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    Aurora im Premiumladen

    kann nicht verstehen wie man mit dem ding von torps getroffen wird, das schiff hat nen kleineren wendekreis als mein auto..... gester die aurora gekauft, 3 spiele gemacht, jedesmal top xp gewesen, die ersten 2 verloren weil mein team was weiß ich gemacht hat, im 3ten dann gleich 5 kills reingehauen. ich mag das ding, warte nur drauf dass meine russen crew den 4ten skill freischaltet, damit murmansk und aurora dann auch als low tier mithalten können was reichweite betrifft.
  2. Nakamura_Sawa

    Speed up the Grind?

    yea, i was right, 250 xp per battle average, didnt want to step in and say the "maybe step out of pve battles" chant, but then i checked your profile and well, you have not even 1 pvp battle... there is your problem, with premium and first day win its not unusual to get 3-4k xp games in pvp, still you can add some xp flags to your taste if thats not nough.
  3. well, check the turret layout and make your guess
  4. Nakamura_Sawa


    also bitte, alle flamen auf den armen atago noobs herum, fragt euch mal wie es ist wenn man selbst atago fährt und sie zu dem zweck fährt wozu premiums mitunter gut sind, crews umzuschulen. das sind dann vieleicht nicht unbedingt die cruiser kapitäne die darin sitzten sonder auchmal carrier leute die für den cruiser 0 skills haben. daher sind einige runden auch nicht so erfolgreich. es ist unglaublich was man sich zuweil anhören muss, gerade gester ein match gehabt in dem ich eine yamato in der polar map um die eisberge gekited hatte, lasse gerade meina alle aus dem heck raus, diese sind ewig im wasser weil ich eine gewisse distanz gewahrt hatte (yamatos secondarys sind übel) dann kommt ne fletcher um den eisberg und fährt direkt in meine trops rein... flamt mich dann das ganze game als atago noob zu, dass ich so ein idiot (frei aus dem englischen ins jugendrfreie übersetzt) sei und torps direkt auf ihn abgefeuert hätte bla bla.... auf mein argument dass die torps ja schon seit über ner minute im wasser waren und er zum zeitpunkt des abschusses ganz wo anders war und er vieleicht mal die gegend ansehen könnte bevor er um ne insel schippert, ist er nicht eingegangen, denn zu dem zeitpunkt war das ganze team schon dabei in den flamewar von "noob atago" und "tk noob" aufzuspringen... meist ist es zum schmunzeln, doch bedenkt, nicht jeder der eine atago fährt hat erst 20 spiele im pve hinter sich. einige haben das schiff von anfang an und benutzen es auch. klar gibt es auch spiele wo man sofort hoch geht oder unglücklich getroffen wird, dann das ganze game auf messers schneide übervorsichtig sein muss, bei der mit papier gepanzerten mega zitadelle ja auch kein wunder, doch ich mag sie trotz der geringen winrate im vergleich sehr gerne, sie fährt immer gut kohle ein und trainiert meine mützenträger.
  5. beg to differ, trolorado is not a particularely good ship but if you want a real pita try the t IX IJN, its also the longest grind for all bad ships in game
  6. i somehow liked her, i tryed hard to like her, i even gave her the turret upgrade that made her turrets turn faster (and also increases reload sadly)... but it worked somehow till i met a mumransk behind an island in close quarter combat...i fired, i hit, i damaged..... then the murmanskt looked at me, fired... i burn, my modules are almost all out.. i repair... she fired again... engine, torps, steering gone... ok she fired again ... more fires... and belive it or not she did it again!! she fired over 5 salvos completely wrecking me while all i could do was staring at her with my "just die" face after that game i free xp'd the aoba and was a happy captain again
  7. Nakamura_Sawa

    Speed up the Grind?

    well its really easy to get to tier ten here, afaik it took the most of those who rushed around a single week to get there. as others already said, keys are premium, flags, a bit of gold and most important focus. when i checked the profiles of the rushers i noticed the only played the ships needed to get to this tier, nothing else, in many cases not even a premium ship. at the time they hit tX they had less battles played then i had at given time but just in one line. for me, i decided not to do it and go broadside through the trees to maximise efficiency rather then having a single tX in my port. so for now i got atleast every t5 in every line, some t7, some t6. and i do work alot, so i can only play like 3-4 hours max. last week i could manage to only get like 40-50 battles done
  8. Nakamura_Sawa

    Aoba...A Giant, Slow, Flammable, Fragile [edited]?

    well i cant understand that at all, for me the aoba is hands down the better ship compared to the cleveland. i might be biased as i really enjoyed playing that ship, got my best stats in it from all ships i used to play, so for me a real killing machine. if you can stick to your plan and work the ship to its strenghts ... oh baby it will deliver. yesterday i had a fight against a cleveland, both of us full health and no other ships involved.. i must admit that dude was awesome with his aim, every one of his salvos hit me with 60-80% of each shots even while i was zig zaging, but due to the awesome armor and wonderfull angling almost none of those shots did any dmg. my guns are really precise, they rarely spread out too much, and they hit really hard specially against cas, so it does not matter that i have fewer shells.. remember its the quality of the shells not the quantity as he was dead i hat over 70% of my health left. also this ship is really nice to play the chicken run... move around the corner and step into a party of some bbs hiding behind ?, ok im turning away.. i concede... acting like in panik but leaving my deadly tail torpedo surprises for them for me this ship will deifinitely be a keeper
  9. dont know what every1 has against the kawachi, i liked it way more then the myogi. kawachis pros are its turrets, its so great when you sail in between 2 cruisers and able to broadside them both at the same time, got the double kill award easy that way. its a close combat monster on its tier. the myogi on the other side... 3x2 turrets compared to 6x2 turrets on the wyoming/arkansas , same reload, utterly crap spread especialy on the third hull with the scout plane, i rarely hit anything when this thing is in the air.
  10. Nakamura_Sawa

    on aiming and different zoom levels..

    dude, do you even care to read about what the topic is before posting ??? i doubt that. it has nothing to do with field of view settings its all about aiming, go make your own thread instead of hijacking mine. thanks and to answer your question no, wg wont read this in here, if you are lucke some moderators might, but your input forwardet to kiew ??? dream on.
  11. Nakamura_Sawa

    on aiming and different zoom levels..

    Quinzer, on 02 July 2015 - 12:16 PM, said: you can see the angle of the enemies ship, if you zoom in and aim on it, than look on the minimap there you can see the angle (not exactly but close enough) btw: there is a good video by ichase on youtube: it's a little bit outdated, but the basics still apply i know the video already, tryed to get as much info as possible on that matter before i posted here. it is well made and explained but does not cover it deeply enough, like no word on the different zoom levels etc. minimap icons seem to bug around often, sometimes the icons point clearly in the wrong direktion then the ship is heading to. i can mostly recognise where a ships bow is pointing to by going in max zoom, but that does not help me adjusting the lead correctly Quinzer, on 02 July 2015 - 12:17 PM, said: (the second one) to survive more hits i have no problems with angling and know how it works, (ab) using it naturaly, ofc it does not protect you against long range shots straight into your deck nor fire. but thanks anyways.
  12. Nakamura_Sawa

    on aiming and different zoom levels..

    ye ofc i forgot to mention the speed relatives of the ship and if going in same direction or in different ones. but did anyone of you guys manage to use the different zoom levles to any good results, as it really feels awkward when you lead you shots on the lowest zoom levl and then zoom in, dont move your aim and it suddenly misses. i also cant really work with the myogis scout plane zoom level as this top down thing is pretty irritating, sure i could install one of those spiderweb concentric aim recticles but no, first i need to nail it. its always really embarassing when a ship appears and every1 shoots the first salvo, all hit exept mine is miles off :/ (i blame the giant waves in that thunderstorm for that.... oh wait....) so do you just do it per feel and experience or are there other ways you try to make your calculations ? not that it matters much, even when perfectly aimed, at that ranges its likely that half of the shells will go over the ship, the other half land in the water infront ^_*
  13. Nakamura_Sawa

    on aiming and different zoom levels..

    hi there i started out like 2 weeks in closed beta, so highest i got there was the fuso and cleveland, so im not that experienced as most of the closed beta testers are, let alone the alphas. first, i tryed to lead my aim by feel, guess its how the most of us will do and i had really good success on scorring hits, dds and cas can even affoard to take a leading shot and adjust slightly till the are "locked on", bb cant affoard that much, but sometimes you just have that feel, go and fire full salvo as you feel the hits already, tho firing single salvos feels more accurate then going in full. so then i tryed to get familiar with the indicators on the scoped in view. perma alt enabled you get alot of usefull informations, like time of the shell travel, distance to enemy ship, and a horizontal line with time markers. well thats awesome, i should not miss anymore shots i thought. but infact it got worse trying to do it this way then like it was with shooting by feel. of course you cant do anything when your shells travel 15 seconds to the target and the moment you shoot that cruiser decides to change speed and direktion, thats perfectly fine but when he does not do either of that, why would i still miss ?? i really noticed when going from the myogi to the kongo that everyone was like it would be the holy grail for a bb, loved the speed, loved the range but my performance in hit percentages dropped rapidly, so lets say its 15 seconds in shell travel time, i lead horizontaly, point the 15 (i know it stops somewhere at 11 i think but you can just add the rest) marker right at the waterline and go for it... the shells land not even close anymore... what happend ? wrong zoom level ? as you can zoom in 3 times starting from a waterline kinda level going closer every time to the target, the markers dont change, ofc. they are fixed on the preiscope thingy. so if im zoomed in completely that 15 would be on the ship. on zoomed out its at 10 and then at 5 (guessed from memory) i did spend alot of time trying to find out at what distances what zoom levl would give the best hits, and i have to say that it feels totaly random, mostly the highest zoom levl is not usable, as you need to aim outside your field of view leaving the ship off screen. also there is perspective palaying a role, if the ship moves just alongside of you, you can just aim horizontaly and get some results, but if its moving away or is closing in, its not the same distance anymore, let alone the target getting at like 20-30 ° angle those are kinda hard to anticipate. so does anyone have more depht information on how to use the tools the game provides to a certain amount of predictability ? as my results keep getting worse and worse. im close to go back to shoot like i feel but i would like to get more precise, atleast for my aming, where the shots will go will still remain rng. all that is just a matter of long range shooting, just really fast cruisers and dds are hard to hit closer then around 8km, over 15km its getting really hard and everything beyond that is like playing lottery.