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  1. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    Pretty certain they hit along him. Just seemed like a bug.. I have actually managed to stop incoming dmg from a salvo by repairing the instant the fist shot hits which seems to prevent the other shots causing dmg within a short time window
  2. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    I dont have a replay, unless they are enabled by default...normally I couldnt care less but I am simply curious how on earth this could happen. My best guess was a bug..he hits repair as the first torp hits and there is some kind of race hazard meaning the dmg form the other 4 torps doesnt register in a tiny window of time.
  3. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    Sorry I cant see it. 5 torps hit him stem to stern, not all in one spot
  4. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    I understand but that was 5 torps into his broadside at 3km. They hit stem to stern
  5. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    Seriously? 5 torps into a shim at 3km? Nah
  6. BoozyFloosy

    Someone please explain

    Ok so without any "L2P" loz can someone please explain how 5 Type 93 Mod3 torp hits from a Shimakazi can only do 16k dmg? It was an enemy shim I hit. We exchanged torps at 3km...I sunk he didnt.
  7. BoozyFloosy

    Windows 10 'Creators Update'

    Maybe it's the creators update causing my FPS to bomb. (see the thread below)
  8. BoozyFloosy

    Massive FPS drop from 76 to 18-20

    LOL. If only.... Yeah latest GForce drivers. The weird thing is nothing on my system (that I can tell) changed from last night. I have checked again and WoWs is definitely NOT using the GFX Card to render the graphics, it's using the CPU.
  9. BoozyFloosy

    Massive FPS drop from 76 to 18-20

    Exactly the same issue just this morning (was fine last night). My setup: i7 6700k , Gigabyte GAMING z170 mb with 16gb corsair DDR4 RAM, Gigabyte GAMING GTX 1080, LG 34" ultra wide monitor on Windows 10 64 bit with the creators update. Last night I was getting a rock steady 60fps with all settings on max at 3440x1440, this morning I cant get over 20fps on low settings at 1920x1080. I have checked World of Tanks this morning (120fps on max at 3440x1440) and Shadows of Mordor (75fps at 3440x1440 ultra settings) so my PC is fine If I run Windows Resource Monitor and MSI Afterburner while in WoWs my CPU is at 80% and my GPU at 8% so for whatever reason WoWs is NOT utilising my GTX1080 at all all of a sudden! It doesnt appear to be even using DirectX since the Riva Stats for MSI don't display in game What is the problem WG? Right now my 30 days premium is ticking down and the game is unusable
  10. BoozyFloosy

    How to play the Omaha?

    Nothing wrong with the Omaha...just keep jinking and turning and shooting