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  1. Sigh.....Tired of getting fragged over and over again? Incompetent admins? Getting headshoted trough 2 walls? Time to join them, go on and install leis exe, if you discover the secret combination you wont even hear your shots.....have fun headshoting enemies trough 10 walls. Good job man, go ruin people games in the braindead satsuma, dont forget to sail broadside every time since 460mm citadel is balans..... You think you are any different than those smoke tryhard divisions, the 3 people in somers/gearings/condes/annapolis/des moines???
  2. Animalul2012

    Toxicity in this game is ridiculous

    I have the solution for you: When in port: 1-Press ESCAPE BUTTON. 2-Go to CONTROLS tab 3-Down right find BATTLE CHAT 4-Disable BATTLE CHAT. 5-Are you happy now?
  3. Animalul2012

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    This and WOT need +1, -1 so bad and a forced" if not top tier this game then next you will surely bee. And who ever spoke about that 30-40% of the time being top tier... it is false, no such as thing as that, matchmaker is just a random mess. This aint the first time and I am surely that there are thousands of others in the same biscuit: 8 matches played in row, not a SINGLE ONE WAS I TOP TIER. AMAZING MATCHMAKING. See it for your self:https://imgur.com/a/kROWo7d
  4. Animalul2012

    Sevastopol hits the Armory for 58k RPs

    It has kronshtadt armor at t10, except the 27 mm deck and upper side are 30mm now. It has the 30mm and 15 mm citadel deck in a world of yamatos, satsumas, hannovers, patries, incomparables, vermonts and many other.....OH NOO. Mini Slava but worse in every aspect, but "it is in a cruiser spot" yes you know who else is in a cruiser spot? CONDE.
  5. They are still in testing concept so massive change can be done. I suggest: -30 mm He pen on 150 mm guns starting from t8 and upwards, if it feels to Op or whatever, again remove fire chance from HE shells, buff reload by 1-1.5 seconds. -AA-give tier 8, 8 flak explosions, tier 9 10 explosions and t10 make it and AA powerhouse with 350 continues damage and 14 flak explosions. -Give them 100% bonus to damage on defensive AA fire. Make defensive fire repair some of the destroyed AA mounts or just increase they re survivability, or double the flak amount. -Defensive AA and hydro on separate slots thus having: damage control, hydro, defensive fire, fighter and a heal from t9-10. Thus, these ships will bring good firepower but nothing ridiculous, coupled with good detection, long range torpedoes with good damage and a fair amount of them, poor handling and a very efficient AA suite. DONE. Its that hard to make some AA escorts that bring decent firepower, hydro and can be used as scouting tools, basically screening ships?
  6. Animalul2012

    CV vs Submarine problem...

    Yeah just taste a bit of your own medicine. Not like 99% of ships in the game have trash AA and are food for the griefiers in they re CVs who can spot and damage you whenever they want. All ships have AA? Ever heard of Agincourt, arkansas? Even the likes of viribus unitis can qualify with how almost non existent the AA is. Go beg your teammates to erase him like cruisers want a battleship, like destroyers want a cruiser, like battleships want a destroyer. Now you know what the other classes feel when they encounter a CV, aka ship choice for mentally disabled.
  7. Animalul2012

    World of Tanks Chests vs World of Warships Chests

    In Wot: buys christmas loot box which 100% contains at least some doubloons, premium time or credits/camo or even premium vehicle from the list, if that vehicle is already owned gets compensation in doubloons-the crates are actually worth they re bucks. In wows: overpriced crates, will usually drop trash( 50 camos YAY, 100 ramming flags YAY), come with only 1 item, chances to get an actual premium ship are little, chances to get an actual good premium are even worse, what? you paid 100 euros for 20 crates? PFF here are some flags, useless camos and a krasny creeme for you. Anyway these days wows is at least as bad as WOT. If it was not for, totally fair and balanced CVs and T11+ submarines being shoved down the throats it would have been miles ahead of WOT but sadly that is not the reality. Oh balance changes in wows take ages, meanwhile in wot about 20 vehicles get rebalanced. Here? Nah gnevny does not need any buffs just like Thunderer is a balanced ship like Conde and Annapolis. Huh.....these days I have more fun stabbing the rotten with the chaos blade or ice rapier, seeing just how big can the numbers get, or testing a weapon against the dark ornstein, heck fighting Lud and Zallen gives more more adrenaline than any wows engagement.
  8. Animalul2012

    Sevastopol and Slava

    Who would win? a ship armed with 406 mm guns with over 500mm penetration at 20km or a boy coated in 30mm of armor slightly angled. Or you shot 32 mm boy at 20km expect a dev strike bacause much penetration, HE boy sees the shells , turns a bit and ricochet, overpen, torpedo protection hits, now he shows you how to hit: 17k HE salvo+ 3 fires. Moral of the story? Slava works against broadsides that have a easy to reach citadel, in case you dont meet any of these requirements you are better in a colombo or any other t10 BB. Meanwhile mecklenburg: you angle, doesnt care he has DPM and can afford to HE spam+high penetration, you turn? He claps you with AP and if you are a cruiser he dev strikes you. Be like mecklenburg not like slava. Heck be like Colombo he slaps you with 30k SAP salvo when you expected the least, you turn? Guess you are ready to eat16 AP shells from the best 380-381 mm guns in the game. Moral again? Works against 40% like all ships do, does not work against anyone with more than 1 neuron.
  9. Animalul2012

    Future supership speculation thread

    What a bunch of crap concepts, more tools for grieffers is this what the game needs? More OP with totally next to 0 weaknesses and counterplays, really? You could have taught about some new consumables like: -secondary battery booster=reduces secondary battery reload and dispersion by 10%, the consumable varies, some can give range and reload or dispersion and pen etc. -Anti [edited]: reduces incoming HE damage by 80% , during the active time the ship cannot be set on fire, reduces AP damage by 10%. -torpedo hater: reduces torpedo damage by 35%, torpedo hits can be 100% healed. -Plane decimator: increase aa continuous damage by 50/100/200/300%, increase time to prepare the squadron to attack by 100%, repairs 20% of the lost AA mounts. -Mutilator: increase damage and chance to incapacitate enemy modules by 25% and 50%. You could had so many ideas and yet you came with super fakes made to grief people while the tryhards brag about theyre 70% win rates in they re 3 man OP ships. You could came to add new maps, campaign, modes, dedicated servers etc. Sigh....with such idea, might as well add h45 into the game.
  10. Animalul2012

    Sevastopol and Slava

    I have good news for you (that is if were that incomparable)...we won against the busta in his immelman, phew good thing moskva showed her sides and GK got down easily. Also related to this topic: WG does not balance acording to data and never should do. You balanced acording to ship present stats and practical efficiency. If they truly ever balanced by data then why was thunderer even nerfed? It had around 50% win rate surely that means it was and is balanced right? Or the fact that gibraltar and austin have almost 52% win rate which clearly indicated that they are a bit too good right? Ahhh balancing by data.....clearly thats why z-35 and fen yang with they re 48% win rate are getting buffed no? Or ohio, smaland, french dds making always an appearance in competitive getting nerfed surely? AHAHAHAH NO.
  11. Animalul2012

    Methods of Distribution of New Ships - (DB 346)

    Well flint was once available for steel(11.000) and black too( 14000) however they were originally rank ships awarder for reaching rank 1, 3 to 5 times. Neustrashimy on the other hand was the first t9 steel ship, costing 20500 steel I believe. So nothing new here. I hope to see some more t9 ships available in research bureau too, maybe even lower.
  12. There seems to be no Fen yang in the armory section any more but there where no patch notes regarding her removal is this intended or a simply a mistake? And if it is intended I wonder why? Out of all the ships why her, she aint popular, she aint OP why remove her and not Kaga???
  13. Animalul2012

    GG Wedgie. Now you truly frakked up cruisers.

    Kronshtadt, brest, cherbourg, marseille, azuma, riga, dutch cruisers, petropavlovsk, napoli are not cruisers? This change is welcomed, made some really atrocious ships more bearable like Italian battleships, gneiseneau, schanhorst, FDG etc. Again the problem lies with BBs that did not need this like Thunderer and Ohio which should be nerfed. Also, like it or not destroyers have become way way to influential, after cvs they are the ones that decide the outcome of the game , if your destroyers are gone and you lack any good radar cruisers you are pretty much screwed.
  14. Animalul2012

    Cruiser rebalance please.

    Cruisers should be weak against BB anyway, seems all of you forgot what henri 4 was capable of 5 years ago and how it made BBs obsolete. Remember smolensk? Do you dare to push a smolenks in your BB? Or Jinan? Normal cruisers are fine it is the battlecruisers that share a cruiser icon that are obsolete and some light cruisers(austin for example) Cruisers weak? Yeah ignore the broken OP des moines and annapolis that have everything besides 60 mm plates because must tank yamato shells in a cruiser, or kutuzov, bayard or belfast.... ah belfast so weak it has an answer for everything. Only classes that need a rebalanced are CV and submarines that need to be removed the rest are fine. It is the individual class ship that can be balanced, weak or OP. Smaland is OP, high french destroyers are overturned but can you say the same for the likes of Gnevny? Z-23? Gaede? Same for BB: Ohio and Thunderer need to be nerfed but does Colombo or Kurfurst need nerfs as well? Is it a class problem or a ship individuality problem???
  15. Would be a better idea to hire the WOT clan battle development team andcopy paste CB from there, here with some additional improvements. Also make a t1-2-3 season no commanders, upgrades, flags allowed pure naked ships in with the best modules.