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  1. Animalul2012

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Stalingrad or Giulio Cesare!
  2. Animalul2012

    Yeuyang post Nerf with Poll.

    the newest worst t10 dd! lets nerf it because everyone uses in clan wars comrade. i can not wait to nerf my henri 4 cause people seem to use it quite a bit in clan wars now. OH SO WG who was/is more op yueyang or the dirty harugumo that made the entire russian destroyer line obsolete( except grozovoi it is still very good even tho i do not own one). gunboat destroyers that can pen up to 32mm of armor with IPHE and get 12km torpedoes and torpedo reload booster+super rate of fire... but i guess radar is more op that those so lest nerf yueyang. also i will never play this boat ever again util they reverse the nerfs. it will seat as port decoration from now on.
  3. Animalul2012

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    i would play my budyonny, perth, fushun and ryujo probaly 3-1-1 setup.
  4. Animalul2012

    clan battles

    why are people defending this OP piece of crap?!!! -IT HAS GUNS that can citadel any battleship in the game and any cruiser that tries to angle+2.65 sigma, super dispersion and very good velocity -ARMOR 50 mm plate that can bounce any battleship shell in the game it also has a 25mm one but how often do you hit that and if you hit it will you do reliable damage? NO! oh and the citadel.. yeah id dont know these things sit broadside in front of my henry and i can just get pens on them. of course you do not have torpedoes but hey mosvka and des moines dont have them to! it does not have the best maneuverability but same goes for the moskva! -you got radar so you can deal with destroyers and 1 minute def aa of course is weaker and it has a long cooldown but there are no CVS in clan wars. IT IS OP GUNS+ARMOR+RADAR( so it can counter destroyers)=OP. also it only weakness are strong HE ships no not the zao the ones that can get 50mm of he pen or above like hindenburgm conqueror and IPHE henry 4! And to all people defending it you are the reason why we will get more OP ships!! what are you scared that will get nerfed?? dont you see it has STALIN in its name? it wont get nerfed because its a premium and its a standard ship.
  5. Animalul2012

    clan battles

    yep there are still people calling this ship being not OP. yep they nerfed yueyang into oblivion because everyone was using it in cw or most of the time. but stalingrad? no it is a premium so it wont get nerfed. this is the obj 907 of wows ladies and gentlemans. also why would you but bourgone, akuma or any upcoming t10 steel ship when stalingrad exists? of course you would buy if it was more op than stalingrad but will that happen? i do not thing so!
  6. Animalul2012

    which IX premium money maker

    of course because is soviet right? so it must be the best ha ha ha NO! it has trash dispersion, only overpens, and no armor. TRASH.
  7. Animalul2012

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    do not worry mate! they will all cry in despair when they see what arty looked like! oh yeah 5 artys per game that could one shot you, they can shot you but you can not do anything, you can not kill them if there is a lake close to them. oh yeah wows community you are horrible, you get a joy of a game while the ones from wot struggle to repair it! but no we want arty in wows! also carriers should not be allowed to platoon! tired of those tryhard midway and worcesters, minotaurs or des moines divisions.
  8. Animalul2012

    BB AP on DD's not working as intended

    WHAT??? -kii with that horrible dispersion and useless torpedoes, the only thing it has is AA. -bismarck and tirpitz are almost useless thanks to awful dispersion, the 105 secondarys dont do any damage, bad or mediocre aa, alright maneuverability and that is pretty much. bismarck has hydro so it is quite useful but tirpitz torpedoes break all the time and you are going to use them in 1 out of 100 matches. roma- guns that can not kill=trash ship just like the kronstadt( horrible dispersion even worse than the germans and overpens anything) gascone= 8 guns, 4 in the front 4 in the back and they have almost the same bad dispersion as the germans. you got no super heal, 32mm of armor everywhere so the BALANCED DDS WILL HAVE FUN( AKIZUKI, KITAKAZE, AND HARUCANCER). and you got speed. well better than colorado 21knots but this is not world of tanks where speed>armor. also in what world is FDG not needing any buffs right now?? stop being so biased towards battleships and support all classes. otherwise you/we will get one OP class that will dominate the game just like medium tanks dominate in wot!
  9. Animalul2012

    which IX premium money maker

    if you are really desperate and you do not own a yamato, then get musashi since kronstadt is the worst t9 cruiser now. or you can wait for other t9 premium incoming or just wait for missouri.
  10. Animalul2012

    BB AP on DD's not working as intended

    i am pretty sure the new mechanic works. also how about you dd mains can calm for now? you got what you wanted now it is time to buff some cruisers and battleships. ( gascone. roma, bismarck, tirpitz, kii, monarch, american bbs from t3-to t7, kronstadt, some RN cruisers, huang he and the list can go on) also the only dds that need buffs are the german ones, ognevoi, khabarovsk and well yueyang is screwed now. And are you sure this is not from the previous version??? If you are not sure, go to training room and test it for yourself. i did it for myself in the first day and i could only over pen the dds. tried with kronstadt and north carolina and from every angle i was doing only 900 and 1310 damage with an ap shell. Otherwise it might be a bug.
  11. Animalul2012

    How good is the Tirpitz now

    bad dispersion, the 105 secondarys are useless at your tier, bad aa ( even tho in real life this ship managed to shot down 39 airplanes and was an aa platform) torpedoes break almost every game and good luck brawling in the current meta. tirpitz and bismarck are just decent ships, nothing special. they would become god like brawlers if they could give the 105mm secondary guns the 1/4 pen. like they are going to do for FDR. oh and roma and kii need buffs aswell, but hey battleships dont deserve buffs, only nerfs.
  12. Animalul2012

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    gonna play tommorow. today i tested bb ap pen on dds. and guess what i find out! now any 280mm gun and above will be able to just "over pen" destroyers. if you get an over penetration with kronstadt witch has 305mm guns you will do 900 damage. but if you get a penetration you will still do 900 damage. it is kinda pointless to count a penetration when it deals the same damage as an over penetration.
  13. Animalul2012

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    SO????? i rather have this balanced or weak boat than another cancerous OP boat like stalingrad and harugumo( that has still not been nerfed but yueyang was somehow). how about we stop whining. because of the community we got op boats like worcester( witch got nerfed) and harugumo. remember? if it too weak to be t10 then move it to t9. BUT DO NOT RELEASE ANOTHER STALINGRAD.
  14. Animalul2012

    Some love for the Derpitz maybe?

    just give the 105 mm secondarys 26 mm of pen. they are going to five FDG that but not to bismarck and tirpitz? why? to op? gneiseneau secondarys can pen 31 mm of armor but why the secondarys of tirpitz and bismarck pen 26mm of armor at tier 8?
  15. Animalul2012

    promised T9 Premium DD: finally here?

    a ship with long torpedo reload and 2x2 130 mm guns at t9. so basically a t9 ognevoi no thanks!