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  1. BoozyFloosy

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    No, I'm suggesting we don't go all snowflake/communist. In over 8k battles i've found most people either say nothing, very little or mostly useful comments. Occaisionally you get spammers (Mostly using the F keys) and some toxic crap, but seriously, if people can't just ignore or mute the small amount of toxic morons then maybe they need to grow a little thicker skin? Generally speaking when toxic idiots - like screaming kids - don't get any response they soon stop and the amazing thing about internet communications is this: Unlike screaming kids you don't even have to listen it to ignore it! But I guess we live in a world where censorship is the preferred option to actually dealing with a problem.
  2. BoozyFloosy

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    It certainly reveals the writing on the wall. Enjoy your tanks and ships for the short while they have left. Once WG have milked all they can from them they will be gone. Probably about the time most countries ban in game transactions, gambling etc and the makers then have a choice: 1) Go back to the Outright Purchase model (Not gonna happen FYI) 2) Go back to a subscriptions model (Probably, for high player base titles) 3) Kill the games. (Most likely for any game that has a lowish player base) Note that the player base for WoWs is nowhere near enough to support a subscription model unless they charge upwards of $50 a month, which no one is likely to pay, but which they would need to in order to match current revenues based on server numbers. WoT, maybe. It has enough players at the moment.
  3. When you say "Santa's Gifts" do you mean "We gift you some real cash and you gift us back some useless digital in game resource"?
  4. I guess this is WG's way of saying "No one's playing Twighlight mode so we need to 'encourage' a load of battles to get some free data on it" Jeeesh, if you want more play testers for a battle mode just say so
  5. The 2 free ones are clearly gifts from WG (in effect they are just like the daily XP containers really) The rest are just a cynical marketing ploy to get people to spend more as it's Xmas and no different to any business encouraging the spending of money. Which kind of makes it feel to me like the 2 freebies are no different to a crack dealer offering a free line to prospective junkies, or a casino giving a prospect some free chips. Exactly the same practice IMHO...offer a freebie to get 'em hooked on spending more cash on a brief high.
  6. BoozyFloosy

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the honesty there... It's clearly to protect revenue across the WG title range.
  7. BoozyFloosy

    New Chat Moderation Initiative

    Or people could just...you know...ignore the crap that gets spewed in chat?
  8. BoozyFloosy

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    This time next year... Want to play WoWs?: Need a WoWs Prem Acc Want to play WoT?: Need a WoT Prem Acc Want to play that other WG game?: Need a lobotomy. Clearly to me me they are separating the various WG titles in order to increase revenue for each. No company just does stuff to improve the customer experience, they do it to improve revenue (and hopefully profits) Maybe the are even planning on spinning off WoWs to a purchaser at some point sop need to separate it? Either way, this is not for the players benefits (longer term) it is for WG's benefits.
  9. I thought Twitch was for streaming pron. Whatever, no thanks.
  10. That's exactly what he says: from 0:39 to 0:42 "You will get a couple of premium ships and some cool bonuses as well" Not maybe but will. That is misrepresentation right there. I also suspect they have upped the odds of getting better than average rewards from the free boxes too so as to encourage people to purchase extra boxes. My whole take on this is that WG are sailing VERY close to the wind in terms of misrepresenting the chance of rewards from their gambling and also using questionable sales techniques to manipulate and encourage customers - who may well be minors - to gamble irresponsibly.
  11. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    Pretty certain they hit along him. Just seemed like a bug.. I have actually managed to stop incoming dmg from a salvo by repairing the instant the fist shot hits which seems to prevent the other shots causing dmg within a short time window
  12. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    I dont have a replay, unless they are enabled by default...normally I couldnt care less but I am simply curious how on earth this could happen. My best guess was a bug..he hits repair as the first torp hits and there is some kind of race hazard meaning the dmg form the other 4 torps doesnt register in a tiny window of time.
  13. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    Sorry I cant see it. 5 torps hit him stem to stern, not all in one spot
  14. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    I understand but that was 5 torps into his broadside at 3km. They hit stem to stern