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  1. krismorgan

    WG hell bent on turning WoWs into Wot

    I avoid wot on weekends-how to do both ?
  2. i got my second ever sc yesterday-the same as you-wont bother again!
  3. krismorgan

    Server Down ?

    Fine now but thanks for the six hours of prem time wasted!
  4. krismorgan

    Server Down ?

    dream on
  5. krismorgan

    Server Down ?

    my son and a clanmate loaded straight in but no-15 attempts later it is still the same-wg jokers/
  6. krismorgan

    Can not connect ... Technical issues

    my son logged straight in but i gave up after 5 tries.
  7. krismorgan

    Server Down ?

    nope cant get in
  8. krismorgan

    Can not connect ... Technical issues

    yup me too
  9. krismorgan

    Aircraft carriers, com on, please!

    They get on my nerves too but i dont play cv.
  10. krismorgan

    Dear WG, please make the following matchmaking impossible

    Had 6 on the enemy yesterday-we just slaughtered them!
  11. krismorgan


    Im no unicum but i agree,8 straight defeats in my bayern as the top tier wallet kings yolo and die or camp in base and im stuck trying to fight a navy! just like wot its time for a breather.
  12. krismorgan

    So, how was your weekend ?

    So, how was your weekend ? Bo llocks just like every weekend in wows or wot-enough said!
  13. krismorgan

    super containers

    only ever had 1 sc it was so good i cant remember what it contained.
  14. krismorgan

    flags missing