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  1. Animalul2012

    the slava it comes!

    Her guns are the same as Champagne: -accurate at longer ranges -Mikasa dispersion at closer ranges say below 13km -very low damage for 406 mm guns ( barely 100 more alpha than the Italian 381mm guns also RIP venezia) I say for now that this ship is overhyped and boring but its will be a top pick in "COMPETITIVE". (LOL the place where the team with more broken ships wins or USA vs USSR) Thunder is a better ship.
  2. Animalul2012

    Khabarosvk buff proposal

    Keep dreaming, they will never ever buff this ship or at least making it as legendary or strong as it was before. Kleber took its place and there is no going back. Anyway if they ever buffed I suggest: Main battery Range increased to 12.5km Rudder shift reduced to 5.8 seconds 50 and 25 mm plates removed but Khaba will no longer arm 283 mm shells and above Added a super heal, similar to neustrashimy one. Or either let it mount smoke screen and heal in separate slots Give its old 10km torpedoes.
  3. Animalul2012

    ST 0.9.7, changes to test ships (DB 58)

    Why do you hate Paolo Emilio so much? Or to better say why do you hate Italy so much? Giulio cesare is the only great ship that they have( Roma is good but sometimes frustrating), the cruisers are a chore to play, venezia gets another reload nerf and rudder shift nerf, Littorrio is a copy paste of Roma without the SAP and Exhaust smoke generator that where included during testing. I usually do not believe in nation bias...but there is something very strange about how these ships are balanced or seen in comparison to the blatantly OP US premiums for example that seem to steal all other nations gimmicks but better: Georgia has better speed boost than the french BBs, moghahan get japanese and pan asian torpedo reload booster, Us high tier Premium BBs get better secondaries in every aspect( except maybe velocity and penetration) than the german BBs( HEY, DID you know that Ohio secondaries have a 9% CHANCE TO SCORE A FIRE?) What is next? Us ships with italian SAP and smoke? Or maybe reload booster and deep water torpedoes? ALSO WHAT IN THE WORLD IS UP WITH ALL NEW US AND USSR CRUISERS HAVING RADAR OR A SUPER HEAL GIMMICK? Is it really that hard to create a normal us/ussr premium cruiser without bloody radar or any stupid gimmick? I GUESS NOT!
  4. Playing counter strike when I was 5 years old...oh damn so many memories))). But what if the kid has half a brain and will start putting questions?))) I mean by playing counter strike they might become passionate about fire arms and how they work, same goes for wows and wot..they might learn a little bit of history, how warships/tanks were build, different doctrines, how battles where going on, how ship modules/parts worked etc. Maybe the kid might become himself a game developer in the future, maybe he will create art work, soundtrack etc. Of course this is also if he has good tastes in games))) Not these new boring, rushed games made without any passion put into them.
  5. Isnt wows an 18+ game? And to be honest parents should be more careful when handling theyre credit cards to the children.
  6. Animalul2012

    What's Roon even supposed to do

    Roon is very good at kiting and punishing broadsides by using AP shells. The ship is a monster in randoms when played correctly... With Gunther Lutjens Roon becomes even more powerful, I recommend him on german high tier cruisers as it makes them quite OP and it is very good on carriers and gun boat build destroyers. He is not worth it on battleships as secondary builds are a bad joke in 2020, fun 1/10 times and frustrating 9/10 times.
  7. Animalul2012

    Share your ranked Massa builds and results

    You know why IFHE is not useful? Because you can not penetrate 32 mm of armor or to some extend 30mm and 50mm. In randoms it might still be worth it but in the current ranked season when the Queue is full of BB and CV, IFHE will not penetrate any additional armor that you could not do it before and you will set less fires. Also secondaries in 2020? The only reliable ship with secondaries that everyone damn ship thinks twice before charging it is Graf Zeppelin, others secondaries are just pathetic as they can not hit anything or just cannot damage anything besides the superstructure.
  8. AH but where would the fun be at? That is like wanting a CS GO without all the [edited], CYKA,PIZDEC,PULA))). just a silent ghost game...NAH I prefer a RAGE one filled with Emotions.
  9. Animalul2012

    AL Sovetskaya Rossiya, am I missing something?

    Yes indeed but I have to say one more thing about Littorio....IT LOOK GORGEOUS ESPECIALLY THAT GREEN AFT))). 10/10 Beauty.
  10. Animalul2012

    AL Sovetskaya Rossiya, am I missing something?

    Well at least it has some differences compared to the tech tree counterpart unlike Al Littorio...I wish it had the 33 seconds reload in exchange for SAP ammo and exhaust smoke.
  11. Animalul2012

    BB players just stop.

    Of course it is when T8 is full of stealth radar ships:tallin,chapayev,baltimore, edinburgh. All of them should receive theyre radar range nerfed, right below theyre minimum concealment.
  12. Animalul2012

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    All ships which can be acquired via doubloons( AKA money) count as a premium ship. All ships which can be acquire via special resource(coal/steel/research points/bonds etc.) can and are counted as reward ships. How are Graff spee, Gorizia, Odin and to some degree Puerto Rico reward ships when you can buy them from the premium shop while the latter could have been obtained via spending tons of doubloons? Just because there was some kind of event that gave players the chance to obtain them for free does not make them reward ships..same go for WOT proggeto 46,IS-6, EBR 75 FL, T44-100 etc.
  13. Animalul2012

    Ranked with CVs - Why again?

    All premium/reward ships and carriers should be removed from any competitive meta. Everyone should have equal chances between ships availability. WOT has already done it as in the past it was something like this:"you did not lose because you were playing worse but because they had simply the better vehicles..which can not be obtained in any easy way(in comparison to tech tree ships) or not at all. This season is also just as worse as the last one: last time it was belfast/atlanta/sinop spam...now it is Massachusets and CV.
  14. Animalul2012

    ST, changes to test ships.

    Reverse all the changes applied to paolo emilio....make it T10 like it was supposed to be...WHY DO YOU HATE ITALY SO MUCH? IS GIULIO CESARE murdering to many non-italian ships)))? And R-10 needs better rate of fire or just give it heal and smoke in separate slots cause right now there is no point for this ship to exist as grozovoi is better, or maybe....YOU CAN FINALLY BUFF KHABAROVSK?
  15. Animalul2012

    PT - 0.9.7 Balance changes

    GG on those Venezia nerfs.... you just created another yueyang but some ships on that line are very good where on this line they are all a chore to play or mediocre at best..also GG to all people who complained about it hope you got what you wanted.