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  1. Animalul2012

    Welcome to T10! Battle duration 5 minutes!!

    Nah man, that is a little bit too...long.
  2. Animalul2012

    GKD to gulag? (Kots)

    Ah GKD the clan of reroll stat padders. Also Lesta when are you going to ban ANY modes in this game that are not made by the parent/founder company of the game? And they withdrawl without any explanation? Like,,AH we lost f**k the next matches lets go back to random, oh and dont lose your time with announcing the organizers, they will eventually figure it out on they re own''
  3. Animalul2012

    question about get fire

    Fire is mostly about RNG. If RNG say ,,yes you will set this guy on fire'' then you will set him, even if you have a 5% fire chance and you managed to hit him with 1 shell...which shatters. If RNG says,,no you will set this guy on fire'' then you wont, no matter that you trow 50,100,150 shells at him and your fire chance is 10,15%. Or heck you land 3-6 midway bombs on target and you set no fire. Did you know that midway bombs can reach a 70% chance of fire? Or there are other situations where RNG hates someone and suddenly with ONE HE SALVO you set 3 FIRES on the enemy? Now explain to me how is that possible? How is that because of ,,mathematics'' no it is not, it is about that the game wants you to die and lose.
  4. Animalul2012

    ST, changes to test ships

    Good! Now try that in real time! You will change your opinion like I did!
  5. Animalul2012

    ST, changes to test ships

    Because the 406 behave worse than the 38cm ones founded on Bourgogne. They are peashooter, with 420s I managed to devastate a thunder from 16km, citadeled puerto rico twice while he was angled. The point is that the 420s make you feel like a battleship, meanwhile the 406 shatter on everything that angles a bit and lack any alpha.
  6. Animalul2012

    ST, changes to test ships

    More Petropavlosk nerfs, cause it is not already inferior to mokva and stalingrad. What is that ship role? -Cant brawl thanks to poor HE DPM, no torpedoes and large citadel. -Cant cross fire thanks to short range(compared to moskva and stalingrad) and poor dispersion at range which got nerfed again. This ship is pointless when moskva and stalingrad do what it does but way better:moskva with legendary module is a beast at long range engagements, stalingrad the same but it is more AP focused and enjoys having better penetration angles and way better penetrations and dispersion. Agier:you should have not nerfed, it was and is a frustrating ship to play and you took away what made it fun to play? Do you thing this game needs more KRONSHTADTS, ROMAS? Ships that can not hit anything and when they hit they overpen and a cruiser which is called ,,armored'' but has 15mm and 30mm citadel decks? Shikishima:Just add H-44 already, tired of boring yamato copies. Nevsky:Good change. Marceau:oh boy another HE spaming ship,one who might turn to be the next smolesk. Please for the love of GOD make that thing and kleber eat penetrations from 283mm guns and above and remove the stupid ,,improved saturation'' mechanic. Why are these thing allowed to exist when the one introduced about 4-3 years ago got its range nerfed,rudder, DPM and eats penetrations? I guess you do not know who I am talking about do you WG? HMPHHH.... and people still believe in soviet bias when they never meet a division composed of 3 soviet,,things'', so OP that half the enemy team has refused to move from the spawn.
  7. Animalul2012


    I do not thing that it is OP anymore but it still is annoying being targeted by it. I thing the ship got hit quite hard with that 30mm plate being removed,now not being able to angle against some battleships and shattering some HE. And thanks to that 16mm plate, goliath,azuma,yoshino,alaska,puerto rico,henri and stalingrad can over match it, and oh boy it eats citadels quite easy from stalingrad,des moines,alaska....basically anything that has improved pen angles and reduced fuse time. PS: IFHE change might had an impact on it as well but a small one probably.
  8. It is suppose to be a ,,port queen''. You do not grind it to play it...you do it to look at it you know you do it just for the looks of it! Anyway the game kinda needs a good farming ship right now, a ship that can say,,fack you'' to any of these bow in fighters(moskva,stalin,des moines,salem,battleships0 while at the same time being able to take some hits if proper positioned.
  9. Animalul2012

    Grozovoi ....

    I have never played ognevoi(used free xp and got udaloi) but you should build it as a torpedo boat and definetly use concealment expert. I tried playing grozovoi without AFT but the stock range felt too short for me and after all this is a gunboat destroyer and unlike the khabarovsk you do not eat penetrations from 283mm guns and above, dont forget that you also get smoke and heal in separate slots. I recommend watching this player if you are interested in destroyer gameplay, I learned quite a lot from him.
  10. Animalul2012

    Server down at the moment?

    There is zombie shooter and alien shooter 1 and 2 if you are still searching, alien shooter 2/vengeange/reloaded is a hell lot of fun.
  11. Animalul2012

    Grozovoi ....

    That is because you do not play it rightly and SELFISH: USE THIS BUILD. Also if you are into destroyer watch NA CC destroyer Kuroshiokay he is a very very good dd player.
  12. Eh good for the steam players,but hey you know something? WG was not forced to give everyone free 14 days of premium time because of a pandemic. So this is better than nothing.
  13. Animalul2012

    Friesland vs. Alaska (vs. Azuma?)

    Depend on your play style. If you are familiar with US heavy cruisers(especially the likes of baltimore) and you enjoy them,like to be close to the combat area then chose Alaska. Friesland is a tricky one: a destroyer with no torpedoes and quite meh concealment(6.4km minimum) but gets american smoke,5km ship detection hydro and has respectable AA(defensive fire included in a separate spot) If you probably enjoy gunboat/hybrid destroyers then get it. Azuma: If you like to sit most of the time in the back and farm enemies with your potent HE and look for opportunities to shot AP then get it. However i advise to opt out for the tier 10 YOSHINO, which gets better protection,rate of fire and has torpedoes. And to be honest Azuma is not that unique of a ship compared to the other two mentioned above. But hey you decide which one to get, however I advise you to watch different reviews of each ship/replays,hear other people opinions/experience with them before you take a decision. Cause otherwise you will get disappointed and in the end all that free xp would have been wasted on nothing but a port queen...much like like I did myself with kroshtadt which brought me nothing but endless frustration while playing it!
  14. Animalul2012

    Tallinn appears to be a monster.

    I dont see anything special about and looks balanced to me! But that is how majority of wows community(EU AT LEAST) reacts when they hear about a new soviet ship:''OMG THIS SHIP IS SO OP NERF THAT,NERF THIS, PUT IT 2 TIERS HIGHER OR DONT EVEN THING TO ADD IT TO THE GAME OTHERWISE I WILL DELETE GAME'' Meanwhile American ship gets introduced:'''THIS IS ALASKA IT SHOULD BE WAY STRONGER,BUFF CONCEALMENT,BUFF AP,HE AND MAKE IT ALMOST IMMUNE TO CITADEL HITS. What they dont even realized is the fact that PAN-ASIA and to some extent (for now at least) Italy have the 'weakest,situational' ships in the game. Yet no one seems to care about them.
  15. Animalul2012

    Armada: Boise

    Selling t7 premium light cruisers, after the IFHE changes?LMAO buy them if you are a masochist, t7 gets now uptieried all the time against t9s and unlike in the past where IFHE enabled you to stand a chance against those t9-8 battleships/cruisers now you [edited]*D,YES FUCKE*.You wont do damage and neither set fires,you have limited range,most battleships overmatch you at all ranges and citadel you from all angles. Meanwhile the broken japanese gunboats get away with it, while the ships that needed the most get screwed. So my recommendation to you:DO NOT BUY ANY T7 LIGHT CRUISER...oh and destroyers as well:leningrad,haida,gadja,jervis,minsk all of these gunboats got screwed by IFHE changes as well but well if you are a ship collector and like to play coop quite often or you buy the ships just for the looks then go ahead, but otherwise...NO PLEASE NO!