpedoes do low damage but they get awesome detection, speed and reload, again strong AP, HE is weak, short smoke , good speed and a hydro. i thing they could use a little buff to theyre he pen, damage or ap. 7-pan asia: Why would you grind a line when you know that the T10 is not worth it at all? why? do you want suffer or it is the last line you have to grind? Overall i think all nations are strong in theyre way, i consider some german ships that need buffs and i think that france=uk=ussr. pan asia right now is not worth it will see how theyre cruisers perform. And i am not quite sure about japan and us but i still see that japan own those broken gunboats and us has the island hugging light cruisers, but again i thing they are both strong equally. Congratulations of you made it to the final. Keep in mind that this is my opinion,, opinion that might change in the future regarding the nerfs and buffs to some ships and the addition of new nations( Italy, commonwealth, pan-america, poland)
  6. Animalul2012

    Charles Martell

    Dont know about you but the french cruisers starting from martel are the most dangerous ones in great hands! They can do ANYTHING! obliterate battleships, exterminate cruisers and hunting destroyers ( henri going 44 knots and with RPF my god). Henry is the ship i play when i am mad about losing a game or a when I had a low damage game! I will tell you something: french cruisers became more dangerous as the match goes on! But if you dont like them then maybe try japanese cruisers( zao is the biggest counter to a henry and hindenburg).
  7. Animalul2012

    High tier German destroyers

    i am making my way towards them right now! and i fell that they should get a gun buff and some of them even a concealment buff( gaede, mass, z-23) About the gun buffs they should give them 1/4 pen on the HE shells and if it turns to be broken( like kitakze and harugumo) they could increase HE alpha from 1500 to 1600 and increase AP penetration and maybe better damage? and how about a 1k better HP for the z-52?
  8. Animalul2012

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    2-v-25 3-vampire 4-v-170 5-none 6-shinonome 7-z-39 8-kiev and lighting 9-chung mu 10- grozovoi and daring.
  9. Animalul2012

    AI difficulty

    I think they use a very good aimbot, i mean they even get citadels on you from 20km going full max speed... but theyre positioning is horrible most if the time they show broadside, yolo rush and barely use theyre torpedoes!
  10. Animalul2012

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    I have only 1! and that is henry 4! this ship in a professional hands is nightmare for every battleship and destroyer player! you most dangerous enemies are harugumos, worcester and zao! henry 4 takes a lot of punishment from HE shells! but other than henry i like perth( t6), admiral hippper( t8) and tenryu( t3), charles martel(t8).
  11. Animalul2012

    Suggestion: Reconnaissance aircraft for CV

    Sounds really good but for now they need to limit the CV to 1 per each team and then nerf some ships AA( except the ships that always had great AA example: american heavy cruisers and light cruisers, hms neptune and minotaur)
  12. Animalul2012

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    You chose the right path WG, good job! i might get haida in the future and some premium days!
  13. Animalul2012

    Republique secondary build now best?

    Is it really IPHE a better choice than AFT on the republique?
  14. Animalul2012

    Poll: How should WG handle overperforming premium ships?

    Leave a OP premium ship alone if you already sold it on the live server! You can make that ship to be really hard to get unlike the giulio cesare witch was in the tech tree for 5200 doubloons! Other options would cause massive problems for the paying customer and for WG aswell.... after all they get theyre money from the people who spend on theyre game products, but if faith is lost then profit will also drop down and your reputation as well WG!
  15. Animalul2012

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    You know that they are still polishing them until 8.4! they need some tweaks and some ships need theyre AA little bit toned down( not destroyers and old super AA cruisers like the american light cruisers, neptune and minotaur because lets be honest these ships had crazy AA even in the RTS era and they are to paper to be detected the whole time!) They need to give them manual control and limit them to only 1 per each team( at least at higher tiers).