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  1. Animalul2012

    Grigio-azzurro chiaro for Colombo

    Where was it announced that that camo will be able to be aquired for 5000 doubloons for napoli? Hmmm....they release the camo first but not the ship could this mean that napoli might be locked behind a pay wall or free xp.
  2. Animalul2012

    Taking Stalingrad or waiting for Napoli?

    Why stalin when petro exists and does everything better(ok maybe not cross fire but still)? Also napoli is way way more survivable than stalingrad+it cant be rushed that easily by destroyers. Stalin was great 3 years ago now it is a piece of useless junk. Burns for 60 seconds,guns cant overmatch anything besides rn cruisers, GK maneuverability and concealment on a minotaur citadel size? Turrets easily destroyed,very poor close quarters abbilities,short radar,crap defensive fire,no acces to hydro. Oh but I can citadel things from 20km...yeah if they have a citadel and they are broadside. You want cross fire? Something who just devastates broadsides and can hold its own against fires and AP? Get bourgogne,republique,montana. They are BB sure not cruisers but stalingrad cant deal even with a zao unless broadside, and speaking of napoli that 10.3 km detection will surely be fun for a stalingrad to pot right into to its face and then get rushed down while his turrets are disabled continusly.
  3. Animalul2012

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    Druid was released the first day of the patch. Austin too,stalin too,shikishima too,somers too,ohio and colbert too,siegfried too,paolo and slava too. Only exception was vampire 2 and even that was waster as they could have released on anzac day. Oh well...guess napoli will be locked behind a whale or 3 million free xp.
  4. Animalul2012

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    Garbage update and not even napoli has been added, how can this be called a patch when so little is being added?
  5. Animalul2012

    best DD hunter

    Marceau wins almost any engagement besides kleber with reload booster is quite challenging. Vampire 2 has smoke+5km hydro and fast firing guns. Druid-defensive fire,heals,armor piercing with heavily improved angles and reduced fuse time+fast reload+defensive smoke and defensive hydro. Smaland-fast firing guns,acces to HE, 7.5km 20 seconds radar and 30% emergency speedboost to help dodging incoming fire and heals.
  6. Animalul2012

    Druid gun bug

    I know this has nothing to do with druid or turret and close quarters tactics but.... I can not wait to see on what napoli will be avaible tommorow(Hope is steel.)
  7. Animalul2012

    Armada: Nueve de Julio

    Af if it served as a detention center in her last years what is the problem? Is not like the ship itself put them in there, and most warships suffered losses, im a sure the hms hood sailors did not had a pleasant ending or others in the charge of tirpitz,taiho,arizona etc. This is also history deal with it. When will people realize that pain,torture,death are part of life and perhaps the outer space has pain to offer beyond the human imaggination.
  8. Animalul2012

    ST 0.10.7, changes to commander skills

    Might as well give secondaries 10.0 sigma,500 mm of pen and 20km range, keep pandering to the secondary shilss yeah no need to play the game anymore to perform just make a full secondary build and let the AI do the work for you.
  9. Scumbag really? Are you kidding me
  10. DD numbers increased because the thunder players quited after not being able to shot from 28km and now they said"screw it I am gonna play those dirty dds mhhhhh I should get shimakaze or no better, halland I can spam undodgeable torpedoes with 15km range every 80 seconds. As for the cruisers:well the high cruisers are not weak,they just get punished way easier than a battleship(some of them at least) A broadside venezia is most likely going to explode, a supercruiser lacks either the battleship overmatching cappabilites and tankiness, while being even more vulnerable to fires. Lower tier cruisers are impossible mode, no heals,often having bad detection,mediocre guns,large citadels,made out of chesse, there are some exceptions like belfast but playing the general cruisers vs a bb or even some dds....well its like trying to kill that guy in the video, not gonna happen anytime soon:
  11. Animalul2012

    Citadel mechanic

    Dont think dds need survivability nerfs. They had citadels and could eat 283mm ap full pens in the past and it was not pleasant. Nowadays they tend to get focused as soon as they are spoted. After hp of some destroyers drops below 50%(notably gun boat destroyers) theyre impact starts to drop,now they have to take risky plays that could end up in losing the ship. Also a one shot gun boat is next to useless while a one shot shimakaze/halland is still a pain the [edited]. Another thing to note is that the game has been dumbed down...back in the days beight caught broadside resulted in dead or coma. Missoury/montana/Iowa broadside Oh boy my tirpitz is going to enjoy that. Nowadays? Iowa/montana underwater trolly citadel, new dutch cruisers with underwater citadels,american light cruisers with almost below waterline citadel and a very small one.
  12. Dont worry the next minimum bid will be for 50 million credits. Also what is up with offering 100k coal in such a short period of time now sure not everybody has won that but....I wonder if the next coal ship will be even more expensive than neustrashimy perhaps 360k coal tier 10 ship.
  13. Animalul2012

    Ship restriction in competitive battles

    All premiums and special ships should be banned from competitive.
  14. Animalul2012

    Is PT worth it anymore?

    On bbs NO,on cruisers yes,on dds no(incoming fire is better).
  15. Animalul2012

    More nerfs to RN CL line

    Why nerf them now, after so many years? I never heard someone braging about how OP or annoying edinburg or leander are, fiji is very strong sure but the reload and smoke duration where enough the ship already has counterings to take advantage off,not having HE is a big downside after all. Edin has 10km radar and can stealth from it but you sacrifice smoke and you dont last when something with overmatching cappbilities looks at you. These nerfs are nonsense yet ships like des moines,kleber/marceau,gadjah mada(which is a better jervis but jervis gets nerfed what?) helena,nevsky,gangut,vladivostok,halland etc. Also how come all these poor rn cruisers,jervins and even maass which should have that great firepower thanks to having atroucious concelment and a joke of a hydro get so significantly nerfed? Litterally dpm and gimmick nerfs for these ships but for the negative IQ player ship aka thunderer we get range reduced to 21.5km instead of addresing the real problems like OP HE,dd level rudder,to good accuracy,concealment and great armor for what is advertised as having"weak armor" c mon, thats like nerfing somers AA, A COMPLETE JOKE.